Random pics from my phone

I’m tired….I have to say I love my current 7-3 shift but I’m not a great at going to bed early so I suffer from getting up at the crack of stupid!

So today I figured it might be a stretch but today’s post is going to be me closing my eyes and randomly select some pictures from my phone and give you the background story. Sorry if it’s not exciting, I do have a list of other blog post topics so no


Ah our trip to San Diego this picture is of a vulture if I remember correctly. This was taken on one of their bus tours we were sitting on the very top and I was able to get some really great pictures when we went to the zoo. It was colder than I was expecting in California but wouldn’t stop me from visiting again.


This one was taken at Sea World on the same trip. I preferred the zoo, Sea World didn’t have that many attractions and the layout wasn’t that great. Then there is the animal rights issue…yeah…can’t ignore that.


OMG Ellie and Crystal my 2 favourite gals. Look Ellie sticking out that cute tongue. She was in between grooming so she was a little shaggy. When we first got Ellie home she didn’t like to be held, wouldn’t curl up beside you or sit with you it took a long time for her to sit with someone. I was lucky to be the first I remember she sat on my lap and I think that is when she felt at home.


On my other Facebook page I post inspirational pictures such as this one. I keep them on my phone sometimes so when I’m scrolling through pictures and see it it can help me through a bad day.


I was in Toronto a few months ago and went in to RW & Co (http://www.rw-co.com/) and found this awesome blazer. It fit so NICE but I ended up leaving it behind. I’m glad I did I was eventually able to pick it up when they had a really great sale just recently. I haven’t had the chance to wear it yet.


LOVE this picture of my co-workers. From left: my previous manager Lisa (LOVE her she is such an amazing boss and an even better person), “Auntie Crystal Beautiful” Crystal she a really great friend and the person who’s wedding I’m planning (HI NORMAN), Paulina who’s shindig this was as she was leaving our team for a different position in another center, Me wow I really am short, and another great friend Ashley who I was lucky to know before she started working at Rogers. Now we are on the same team again and it’s awesome! This was a fun night, after we had dinner, Paulina, Ashley, and I went to a club and got seriously drunk. I was on vacation that week so I did not suffer having to go to work the next day!


Well if there was any doubt that I actually was just randomly picking pictures this should clear that right up! This is when I was out at the mall doing a bit of shopping and found these amazing boots for my sister Crystal. Instead of just texting her to say the boots were $84.99 I decided I just had to send a picture of the price tag. They were on sale for $19.99 plus I had another 20% off coupon for being a member. They are some sweet boots, sadly they didn’t have any in my size.


Another inspirational quote picture from my other Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/penlokerr?ref=bookmarks). I do like this one!


This picture was taken while at Target, I had to show my sister that there were some pretty awesome pants available. Thought she would just have to have them…LOL..OMG no, I’m not a fan of them and neither was she. Goes really great with that awesome sweater beside no? Ok I actually might wear those pants but not with the elastic on the bottom of the legs.


And to finish off this one is a funny! It does fit me sometimes I can be a bit OCD so I had to laugh when I saw it. If you like this the comic strip website can be found here: http://explosm.net/.

Well that concludes a peak into some of the pictures on my phone. Might do this again it was kind of fun. I would love to see a random picture from your phone…FYI rated PG! 🙂

Random writings inspired by “642 Things To Write About” part 2


So I asked my sister Crystal to go a head and pick today’s entry, here goes. It’s another 3 question page. I’m always interested in how you would answer!

1) You walk into your bedroom and discover someone going through your drawers.

I’m going to break this in to 2 answers the first if it was a stranger, the next as if I knew the person.

If it was a stranger I would panic, than get angry. I’d be yelling at the person and possibly finding something to hit them with. I would like to think that. Seriously what would they be in my drawers for? there is nothing of value in them, socks, t-shirts, and jeans.

If it was someone I knew, only one question would be asked: “find what you are looking for?”

2) You know the person with whom you’re talking is lying. Do you confront him or let him continue.

I don’t see the need to engage the person in their lie. It’s enough that I know they are lying to me. I would walk away and probably never see that person again depending on the lie. If they told me that I looked good in a specific outfit and I know it’s really bad, they get a pass because I know that they are just being nice. However if they flat out tell me that they didn’t take something that belonged to me, maybe that one thing I am hiding in my drawer I would just shake my head and walk away and that would be that.

3) There are two kinds of people: drunks and survivors of drunks. Which are you?

Who hasn’t on occasion been both? No? Just me? Ok, then… well I have been both. When I was younger my friends and I would get together and they would get so drunk, we would go out to Sammy’s Garage and I would fill them in on what happened when they woke up the next morning. They would mostly remember but there would be some gaps or a correction in the order of events. As I got older I became the drunk, not crazy drunk I always remember what happens. I have never gotten out of hand.

I love my sister, not so much the dentist

Today I was up at the crack of stupid to do and early shift at work, this was to accommodate getting 4 cavities filled at 3:10pm. Left work went to the dentist office and got down to business….except the lovely dentist did not book enough time to get all four done which means I get to re-do today all over again tomorrow…. Only good news is it’s only one cavity…. I don’t remember fillings hurting as much as my poor mouth and jaw hurt right now. I did take some pain killers and I think I may take some more so this post may be short but full of awesome!

I want to say is that my sister Crystal is AWESOME at taking care of me when i’m not feeling well or making sure she is there for me.



When I get cavities done I have to hope that it’s not too sunny out because of the way my nerves are sometimes the freezing makes my one eye close. The problem is that if it’s sunny the other eye will also close making it slightly hard to navigate home. This has happened once and I was alone, I managed to get home safely however not quite sure how because I ran across a road not being able to see if there were any cars coming.

Crystal has also helped me on the 2 occasions in 1 year where I tore a muscle in my neck, the first time it happened my neck was sore but I found if I didn’t move around or move in a certain way I was ok. I got dressed put my shoes on and headed out the door to go volunteering. As I was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus the pain became unbearable, I’m thankful that the bus stop is right near my house so I managed to make it home but by the time I got to the door I was in tears, I’ve been through a lot of pain but THAT was something altogether different and I hope none of you ever experience that. My mom helped me into the door, and crystal hearing me crying got out of bed to help me. She took my jacket off, my shoes, and went right to the internet to see what she could find that would help me. She came back with pain killers and a heating pad, she helped me get more comfy on my chair and every 10-15 minutes came to re-heat my heating pad. The next time it happened almost a year later I knew it was coming (one does not forget that pain) and I was able to minimize it, Crystal once again came to my aid, helped me up the stairs and got the heating pad. This time I managed to actually make it to work, of course Crystal thought I was nuts.


Took this on our way to CALI in July 2013

I love my sister Crystal for all she does for me and for my mom, she is our mom’s primary care giver and has scarified a lot. I love that Crystal introduced me to World of Warcraft, Firefly and loads of other things. I love that when she accidentally made me fly over my handle bars of my bike as a kid she took the best care of me. I love her passion for collecting dragons and try to get her new ones when I can. She even has an awesome BIG dragon tattoo on her leg! I love that she doesn’t get made easily and when I get moody she rolls with it. I love that we are into the same things but I love that we also like different things, I like when I can get something that I like that she will think is the ugliest thing around but we laugh at it together. I love that when I’m out with her and I get frustrated that I’m being stared at she tells me to just forget about them while secretly giving them the stink eye!


Check out this tat!

So this post is mostly about my love for my awesome sister Crystal and my not so much love for the dentist! One more tooth to get filled and one tooth that will get extracted in a few weeks..Oh what fun!

How was your day? How did everyone cope with the weather where they are?