Top Ten

I thought i would share my top 10 favourite movies of all time. I have more favourites and may add to this list or make a new one that would be my top 20 but here is the start. Next top 10 list will be about TV shows and that will be significantly harder to choose from.

These are in order from oldest to newest because I don’t have a number one favourite I love them all equally.

Top Ten Movies 8

Ghostbusters // Released in 1984

As a kid from the 80’s having this movie come out was one of the best things ever. I was too young to see it in theaters but we had the VHS and we watched it a lot. There is so much going on in this movie, the humour is not over the top, the writing is just fantastic. When i watch the movie now as an adult I still get the same excitement and I laugh just as hard maybe more. I love the old fire hall that they film in. Who doesn’t know who to call? Pretty sure we all know what ectoplasma is! The pain in the butt Slimer is such a great comedic release that the movie needed.

Top Ten Movies 5

Labyrinth // Released in 1986

Another gem from the 80’s, pretty sure my mom took us to the theater for this one but I was always falling asleep during movies so she stopped taking me. I remember this moving scaring me as a kid and it’s on my “to watch” list as it’s been years since I’ve seen it. It was such a well put together story and it had great music that as a kid I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t grasp the real meaning behind the story until I was an adult, I just loved the stories and the goblins.

Top Ten Movies 1

Beetlejuice // Released in 1988

This is the first movie that I went to the theater to see that I didn’t fall asleep during, it’s got so much meaning for me for a lot of reasons. If you haven’t seen this movie…wow, I don’t know you! It’s really good Micheal Keaton nails the character of Beetlejuice. The movie did scare me a bit as a child however that seems to be the norm for movies I saw in the 80’s, there are no Disney movies on my list for a reason. One of my favourite performances of Catherine O’Hare who really hasn’t aged much since this movie came out! Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE!

Top Ten Movies 10

Hook // Released 1991

I was never lucky enough to see this in theaters, I actually didn’t see this movie until I was an adult some years ago. Ever since the first time I have seen it, if it’s on TV I will watch it (or the rest of it). Not all the acting is that great but Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Bob Hoskins, and Arthur Malet really carry the movie for me. I really enjoy movies that are a good mix of comedy and drama (guess they call them dramedies now) that are just slightly different. I love movies that I can get lost in that make me feel as if I could belong in their make belief world. Hook is one of the few to do that for me, I hope Robin Williams has found his Neverland and peace. This movie has a great lesson to learn.

Top Ten Movies 2

Demolition Man // Released 1993

Here is movie that I don’t own on blue-ray yet but I have seen the most of any movie I have ever watched. I have made time to watch this when I know it’s coming on TV or I get upset when I find it half-way through and I just have to finish watching it. I don’t think I can say anything bad about this movie, it’s funny, it’s got lots of action. I’m normally not a fan of either Stallone or Snipes but I can’t NOT like them in this movie they both do an amazing job. Denis Leary giving the speech in the underground has to be one of the best movie speeches ever! I love that Glenn Shadix who also played in Beetlejuice plays a similar character. Most people would call BS on this or “tight casting” but i like it, it’s not the exact character but they do remind me of each other. I also have NO idea how the 3 sea shells work….

Top Ten Movies 7

The Shawshank Redemption // Released in 1994

The first time I saw this movie was in grade 10 or grade 11 history class where I watched a lot of good movies that are in my top 20 list! The movie is set in the 40’s but the themes of the movie transcend time. As with most movies on this list I have a different experiencing watching this movie as an adult, I can relate more to the characters even though they are inmates. I would never be able to guess what would have happened so when the guard throws rocks around Andy’s cell and comes across his secret I was delighted. I do not think in real life prisoners should attempt to escape, just saying!

Top Ten Movies 6

Nothing To Lose // Released in 1997

Tim Robbins was having a good few years in the late 90’s and this movie is NO exception. The first time I watched this movie I laughed so hard I cried, I would have to say this movie might be my favourite comedy of all time. When Nick (Tim’s character) gets car jacked by T. Paul (Martin Lawrence character) the movie just gets crazier from there. If you haven’t seen it please check it out. The wardrobe is a little dated but the comedy is not, a great movie that is always on my “to watch” list!

