My dream to be a maker

All of my life one thing has been constant. My love of making things. When I was a kid that was art. I got really good at being able to draw what I saw. To the point that I would do any art for my sister for her homework. Loved colouring and being abstract with how we took on colouring pages. My sister and I had a giant metal tub thing that had a lid. We would each close our eyes grab a pencil crayon (coloured pencil) and colour a tiny part of our respectful pages. Then we would exchange our and colour a new small section. We would do this for hours. Neither of us had many friends (me less so) so we figured out how to have our own fun. I wish I had some of those colouring books with me.

As I got older I started drawing, and writing. In high school I took classes that let me explore my creative side. Art class remains my fav memories. Getting to do so many different types of art, Lino printing, silk screen, figure drawing, etc. If there was another class that I could explore art further I went all in. For an English class book report I spent hours drawing a map for the area in a book we read, teacher was so impressed he asked if he could keep it. I let him, it lives in my brain.

What I lacked in my youth was confidence, even though I got the most praise and positive feedback when I created something I still never felt I was good. Didn’t think it was so thing I could continue. Being poor it was also hard to keep up with it. As I got older my self confidence continued to fade.

As a full grown adult learning new things is not as easy, but proud that I’ve learned to knit (huge shout out and thanks to my friend Laura D.). Getting more comfy with complex patterns as I go, even if I am still slow AF. I’ve continued my creative writing, poems and such. I’ve enjoyed doing paintings of all kinds.

Why am I writing what could be described as word vomit? I dunno, I feel like we all have these aspirations, this other life we wish we could have. Where it’s not as easy as everyone says when they say “just go for it” or “do what you love”. For a lot of people going back to school, or just quitting their job to peruse their dreams, really isn’t realistic. Yet all over social media, what our friends say, the expectations we put on ourselves gives us a sense we are failing. When that isn’t the truth, we are surviving, putting one foot in front of the other because that’s all we know how to do. Branching out and doing what you love often has barriers too big to overcome, wanted to share this because I want others to relate to know they are not alone.

There are small steps that can help, for instance, I know the ability to get better means practicing and practicing and practicing some more. I’m guilty of not doing this. I get so exhausted just by existing it’s hard to take time out to do this. I’ve pushed myself this past year to do more creative endeavours, painting more, knitting more and when the inspiration strikes, writing . Heck I even had an amazing idea for an animated short film!

I wish I had the ability to make a living by creating things. I would love to try my hand a pottery, I wish I had a bigger space to do paintings. Which I could afford to buy better paints and other materials. I really want to get a sewing machine, and get my basement in order to create a space to create.

Anywho those are just my thoughts and dreams. What are you thinking about today?

Happy Chinese New Year!


If you were born in 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, or 2015 you fall under the year of the Goat (or sheep, or ram…there seems to be some confusion) and this is YOUR year! I personally fall under the year of the Rooster, similar traits!

One of my favourite memories as a kid was eating at a restaurant across from where we lived called Sing Lee’s and I loved the paper place-mats that had all the descriptions of what each animal represented and all the years that aligned with which animal. I think I like the Chinese zodiac more so than the traditional one I wrote about some posts ago.

I came across the following website and it is awesome; you can learn all sorts of interesting facts. Where do you fall in the Chinese zodiac? (

Well this will go on record as being my shortest blog entry. Sorry for those who support me and read this blog everyday. I’m so dizzy tonight so going to go and lay down! Also I’m going to start thinking about possible topics for public speaking and best ways to “brand” myself. Need to create a new more polished website and may call on a few friends for help with that!

Must have…products

In an effort to share with you, so that you can get to know me better I thought today I would go over my “must have products” I don’t have many but here are a few things I would be saddened if I had to do without.

I will mention before this gets going that I know how lucky I am to live where I do, that I have a job, a house and a family. This list isn’t of things I can’t live without because at the end of the day I could, these are just things and in no way replace what is truly important to me.

First up from the awesome store that is Bath & Body Works ( their line of deep cleaning soaps are the best I have ever used. When I wash my hands I need them to feel super clean which is why I love to use soaps with micro beads that help really get in there and get the dirt (or whatever) off my hands. Also it has to smell so nice, but I’m not a fan of the fruit scents nor vanilla.


As with my hand soap I need to use a body scrub in the shower instead of simply a shower gel, or bar of soap. It really does need to feel that I have taken a layer of skin off my body when I get out of the shower. Right now I’m using one from Bath & Body Works that they don’t carry anymore which saddens me as now I need to find a new favourite.

While on the concept of personal hygiene and shower my shower puff scrub thing has to come from The Body Shop ({AdID}&Matchtype=e%22). So they call them bath lilies…I find the texture of these puffs to be far better than with that of other ones I’ve seen from other companies.

must have 1

Also from The Body Shop I love using their hemp mitt as an exfoliate in the shower, mostly for my feet but usually give everything a once over. I don’t have one currently but it’s on my list of things to get.

must have 2

I’m not big on beauty products and I only apply moisturizer after a shower so as to not put too much product on my face. I generally look for a more natural option and I’m currently using Nivea brand that I do like but it’s almost done so I think I may try another brand so if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comment section.

must have 3

For moisturizer on the go I have found that Lush’s ( message bars are great. They have no bottles so they are super great for the environment and you only take from the bar what you need. I currently have 2 and I love them both.

must have 4 must have 5

When looking at their website tonight I found that they how have shampoo bars, I’m SUPER excited to get one and try it out but it won’t be until August unless I treat myself and shop online…we shall see.

Now these message bars are great for on the go but when I’m at home I usually use The Body Shop’s vitamin E body lotion. I find when I have dry itchy winter skin it helps calm and sooth my skin.

must have 6

Beyond my must haves for personal care I have a few items I use on a frequent basis that I really enjoy using. The first is my favourite pen to write with. They don’t seem to make them this way anymore which doesn’t surprise me because it always seems to happen that I find the one brand or type of an object and after I have been used to it and really love it they either discontinue it or change it somehow which leads me to disappointment, frustration, and having to find another version or a different thing all together.

must have 7

They don’t make them with the lids anymore…I have a few but once they are gone I’m all out!

When it comes to cleaning around the home I love things that make my life quick, and easy so I tend to buy the laundry pods such as the Tide, or Gain, I’m not too picky on brand as long as they smell good and they are on sale. Same goes for the dishwasher we use the compact pod things with a simple rinse agent and it works great. I always try to look for ones that are good on the environment and since they have little packaging or packaging I can recycle, it’s a win-win!

We just discovered and now love the steam mop I picked up off The Shopping Channel ( it helps keeps the floors nice and clean and actually you can use it on all types of flooring including carpet, ours comes with a neat attachment that can be used to steam clothing.

must have 8,N:128384,E:11773066

My friends Monica H and Susan S (they don’t know each other as far as I’m aware) both sell Epicure and I tried these sponges called “epicure’s Scrubby” and they are AMAZING, they don’t get yucky like traditional sponges and the best part is you can throw them in the dishwasher to sanitize them. You get lots of use out of them and we generally don’t throw one out until they are falling apart. You won’t find them anymore as Epicure stopped selling them, when I heard this I went a little nuts and my friend Monica H who was going to an Epicure conference put out the word and managed to get me pretty much the rest of the scrubby’s in Canada! I have NO idea what my sister and I will do when we are down to the last one, so if anyone knows of a secret stash either in Canada or in another country please let me know!


I’ve shared mind…time for you to share yours! 🙂

My take on New York Fashion Week

Well it’s even colder out today then it was yesterday but made it work. How did everyone spend their day?


Most everyone who knows me knows I’m not up on all the fashion lingo nor do I normally follow anything fashion unless it’s to look at the crazy outfits the designers are coming up with. One reason is because the models that strut their stuff down the catwalk are made up in such away that I feel their humanity is taken out of them. When I look at most pictures from runways and try to look in to a model’s eyes I don’t see much. No spark, no life, just some flat look that gets them down the runway and back again without falling.

This year when looking at the pictures there is still a fair number of void looking models but I’m noticing more diversity. This year a designer by the name of Carrie Hammer ( choose an actress by the name of Jamie Brewer to model one of her pretty awesome dresses. What’s special about Jamie is that she is not a model, she is however a role model for girls, not only is she an actress on FX series American Horror Story, but she also was born with Down Syndrome (


This is such a huge leap and major win for getting the fashion industry to embrace differences. We all know not every woman is as tall as a tree and as skinny as a twig, nor do most woman wish to look like this. It’s great that Jamie who is a well known actress to be able to go out their and with poise and more confidence than I would have walk down the catwalk as loads of people watch and snap pictures.

I also saw a story in which (and it pains me to do this) I have to give a shout out to Kanye West who used a total of 50 vastly different individuals to model shoes. I’m SO not a fan of Kanye West however if it was his idea to have 50 people of all walks of life up the way he did, he can’t be all bad.


Now lets look at some of the really crazy fashions that I could find pictures of shall we….



So the above picture is from Calvin Klein’s spring collection. The blue number on the far left I don’t have any issues with. However the middle onesie with some crazy leg flare is not something I would EVER wear…who would? I know most of the things that are produced for these fashion shows never get worn but I always find myself scratching my head wondering what the heck they were thinking. What caught my attention in this picture is the red leather dress on the far right, it reminded me of what a fictional group of woman would wear. From Terry Goodkind’s Sword of truth books there are these woman called Mord Sith who wear tight red leather outfits and anytime I see red leather ALWAYS think back to the books. If you want to see what I’m talking about just google “Mord Sith outfit”.



Well here is something interesting….I believe the designer(s) are called The Blondes…although I can’t fathom why.. LOL Well looks like they make all their models wear that ridiculous big blonde braid. I’m thinking these models are showing off bathing suits but it’s hard to get past that hair extension/wig.

I hope that as we continue to embrace differences we see even more diversity. With models becoming more appropriate role models for the younger generation, where more young kids can identify with them instead of trying to be them. I await the day when either a man or woman with a facial difference gets to be included.

Top 10 TV shows (On air)

Top 10

Today’s entry is all about my TOP 10 FAVOURITE TV SHOWS that are still on-air! These are in no particular order, it’a all about fun tonight!

Top 10 TV shows13


CASTLE 2009-present

I will start with Castle and say this once (less you all get bored) I LOVE THIS SHOW Nathan Fillion is an amazing actor and takes the words he provided and just runs with it! Really everyone that works on this show is awesome, there has not yet been on episode where I thought “meh, could have done without this”. Great story arcs, great follow through, amazing writing, great lighting, I could go get the idea.

Top 10 TV shows7


ELEMENTARY 2012-present

We are about mid way through the third season and this show just keeps getting better. I know a few people who are comparing this show to one called Shrelock and saying that this is a knock off but since I haven’t seen the other show…I can’t say. what I can say is that I am very much enjoying the twist of a female lead as Watson, and a not so different take on Sherlock, he is a dick! I love the introduction of a new character this season named Kitty who was a victim of a horrific attack. Really great writing, acting, just all around well done, must watch show.

Top 10 TV shows10



Most people who know me know I’m not much in to reality TV however this show is THE best reality TV on air right now. I’ve watched both the Canadian one and the Australian one and have to say both are extremely entertaining. If you want to check it out and live in Canada just visit Global TV’s website or on their mobile App to watch an episode. The things people try to get away with, or the stories they make up are just awesome. Anyone who works or has worked in Customer service will see some parallels with your job. It’s not scripted and you really never know what’s coming, after seeing a few episodes it is fun to guess.

Top 10 TV shows5


SCORPION 2014-present

This show is in it’s first season and is said to be based on an actual person named Walter O’Brien, I guess that’s true but really doesn’t persuade me to watch it. I love the characters, the action is damn good and I haven’t seen these actors much so it was nice to watch a show where I didn’t see the actors as previous characters in my head. Sometimes the stories are a bit disjointed but overall the level of acting more than makes up for it and I do hope this show goes on for many more seasons.

Top 10 TV shows6


BONES 2005-present

Going into it’s 10th season and still going strong. With some shows after it’s been on as long as this one has it can start to get a bit stale but Bones has not had one drawn out episode, I enjoy the stories that this show continues to tell. There have been a number of times where I have had to pick my jaw up off the floor after some crazy stuff has happened. I was sad about the loss of a key character at the start of this season but I do understand the need to have characters in peril, keeps everything fresh and exciting. Although I feel some of the characters can be over the top sometimes, that is a small (very tiny) complaint I have. I really want this show to just keep on going!

Top 10 TV shows9



Set in the 1890’s William Murdoch sets about to solve crimes in the city of Toronto, the character uses some really inventive ways to find evidence which points to technology and practices we use today. One of the great themes during the 8 season it has been airing is that of woman’s rights. This was a time before women had the right to vote, before we could feel free enough to wear what we wanted. It’s great to see what it may have been like back in the day, the writers and prop masters do try to keep things as historic as possible. You never who is going to step out of the past and make an appearance.

Top 10 TV shows


THE BLACKLIST 2013-present

One of my favourite shows currently on, I always make sure to catch all episodes. It stars James Spader who plays one of the most Wanted men in the world by the FBI, he turns himself in in order to gain access to someone he knew when she was a kid. As the show progresses he helps the FBI catch some of the worst criminals out there some of whom the FBI didn’t even know exist. I can’t say enough good things about this show, not one bad episode or one miss by the actors, writers, and everyone involved. We are about halfway through season 2 so you can catch up and watch the rest of the season with me!

Top 10 TV shows12


SCHITTS CREEK 2015-present

This show has just started and it’s already on my list for one very good reason….it’s so funny. A great Canadian TV show wit so much talent and potential to have a very long run. Easy to catch up on if you have access to CBC’s website. It’s about this very well off family who end up losing almost everything they have due to a bad financial adviser who takes them for all they have. They are forced to move to this town that was purchased as a joke. Watching such seasoned actors letting lose and playing such crazy characters is refreshing…also it’s fun saying Scitts Creek!

Top 10 TV shows11



In the US there is The Colbert Report as well as The Daily Show with John Stewart, in Canada we have Rick Mercer Report. One of my favourite parts of Rick’s show is the segments where he goes out and tries really crazy things all over Canada. One year he came to here for the KW Oktoberfest, just recently I saw that he went to Variety Village and he hung out with some cool kids and tried his hand at wheelchair basketball. One of my favourites is when him and Jann Arden get together and go out on “dates”. If you have never seen any segments, look him up on YouTube and come back and let me know what you think!

Top 10 TV shows8


THE BIG BANG THEORY 2007-present

PENNY?, PENNY?, PENNY?…wow how many times have I heard this since this show aired…..well yesterday was the most recent. This show is so good for so many reasons, watching them all evolve as characters and their relationships with each other is fun. Seeing all the guest stars from Bill Nye to Stan Lee make appearances has kept the show fresh. It hasn’t gotten old yet and I doubt for me it ever will.

Top 10 TV shows2 Top 10 TV shows3

              (     (

Top 10 TV shows4


NCIS 2003-present

NCIS: LOS ANGELES 2009-present

NCIS: NEW ORLEANS 2014-present

I lumped all these in to one, because they are all NCIS shows, I don’t have a favourite, each spin-off of the original is so awesome. Again great characters, great writing amazing stories and arcs that they can play off of. They all follow the same premise but are all very different and I’m hooked with all of  them.

Places I would love to travel to

travel 1

As I get ready for yet another trip to lovely Toronto it makes me think of all the places I could get to if I was going to the airport. I had thought about saving this topic for another epic top 10 list but it’s cold outside so I thought writing about all the amazing places that I would drop almost anything for to go to.

First one wouldn’t be all that warm right now but visiting the great city of New York!

travel 2

I want to spend a good few weeks at New York City to see the American Museum of Natural History, tour the Bronx, Central Park, Empire State building, Museum of Modern Art, New York Public Library, and the 9/11 Memorial. I would love to see a show on and off Broadway, to stand in times square slowly look up and around and just take it all in. I don’t want to ever be there for New Years eve, standing there for over 12 hours without going to the potty, that’s just crazy.

When my sister worked for Starwood Hotels one of the hotels we both drooled over was in Belize.

Travel 3

I would love to to sit on the beach with no phone, and a pile of books and just laze away the days. I would go to the Belize zoo, the Maya ruins of Xunantunich, but seriously laying on the beach is the thing I would to in Belize.

I have learned that I wouldn’t want to drive here but I would love to stroll around and sit at an outdoor cafe. Italy!

Travel 4

Visiting the typical tourist spots would totally be on the agenda, the Colosseum, Pompeii, would float the Blue Grotto, I would need to visit Murano Island to watch the glass blowers make beautiful works of art. would visit the Leaning tower of Pisa, a wine tour of the vineyards in Italy sounds divine, although I’m not catholic I would love to the Vatican City, I would want to eat everything, everywhere!

I know a few people that have traveled to Australia, and a friend of mine has since moved and it’s so beautiful.

Travel 5

I would really love to see the wild life of Australia, visit the sanctuaries and volunteer some hours if I could, help out. Seeing a performance at the famous Opera House is on my bucket list. Another stack of books for another beach to get lost in. I would enjoy the warmth, sunshine and people.

I have read about my friend Joe’s trips to Hong Kong for years each time I drool… I really want to go.

Travel 6

This trip would be about food, I would eat at as many places as Joe and his girlfriend have eaten at. I would visit the temples outside of Hong Kong. I’m not 100% sure where else I would visit, I know there is a Disneyland there, I’m not too keen on visiting the one here in North America and I may try the one in Hong Kong, I’d fear the looks I would get in Hong Kong so might as well go all out and have a blast!

I would love to travel across the pond and visit the UK, the weather can be questionable, but I’m Canadian.

Travel 7

I’m so fascinated by Stonehenge that I would need to visit and cross it off my bucket list. Going around London, going to the art galleries, visiting Buckingham Palace, I bet there are tours that would visit the historic buildings which would be a must. I would also want to visit the country side, take a few books and just reflect on life while soaking in the greenery.

I will add to this list maybe tack on to this post or create a new one. Where are some places you want to travel?

What is your sign?


Being born on September 16th, my astrological sign is Virgo. It’s the second largest constellation and the sun bases by between August 28th, and  September 22nd. A good majority of my family share this sign with me, my cousin Linda, my mom, my nephew, niece, and little cousin who was born on my birthday.

The symbol for Virgo is a maiden (or virgin) a symbol based on Astraea, who was the last immortal to flee Earth for Olympus. The study of astrology can be traced back throughout history as people looked to the sky to try to understand their place on Earth. Being able to track the Earth’s movements by watching the constellations, as well as the lunar cycles. I would imagine that in the earliest days when major events took place they were able to make sense of it by using these cycles as a way of explanation. Today people still give lots of weight to the meaning behind their sign, they take seriously the traits within and run with it.  I don’t follow astrology I haven’t done much research as there can be broad statements about any “one group” and hit the nail on the head with at least a good chunk however it’s still neat just to have fun with it, don’t take it too seriously.

Here is a great Wikki article that goes in to great details about the history of astrology:

I do enjoy learning about how things came to be, the study of people and how they interact with each other and the world around them still fascinates me. Which is why I had wanted to become a cultural anthropologist but alas that didn’t pan out!

Some quotes about being a Virgo I have found fit me pretty well:

“Virgos have a tendency to down play pain when expressing it, so everyone thinks they’re happy and handling it well” For the most part I would say this is true. I do tend to complain when I’m in pain but sometimes when I’m in a lot of pain or I know something needs to get done, I just suck it up and deal. But again this statement is true for most people. With kids, jobs, school sometimes you don’t have the luxury of staying home and staying in bed, shit gots to get done!

“Ask a Virgo for an opinion on any matter and they will give you the most truthful answer, even it it hurts. Again I would agree with this statement but I like to think I’m more diplomatic when I provide a response. I know when I was younger I wasn’t so tactful and said somethings that my friends and I still laugh over. I have learned to have, what my sister would call a filter so now depending on the day I may not tell you what I might have told you years ago. But feel free to ask away and let me know if you want the unedited version.

“When a Virgo is mad you may not know it, but they will be condescending and quite sarcastic” I think if there was ever going to be a “Virgo” trait that I had to pick to be 100% me, this one would be it. I don’t get raging mad that often but when I do look out! For the most part if you piss me off I just let it roll but if you hear me being overly sarcastic chances are I’m probably mad about something.

Some of the traits I found that describe Virgos that don’t fit me:

“Virgo is OCD about nearly everything” although I do have OCD tendencies about a lot of things it’s not everything, I only get this way when I have done something or I have direct influence over it. I’m glad to give anyone a pass, I just let them think I’m ok with it and just breathe.

“Virgo: I over think everything” Nope at least I don’t think I do…I know I can’t make a decision to save my life. I think the only time this statement is true is when it’s work related and I may have let my team, or my boss down in someway.

“Virgos are talented in whatever they do but if they don’t love it, they won’t do it” HAHAHAHAHAHaha <cough> sorry about that this one had me really laughing! I’m very much NOT talented at whatever I do, and there are somethings that I do even if I don’t like to because that’s life!

“A Virgo will never share their complete selves with a person. Some secrets must be kept” Yeah this one isn’t me, I’m a pretty open book. Those who are closest to me know pretty much everything, I don’t think I have any deep dark secrets that need to be kept.

“Virgos notice all the shit people may not even pick up on” Nope not me again I seem to be the last person to pick up on things!

“Sometimes a Virgo has a hard time functioning when they have so much going on in their heads” Luckily not me, I have a lot of stuff always going on at any given time but it never slows me down.

A shout out to my friend Candice for giving me the idea to write about this topic! I really didn’t want to write about the 20-30 cm of snow that we all woke up to here in this area of the world! Or about the Superbowl because I didn’t watch it and I have NO clue what when on other than there was some really bad play near the end of the game followed by a brawl!

So what does your sign say about you? Do you find that you match a lot of the traits or is it something you think is total craziness.

Top 10 TV shows (off-air)

Top Ten

Since tonight is Superbowl Sunday I thought I would stay along the theme of television and do another top 10 list. This one is my top 10 show that are no longer on-air, I miss them so. I don’t watch football nor do I care much about the Superbowl, although I do admit that the commercials are usually awesome!

OK so there are 11 on this list….ah well, in order form the oldest air date here are my top 13 shows that just ended to soon in my books.

Top ten OA shows 1


Forever Knight // 3 seasons // aired from 1992-1996

I am not sure if this show aired outside of Canada but if you can find it I highly suggest you watch it. The premise is simple, an 800 year old vampire is trying to atone for his past sins and regain his mortality. This show aired before vampires were “in” and it was a pretty dark show. Nick Night (our main character) is a detective on the streets of Toronto, he tries to hide what he really is from his partner while also trying to thwart seduction attempts from his 2000 year old mentor. I would love to re-watch this series even if the fashion and technology is really out dated by today’s standards. The writing and acting was good, the stories were well thought out. Although it was a dark show it still had its comedic moments that until I looked back at the pictures, I had forgot. SO GOOD, it deserved more than 3 seasons, wonder if a remake would work?

Top ten OA shows 11


Due South // 4 seasons // aired from 1994-1999

Another great Canadian TV show that I’m not sure aired outside of Canada and another one that is really good, I own all seasons on DVD so if anyone local wants to borrow them just let me know! This one stares Paul Gross as RCMP officer Benton Fraser who goes to Chicago on the trail of his father’s killer. He ends up staying in the windy city and works with the Chicago PD to solve cases. It’s a great show with really amazing writing and acting, great mix of comedy and a bit of drama. It does play up the “nice Canadian” stereotype but in a quirky way. Even though it only lasted 4 seasons, I cannot be disappointed with how it ended, the last episode always has me in tears and always makes me smile!

Top ten OA shows 5


Sliders // 5 seasons // aired from 1995-2000

This show came out of nowhere for me when I was younger. I saw the advertisements at the time and thought it looked good so I gave it a shot, my sister and I would watch this one together and we both enjoyed it. The main character Quinn (Jerry O’Connell) manages to somehow create a portal to an alternate dimension and gets sucked in with a few people one of whom isn’t too happy! It’s neat to see how the characters develop though out the season, it ultimately ended on a cliffhanger which was sad because I always wanted know what would have happened.

Top ten OA shows 9


Star Trek Voyager // 7 seasons // aired from 1995-2001

This was the third series that was created in the Star Trek universe and i personal favourite. I did enjoy Star Trek: TNG, and DS9 but this was a different feel to the franchise and it continued to explore new frontiers. