A Great Night


After a good day at work it’s nice to have some downtime with a friend, kick back, and have fun. Today starts a busy week for me whereby I’m out doing something neat after work most days. Tonight I headed out with my friend Marnie to do Social Art KW. I’ve written about this before but here is a refresher for those new to my blog or who just plum forgot!

A group of upwards of 30 people all converge at a local pub or restaurant with nothing and come out with a work of art that they are happy with, or at least tolerate! My first one was a fall scene I took myself out on my birthday and this is where I first reconnected with Marnie. We have worked together in the same building for years but hadn’t had the chance to hang out. I was a little (ok a lot) worried about my first time at this event but was excited. I was sad that no one was able to come with me but determined to have a good time. Marnie noticed me first, approached me and welcomed me to sit with her and we ordered food before things got under way. I’m forever grateful for her for doing that because I doubt I would have spoken with anyone, I would have kept to myself, did my painting and bused home. Instead I ended up really connecting with her, had a great time and painted a scene I could tolerate. It’s currently hiding but here is a picture:


My first ever attempt

My second time going was as a private party that was hosted with a former co-worker and friend Lisa. She had really wanted to go to an event but none of the dates worked with her schedule so she made a private party and we painted an owl, It’s still growing on me but at least it’s hanging up in the dining room!


Midnight owl

That brings us to tonight’s outing, which was much like the first. Marnie and I went together and it was hosted at Fionn MacCool’s in Kitchener near where SportsWorld used to be. It’s my first time there and I liked it. I couldn’t eat much as I’m still recovering from that torture of a tooth removal so I tried their Latke Grilled Cheese which I was only able to really eat the centers and the pickles on top, I also tried their Apple Crumble Pie, they don’t dice the apples they have them slicked which meant when they cook with the skins it makes them a bit tough to eat so sadly most of this went untouched as well. Have to say the coffee was great!



We started painting at about 6:30pm and I got home about 9:15pm, so it was a pretty good evening event. Rachel is really great at walking you through each step, and when you get behind or need extra help she is always there to lend a hand. Just don’t ask her to actually put paint to canvas on yours because she won’t..this is not a bad thing, as it is meant to be your work of art. Being this was my third one I really didn’t want to rush so I found myself quite behind everyone else. I was working on my background and hills while everyone had just about finished the windmill. I took great care to ensure that the background and the ground were blended nicely as I found that with my first one I didn’t do this well. The windmill posed lots of challenges with the lines, filling in, and the blades. If I had to pick a favourite element from today’s painting I would say my background and my grass. If I had to pick something I could change it would be the hills and the blades of the windmill.


 Finished painting

If you live in the area or are coming to KW for a visit please check Social Art KW’s webpage (http://www.socialart.ca/) for upcoming dates because it’s well worth the $30, I love seeing how everyone’s turn out, and I try very hard not to compare mine to everyone else’s because I always feel that mine doesn’t stack up.

IMG_5118[1] IMG_5120[1] IMG_5121[1]

Progression shots




Marnie & I

Artsy, Fartsy!

One of my passions that I don’t get to explore that often is art. I love to do art, and I really love going to art galleries. One of my bucket list items involves me having an awesome room that has a fantastic yarn stash and comfy chair for knitting but also paints, canvases, and all the supplies that would make a great art room.

I have imagined doing a piece that involves colours but also exploring different textures. I want to try using different size ropes on canvas using different colour blocks. Well doesn’t sound that fantastic with words but I can see it in my head and I like it.

I’ve been able to do some painting in the last year thanks to Social Art KW (http://www.socialart.ca/). Created by Rachel Rector Social Art KW allows people to come together to do their own painting that Rachel teaches as the night goes on. Usually held in a pub or restaurant it allows people to relax and have fun, unwind with a drink and some food, share lots of laughter and mostly have fun! The best part is that you come away with a piece of artwork to call your very own and display with pride. I have attended 2 sessions so far with plans to go again, I find that I may not be the best to “replicate” an image, I can draw pretty good but for painting my style is more loose, and abstract.


First 2 pieces done at Social Art KW

I haven’t been able to visit my local gallery in a long time even though I work really close so i don’t have any pictures of any current favourite pieces but please check out their website to see their current collections. If you live close you should go by and check them out. We also are lucky enough to have The Canadian Clay & Glass gallery which I think might be my favourite places even if I haven’t visited. Here are links to their websites:

KW Art Gallery: https://www.kwag.ca/en/index.asp

The Canadian Clay & Glass: http://www.theclayandglass.ca/

I recently heard that the Metropolitan Museum Of Art (http://www.metmuseum.org/) is starting to scan and load their collections online so you can visit them from the comfort of your home. They have over 400,000 pieces up on their site to view. I took some time tonight to pop over and look at a few, here are my favorite.


A dwarf (Un enano) Portrait of Sebastian de Morra
Goya (Francisco de Goya y Lucientes)
(Spanish, Fuendetodos 1746–1828 Bordeaux)
Artist: After Velázquez (Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez) (Spanish, Seville 1599–1660 Madrid)
Sitter: Sebastian de Morra
Date: 1778
Medium: Etching printed in black ink
Dimensions: Plate: 8 3/16 × 5 7/8 in. (20.8 × 14.9 cm) Sheet: 16 x 11 7/16 in. (40.7 x 29 cm)
Classification: Prints
Credit Line: Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, Rogers Fund, and Gift of Theodore De Witt, by exchange, 1931


View of La Crescenza
Claude Lorrain (Claude Gellée)
(French, Chamagne 1604/5?–1682 Rome)
Date: 1648–50
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 15 1/4 x 22 7/8 in. (38.7 x 58.1 cm)
Classification: Paintings
Credit Line: Purchase, The Annenberg Fund Inc. Gift, 1978


The Trojan Women Setting Fire to Their Fleet
Claude Lorrain (Claude Gellée)
(French, Chamagne 1604/5?–1682 Rome)
Date: ca. 1643
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 41 3/8 x 59 7/8 in. (105.1 x 152.1 cm)
Classification: Paintings
Credit Line: Fletcher Fund, 1955

This will not be my last post on this subject, as I continue to explore the galleries in my city and beyond. I also would love to visit the Art Gallery of Ontario located in Toronto. I visit Toronto frequently so eventually I will get there. I will do some sketches over the next little while and post them. If you want to see me draw something specific just leave me a comment. I had a bunch of pencils that I bought in high school but I wore those out so now it’s time for me to hit up a craft store or art supply store and replace them.



Last night almost all of Canada tuned in to watch the World Junior Hockey Championship gold medal game where Canada and Russia battled hard. I watched the game as I always do with my mom and I can tell you it was a damn good game! For a good portion I kept yelling at Canada’s goalie to DO NOT LET THAT PUCK GET PAST YOU! Not sure if they heard me though!

Canada came out strong with 2 quick goals in the first, Canada kept the goals coming and eventually made it 4-0 however Russia surged ahead with 3 crazy quick goals in under 4 minutes to pull within 1. We managed to get another goal to make it 5-3 which gave us all a bit of breathing room however Russia did not go down without a fight and sneaked one more goal past our goalie to come within 1 again. The final one and a half minutes were filled with tension as I felt there was way too much action going on in front of our net and we couldn’t seem to throw one down in Russia’s now empty net.

The game was really good and I’m glad it was as close as it was as it reminds us that even though this is OUR game we taught the world to love it to and they come to compete among and against the worlds best.

There were some aspects of the game that had my anxiety level going up to max level, and some that had me cheering loudly. Canada got a few too many penalties which Russia took full advantage of. Shortly after Russia scored a goal one of the Russian players decided to go after one of the Canadian players which meant he celebrated the goal from the sin bin! The only other mark against Russia in my book is when a player threw his stick up into the stands after the game was over, they lost, and Canada had started to celebrate. When I first heard that this video existed I had thought at first maybe he was being nice however in the video the body language is tough to argue with. He was clearly frustrated at the loss and this is how the took to show it. Hearing O’Canada played at the end knowing we had won GOLD truly made me proud to be Canadian.

Russia had nothing to be ashamed of they played a terrific game and kept Canada on our toes. The previous games in the tournament were pretty easy in comparison but I won’t deny when Russia scored those 3 quick goals I thought we might lose. The seeds of doubt were there, as it wouldn’t have been the first time that we were clearly winning only to somehow have it slip from our grasp and have to settle with silver. But we held on and we freaking WON GOLD!!!! WOOT!!

The tournament was held between Montreal Quebec and Toronto Ontario, with last nights game in Toronto. I really wished I had been there the atmosphere must have been amazing. The IIHF World Juniors is coming back to Montreal/Toronto in 2017 and maybe just maybe I can get my hands on a jersey and tickets to some of the games.

I very much enjoy Hockey, I love that it’s Canada’s game, I love the history of Hockey. If you want to learn more about Hockey I would suggest watching “Hockey: A People’s History” I have it but haven’t been able to watch the whole thing yet but it’s on my list of things to do!


2015 IIHF Gold Medal winning team from Canada

Unrelated to Hockey, I had my last cavity filled today and have to say that my new dentist is awesome. I’m a real challenge and she is new to the profession but she recognized pretty quickly for today’s appointment that the freezing would be tricky as my anatomy is vastly different than most peoples. This means that I need WAY more freezing which is always fun. She did start with quite a bit but still ended up feeling when she hit the nerve but thankfully she was able to get it all said and done pretty dang quickly.

Tomorrow watch for my post called “Artsy, Fartsy” I want to start exploring art one of my passions I don’t get to explore.

What did you think of last night’s game if you watched? With art who are your favorite artists?