Top Ten Movies 3

City Of Angels // Released 1998

This is one of the first movies that I cried after watching it. The movie itself is so good, great writing, great acting, but it’s so sad! The connection shared by Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan is powerful and pulled me in right from the start. The character of Nathaniel Messinger played by Dennis Franz adds a lightness that the movie does needs. I think for me this movie had me thinking about all the loved ones that I had known that had passed away and hope that maybe they are happy where or whenever they are.

Top Ten Movies 9

The Phantom Of The Opera // Released in 2004

I know that there have been previous movie adaptations of this play but this version is the best as far as I’m concerned. When I saw this movie version for the first time I had no idea who Gerard Butler was but I instantly became a huge fan and have since watched almost all of his films. I have seen the play multiple times before seeing this movie and when I heard it was coming out my sister and I got very excited. I know pretty much all the words to the whole play and can never stop myself from singing along. I have never hidden the fact that I identify most with the character of the Phantom and a lot of the speeches he says are feelings that echo in me. The line “…the world showed no compassion to me” has been a line I have thought many of times, but unlike the Phantom I do have loved ones, I was born in a century where I don’t have to hide or be in a Freak Show but I worry what would have happened if I was born in the 20’s, or 30’s. If you are a fan of the play but haven’t yet seen this movie version, please do see it.

Top Ten Movies 4

Serenity // Released 2005

Some of you might say that I have saved the best for last…i might not disagree with you but it just worked out that this is the youngest movie on the list. Anyone who knows about the poor show Firefly will know how big of a deal this movie is! It really did help with closure even though we lose someone…DAMN YOU Joss Whedon! It’s just such a great cast and the ideas behind both the series and the movie may not be far off about how we may end up in the future as we grow globally.

Well there you have it folks my top 10 list. It wasn’t really hard to narrow it down but was hard just to stop at 10 as there are still some really great movies out there! Time for me hear about your top 10 leave a comment below.

Golden Globes


The Golden Globes is airing tonight so tomorrow I will write about the role of Social Media and television but for today going to be a light post as I’m in quite a bit of pain and sat here starting to write a few things and just can’t muster up anything that sounds good so found some pictures of the awards tonight that caught my eye.

One of my dreams (I’m sure everyone has had it) is to get dressed up and be able to attend one of these events. I’m not a huge fan of the awards shows but I do love to see all the fashions. I would love to attend an after party that’s for sure! What would you say in your speech if you won a cool award?

The pictures below were taken from either Entertainment Tonight’s ( or from Google ( i have NO idea who the designers are these are just pictures I found that again caught my eye.

GG3 Anna Kendrick

Going to start of nice and easy, Anna Kendrick LOVE this dress, I would like to see the same dress with green as the main colour with lighter green accents. I love Anna Kendrick having just recently seen Pitch Perfect and of course I’ve seen Twilight I’m a fan of anything Anna does. When I look at her expression I imagine standing there while thousands take your photograph can be daunting and I would say she is thinking of something funny!

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Here is the lovely Emma Stone in something that is rarely seen on the red carpet on women and more power to her she is wearing PANTS! I have NO idea why someone decided to put some bow/belt on the side but I do like it. She is super pretty.


Now we get to the fun pictures! This is Diane Kruger, love her dress but note her facial expression, I would guess that she is thinking of how many different ways she could break all the cameras pointed at her at that very moment. But the real reason this photo is up here right now is the dude in the back. Every time I have ever looked at these types of pictures I always check out the background more than the person whom the intended subject is. The guy in the back is clearly diverting attention elsewhere, would love to know what, and that hand coming in from the right trying to grab his attention however if the hand is not careful may grab something else…

GG4 Sienna Miller

This picture is of the pretty Sienna Miller in an amazing dress, I could NEVER pull it off but she looks dang good it in. Again my interest lies in the background. The 2 dudes on the right look to be having a slightly heated discussion, maybe about who needs to move first, or who is going to the after party? They guy on the right possibly over hearing is just glad he is to the right. Last comment on this picture is devoted to figuring out what the heck is hanging off the one guys hip on the right! Any guesses?

GG6 Edie Falco

I have to say Edie Falco always looks sharp at these events and tonight’s is NO different. That black dress is super nice and looks amazing. I would love to have seen a nice necklace but she’s pretty and can do without. The background in this picture is awesome, can we take guesses as to what the lady behind Edie Falco is pointing at? Maybe something that has fallen to the ground (or someone, do we know if someone fell?) and the one half of the other lady in a not so flattering dress with not the best shoes I’ve seen.

GG5 Susan and Robert Downey Jr

The only couple picture I have included, Susan & Robert Downey Jr. looking both very sharp. I love her dress but wish it wasn’t black or if it had to be black some contracting colour or bling would have helped. Again the background gets my attention, wonder if the dude is checking out Susan’s butt. No guessing from the direction he is looking at it’s off camera to the right and his expression is priceless! I want everyone’s best guess or story as to what and why he is looking like that…GO!

GG7 Giuliana Rancic

Our last photo of the evening goes to my point of how crazy these award shows are. We have 4 possibly 5 working to place Giuliana Rancic’s dress just so! It’s a very pretty dress don’t get me wrong, I’d love to try it on but it’s a mermaid style it will naturally fall where it should. Look at the people in the back ground the one lady in the over sized tan coat looking distracted by what they are doing. and all the other’s just going bout their business.

Post them if you have them, if you find funny pictures of award shows (past or present) with awesome background happenings I want to see them!

The Bad, The good

Today I headed to Toronto to meet up with my Orthodontist for what I thought was to put brackets back on for braces. My appointments have always been at The Hospital For Sick Children as I have been going there since I was a baby. There was a gap in time where I fell through the cracks, my mom didn’t pursue treatment and they didn’t contact me until I was older. I had braces put on back on December 19th, 2004 they were to be on for 24 months at which point I was to have a procedure to rebuild my jaw.


Pic of CN Tower on my way out of Toronto

After over 2 years the surgeon who was to do the procedure had his own medical issues and instead of having surgery the braces stayed on, and year, after year, after year passed. I kept bugging my orthodontist and even at one point writing a not so nice letter to the surgeon that I was very much NOT impressed at being ignored. HE never reached out to me never provided any explanation. The last time I met with him was before the braces went on and he was saying what would need to be done, how it would be done and the timeline. He also left me with the impression that my case was a difficult one since 2 previous attempts to fix my jaw had failed due to massive infections once when I was 7 and another when I was 16. The impression I get 11 years later (yep ELEVEN) is that it was just not worth his time, I’m also frustrated at my orthodontist for not looking at other options or surgeons who could do the work.

I’m very much used to getting appointments and procedures at the snap of my fingers, I’m also very much aware that this is not the case for most people. I know that there are many Canadians that have to wait long times for specialists however I have been extremely lucky that this has not been the case. Need a neurologist? Sure we have an appointment for tomorrow. Need an MRI sure how is next week? Need a colonoscopy and specialist sure how is 2 weeks from today (actually think my wait was even less than that)? Compared with my sister, friends, family, co-workers I have been extremely lucky and I know it however when it comes to the ONE procedure I was counting on, the one that really matters it seems that it will never happen.

It’s frustrating to say the least, I’m not blaming the Canadian health care system, heck I will defend it to my last breath. I’m blaming my inability to advocate for myself and making my position more clear to those it needed to be clear to. As of today i have been officially kicked out of Sick Kids as a patient. I understand it, I’m 33 for heavens sake I should have been kicked out a long time ago and I’m very thankful for the 33 years that I have been treated at Sick Kids, I LOVE that place, the staff are amazing and the care is above anything I have seen elsewhere so it saddens me that from now on I’m stuck with adult hospitals.

I don’t know what the next steps will be, I spent over 2 hours today getting the dental cement taken off my teeth that has been there for over 10 years but I know I can’t leave it alone. My only jaw joint is failing and over the last week it hasn’t gotten any better it’s worse with the 2 visits to the dentist and now 2 hours in the Orthodontist’s chair but I don’t know where to start. I have one tooth that will be extracted on the 23rd of January and I will keep in touch with my Orthodontist but to be honest I feel lost. Without Sick Kids supporting me I will have to navigate the health care system truly alone as an adult and that scares me.

Now on to the good! Because that’s how I get by I balance the tough stuff with the fluffy good stuff.

After my appointment got to spend a brief amount of time with my friend Akemi, no selfies this time but check us out the last time we were together last month!


Me & Akemi


Akemi in front of Eaton’s Center giant Christmas tree

Her boyfriend is hard at work getting a new Sci-Fi series off the ground! You should check out his blog and you can follow the shows progress on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook here are the links.


Dark Matter


Twitter: @dark_matterTV


You can follow Joe’s blog using this link: Today he hit a milestone by posting his 3000th entry! CONGRATS! I have a LONG way to go before I hit that but I aspire to get there…somehow.

Today after a frustrating day it was nice to come home to a bit ol’ box (heavy I might add) of book! Mostly Sci-Fi but got a word game book and 2 knitting books. All told 14 novels to add to my book shelves, which remind me I need to go buy more shelves as I currently have no room on the one I have now.. Good problem to have.

How was your day?

Random writings inspired by “642 Things To Write About” part 1



For today’s entry I thought I’d grab my cool and trusty book called “642 Things To Write About” by The San Francisco Writters’ Grotto that was given to me as a gift from a friend.

I picked the book up opened it to a random page and here is what we got to work with. It’s a page with 3 things to write about

1) Five things you see out the nearest window

2) Describe your favourite athlete

3) Why do you like those shoes?

I thought about trying my luck again but where would the fun in that be so here goes!! Feel free to also write along with me and post yours in the comment section.

1) Five things you see out the nearest window.


Well this is a bit hard since my desk that I write at is located in the basement and the nearest window is a tad far from me and a bit high up that I can’t really see anything. It’s also dark out so all I can see is…well…nothing. When it’s daylight I know I can see the fence that separates my property from my neighbours. The fence needs replacing so when I do see it it reminds me I have to get it fixed or replaced. I can also see some twigs and such as we gathered them up into a pile by the side of the house and haven’t had a chance to put them in to a yard waste bag. I love when it’s clear out and not too sunny so that I can see the beautiful sky during the day or at night sometimes when the moon is full you can really see it from this window. That’s four..I’m cheating here since again it’s a basement window..good luck seeing much.

2) Describe your favourite athlete


My favourite athlete is a well known Canadian multiple Olympic medal winning woman. She is the only athlete ever to win multiple medals in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, she competes in cycling and speed skating. She is also known for coming public with her struggle depression and mental illness. If you haven’t been able to figure it out yet, it’s Clara Hughes she is from Winnipeg Manitoba. Clara is a great role model for what it means to help others and still be true to yourself. She has helped a number of charities including Right To Play, and Bell’s “Let’s Talk” campaign.

Right To Play is an athlete-driven international humanitarian organization that uses sports to encourage the development of youth in disadvantaged areas. You can read more or get involved here is there website link “”

Bell “Let’s Talk” is a multi-year charitable program dedicated to mental health please read more or help out by visiting their website “”

I have not had the pleasure of meeting her but I can tell you that it would be an honour to sit down and chat with her about our mutual struggles and successes. I have always been excited to watch her compete, but as much as I love her athletisism I love her as a genuine human who knows that we are all in this world together and we need to help each other. I really do hope to be able to meet her one day. I have added a meeting with her to my bucket list!

3) Why do you like those shoes?


Well why wouldn’t I like those shoes…what shoes should I even talk about? Well I guess I will talk about the shoes I wore today. I didn’t wear shoes I wore big heavy chunky boots because it’s freaking winter out and it’s cold as all heck. When I got to work I took my boots off in place of some nice comfy slippers. My boots are white and they are some years old, the next time I get a pair of boots like that I want black because these white ones are getting a bit dirty. They are very practical and keep my feet dry, and toasty!



Last night almost all of Canada tuned in to watch the World Junior Hockey Championship gold medal game where Canada and Russia battled hard. I watched the game as I always do with my mom and I can tell you it was a damn good game! For a good portion I kept yelling at Canada’s goalie to DO NOT LET THAT PUCK GET PAST YOU! Not sure if they heard me though!

Canada came out strong with 2 quick goals in the first, Canada kept the goals coming and eventually made it 4-0 however Russia surged ahead with 3 crazy quick goals in under 4 minutes to pull within 1. We managed to get another goal to make it 5-3 which gave us all a bit of breathing room however Russia did not go down without a fight and sneaked one more goal past our goalie to come within 1 again. The final one and a half minutes were filled with tension as I felt there was way too much action going on in front of our net and we couldn’t seem to throw one down in Russia’s now empty net.

The game was really good and I’m glad it was as close as it was as it reminds us that even though this is OUR game we taught the world to love it to and they come to compete among and against the worlds best.

There were some aspects of the game that had my anxiety level going up to max level, and some that had me cheering loudly. Canada got a few too many penalties which Russia took full advantage of. Shortly after Russia scored a goal one of the Russian players decided to go after one of the Canadian players which meant he celebrated the goal from the sin bin! The only other mark against Russia in my book is when a player threw his stick up into the stands after the game was over, they lost, and Canada had started to celebrate. When I first heard that this video existed I had thought at first maybe he was being nice however in the video the body language is tough to argue with. He was clearly frustrated at the loss and this is how the took to show it. Hearing O’Canada played at the end knowing we had won GOLD truly made me proud to be Canadian.

Russia had nothing to be ashamed of they played a terrific game and kept Canada on our toes. The previous games in the tournament were pretty easy in comparison but I won’t deny when Russia scored those 3 quick goals I thought we might lose. The seeds of doubt were there, as it wouldn’t have been the first time that we were clearly winning only to somehow have it slip from our grasp and have to settle with silver. But we held on and we freaking WON GOLD!!!! WOOT!!

The tournament was held between Montreal Quebec and Toronto Ontario, with last nights game in Toronto. I really wished I had been there the atmosphere must have been amazing. The IIHF World Juniors is coming back to Montreal/Toronto in 2017 and maybe just maybe I can get my hands on a jersey and tickets to some of the games.

I very much enjoy Hockey, I love that it’s Canada’s game, I love the history of Hockey. If you want to learn more about Hockey I would suggest watching “Hockey: A People’s History” I have it but haven’t been able to watch the whole thing yet but it’s on my list of things to do!


2015 IIHF Gold Medal winning team from Canada

Unrelated to Hockey, I had my last cavity filled today and have to say that my new dentist is awesome. I’m a real challenge and she is new to the profession but she recognized pretty quickly for today’s appointment that the freezing would be tricky as my anatomy is vastly different than most peoples. This means that I need WAY more freezing which is always fun. She did start with quite a bit but still ended up feeling when she hit the nerve but thankfully she was able to get it all said and done pretty dang quickly.

Tomorrow watch for my post called “Artsy, Fartsy” I want to start exploring art one of my passions I don’t get to explore.

What did you think of last night’s game if you watched? With art who are your favorite artists?


Never having been in any kind of relationship or been on many dates I always enjoy talking with my friends who are in relationships to gauge from them what it’s like. As I get older I realize that my standards may be getting higher but also as i get older I know that I will not settle, I’d rater be alone than unhappy.My co-worker and friend Crystal is engaged to be married to an awesome guy named Norman (HI NORMAN!) who just moved here from Nova Scotia to be with her and I think that is sweet. Her and I are working on details for her upcoming wedding and we even went dress shopping. It’s during these times that I struggle with being alone the most. Don’t get me wrong I’m THRILLED for Crystal and any one of my friends as they get married and have kids but I feel Jealous.

I thought that I would write an open letter to any potential suitors, I doubt there will be many but thought it was something different to write. Let’s see if I get any letters in return.

Date night1

Dear date to be (FYI Joey Farmer),

Hi I’m Penny,

I’m 33 years old and have not been on many dates so i wanted to write this letter do have some things out in the open. Feel free to pen your own letter to me if you wish (I encourage you to).

I don’t expect you to open all the doors for me, I don’t expect flowers, or candy, or any gifts from you. I’m pretty easy to get along with but I do have a few ground rules. If after reading this letter I haven’t scared you off then feel free to contact me.

My rules:

1) You must be kind not only to me (clearly) but to those you interact with while with me. If you notice idiots staring at me I expect you to ignore them as I should have your full attention and being with you helps me not see those idiots.

2) For the first few date (assuming we have more than one) I do expect you to pay, not for everything but at least dinner.

3) We don’t have to do dinner, I’m happy to go bowling, mini-putting, rock climbing, hiking, walking, go to the mall…see i’m pretty open to most anything.

4) I dislike long awkward silences I generally am pretty good at keep a conversation going however if I find I have been doing most of the starting of conversations I will just stop so if that happens and it we end up with long stretches of nothing…it’s not going well.

5) I can’t drive so I love being picked up and dropped off at home however I am willing to meet up somewhere (because I’m nice like that)

6) If you smoke cigarettes it’s a deal breaker….

See my rules aren’t so bad, right?

A few other things I’d rather say in writing as I always feel silly when I have to tell people. I am hearing impaired which means I’m deaf in my left ear so sometimes if we are out I may ask you to repeat what you said, I’m sorry! Please if you can try to remember to stay on my right side, or don’t get weird if you notice me re positioning myself as I want to be able to hear what you have to say so I may do this often if you don’t remember. Once I get more comfortable around you I will just remind you. I’m also visually impaired so if we are out at a restaurant or fast food joint help me read the menu if I ask, or heck just offer because sometimes I don’t ask for help.

I am lactose intolerant so please don’t suggest we go get ice cream of any kind…Also I’m allergic to pineapple so Hawaiian pizza is out, even though it’s my favourite kind.

I love reading, knitting (no i won’t knit you something so please don’t ask) spending time with my dogs, my mom, my sister, and my friends. I’m a hopeless romantic even though I’m not 100% sure what that means.




When I was little I used to collect rocks, my family would help me and always brought me cool and interesting rocks. It got pretty crazy for a while and I had managed to collect a LOAD of them, I think my mom got a bit annoyed but always helped me find new ones, and my older sisters always stuck up for me. That ended one night when I had went to bed before everyone and my oldest sister had noticed a trail of blood. I remember this night vividly for some reason, I remember hearing my sister Pam ask our sister Crystal if she was bleeding upon hearing no and checking her over to be sure the next thing I new Pam was flying up the stairs, the door flung open and the light was turned on. Pam was in a panic as she threw the bed covers and tried to find the blood, I don’t remember cutting myself I had no pain but sure enough there was blood in the bed with me. Turns out I had cut my toe on one of my rocks and the next day the rocks were gone. I never questioned it (at least I don’t remember questioning it) I just remember having a lot of rocks then having nothing.

I also collected Lego and crayons and those to, are now gone. I loved the smell of crayons in the big round old tin we kept them in.

Today my collections are just as important to me as my rocks were, I tried to collect something that is pretty, that had many variations. My collections today included vases, tea cups, and inukshuks. If you count shoes, purses, and books..well then I have a few collections going!

Although I currently own only 2 my tea cup collection is my favourite. One I purchased at a Goodwill when I was with my friend Becky, since it was my first and because I was with my friend it’s very special to me. The second one was added more recently and was given to me as a gift from my friend Nikki, it’s unique and so cool, I love it. I’m always looking on Pinterest and EBay for unique potential adds however I have yet to make a purchase. I’m afraid to order something that fragile and special online. One of these days I will hit up some more second hand stores and antique dealers to see if I can add to my collection.



I have been collecting vases much longer and as a result I have much bigger collection, currently they share my desk with me as I have yet to add shelves to my bedroom to display them. I don’t think any of them are valuable however that is not why I collect them, I like them.



These two are my favourite out of my current collection.

Inukshuks are special to me, when I first learned what they meant as a kid and when I first saw them in pictures it resonated with me for some reason. My first inukshuk was given to me as a gift from my mom and it also sits on my desk where I can gaze upon it. The only other one I have I wrote about in a previous entry, it was made by my dear friend Jodi as a Birthday gift and still holds as one of the best gifts ever given to me.


My book collection continues to grow, so anyone local want to borrow a book just hit me up! I love shoes, and purses and also continue to grow those collections. I was told by my family that the shoe collection might be getting out of hand, I donated or threw out 10 pairs not that long ago and only have added 2 so it’s a work in progress.


I want to hear about your collections. What do you collect? Why? What was the first one and the story behind it?


On May 10th I spent a good portion of my day at the mall, I wasn’t shopping (ok well I did but that’s a part of the story read on my friend) I was lending my voice to an organization that is near and dear to my heart, KidsAbility.  Every year they hold a radioathon to help raise money to continue doing their amazing work.  KidsAbility gives kids with disabilities a start at becoming as independent as possible though programs that start when the child is quite young. They work with the parents and other health care professionals and develop a plan that works to help the child better live / overcome their disability. They work on a verity of fronts to achieve their goals.

When I was a child and I was a part of their program they went by a different name and they were located in a much smaller facility.  I had to work on gross and fine motor skills as well as speech, the teachers and therapists who work there were and still do are amazing.

Places like KidsAbility are hugely important in our communities without them a lot of these kids wouldn’t thrive wouldn’t know the thrill of being independent. Some kids go there for little things and when they over come those obstacles.

In the end we raised over $280,000 which is just amazing and I’m proud to say that I was there and helped. If you want to see their work or donate please visit their website at

Today marked the first time that I published a column. I started with an intro article just talking about me, about my life and what I hope to accomplish in this amazing opportunity. So far just with that one post the response has been more then I could hope for! Getting plenty of positive feedback and a really needed reminder to proof read or have someone else actually proof read as there was an annoying spelling error that could have been avoided. Hope not to make that mistake again.

If you are interested in seeing it or catching other posts I plan on doing a column once a month unless something comes up that I want to talk about. The magazine is called Positive Magazine they’re a lot of amazing posts from people all over the world about all matters of subjects. Please don’t stop at just my column look around, comment, view the writers who have been working so hard on this project for a long time. It’s a labour of love and I can’t believe that I get to be a part of it. Their website is:

Belong, National Day To End Bullying

To day is May 1st and has been chosen as THE day to have a big push to end bullying.

Everyone knows that I have been a victim of bullying and this year I have the opportunity to speak out against bullying. Today I got to be a guest on a local TV program called Talk Local Waterloo Region where I was among many guests speaking about the subject of bullying. It was a great experience I got to hear about initiatives that I didn’t know about.

WRPS (Waterloo Regional Police Services) have been active in going to schools and talking about bullying for years. This year they have a contest called “Stand Up Speak Out” where kids up to 18 years of age are able to submit their best anti-bullying message. They’re 3 categories Video, Word, and Art and kids are allowed to enter as many times as they wish but can only win once per category. There will be 3 winners in each category and I have been invited to be a judge. I did get a sneak peak at some of the entries and they are AMAZING it’s going to be hard for us to narrow it down to 3 winners per category!!

The other program being run actively in the area is being put on by Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council. The project is called THINK described bye WRCPC as “…an initiative of the Crime Prevention Council that encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to ask five key questions before they text, tweet, email, or post to Facebook” The five key questions tie in to the word THINK: T= is it True?, H= is it Hurtful?, I= is it Illegal?, N= is it Necessary? K= is it Kind? Such a simple concept but one that has a powerful message. I find that these types of community programs have the highest rate of success. They are giving out these blue elastic bands with this acronym printed on one side which are designed to go on one’s smartphone. From what I have read and heard they are doing really well with this.

ImageBlue THINK band on phone

A lot of these programs work because it’s peer-to-peer. We all know that as adults telling kids what to do goes in one ear and right out the other but when we get kids engaged it has the power to make all the difference. The other issue is that sometimes the adults are the issue and it’s the kids we are depending on to teach their parents that bullying like drunk driving needs to be a thing of the past.

This program was aired on local TV and not broadcast online so I will contact the station and order a copy so that I can post on my blog at a later date. The program was really well done not just my segment but the whole show was filled with really great guests.

On an unrelated note my Toronto Maple Leafs are in the playoffs for the first time in NINE years!! that’s just crazy. They pointed out tonight on the 6pm news that 9 years ago Twitter and Facebook didn’t exist….I really had to give that some thought to realize they were right!! Right now as I write this my team is losing 4-1 even though they scored the first goal. We are hoping they can turn this around because I would hate for them to get knocked out of the series in the first round.

Hello world!

When I first thought about blogging I thought about other people who blog, like John Scalzi who has been add it since before it was “cool”. Also thought about Joseph Mallozzi’s blog and how I wanted to be able to write like that.

I have always considered my self a writer although I have had no formal training, and haven’t had any thing critiqued enough to know if I’m any good.  Sure some things I wrote in high school got great marks but that was like 10+ years ago now!!

I kept a journal when I was younger but have for whatever reason since stopped (maybe I will pick that up again) maybe this will replace it.  Something to be said for putting ones thoughts out there in cyberspace for all the world to see.  I have no great dreams for this blog. Tons of other regular people just like me write and maintain a blog since it’s the “in” thing to do now and days. But I don’t expect to get a huge following nor for the first few months (or years if I keep it up) will anyone actually read this. It’s the hope that someone will that prompted me to start.  I plan to write about whatever is going on in the world, a news article that has caught my attention, music that is popular at the time, and alot about my experiences with living life with a facial difference.

There is a song that is currently popular by an artist called Bruno Mars, his song titled “Just The Way You Are” really struck a chord with me.  As someone who is insecure with how I look, how I feel and others reactions to me, I play this song or read its lyrics like a poem when I’m feeling especially vulnerable.

The lyrics go like this:

Oh her eyes, her eyes
Make the stars look like they’re not shining
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying

She’s so beautiful
And I tell her every day

Yeah I know, I know
When I compliment her
She wont believe me
And its so, its so
Sad to think she don’t see what I see

But every time she asks me do I look okay
I say

When I see your face
There’s not a thing that I would change
Cause you’re amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you’re amazing
Just the way you are

Her nails, her nails
I could kiss them all day if she’d let me
Her laugh, her laugh
She hates but I think its so sexy

She’s so beautiful
And I tell her every day

Oh you know, you know, you know
Id never ask you to change
If perfect is what you’re searching for
Then just stay the same

So don’t even bother asking
If you look okay
You know I say

When I see your face
There’s not a thing that I would change
Cause you’re amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you’re amazing
Just the way you are

The way you are
The way you are
Girl you’re amazing
Just the way you are

When I see your face
There’s not a thing that I would change
Cause you’re amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you’re amazing
Just the way you are

As silly as it might sound to some I know when I meet the right guy he will be singing this song to me while getting down on one knee. What?? A girl can dream can’t I??

My next post may or may not be tomorrow and it may or may not be exciting or even read. But lets see where this journey takes me/us!!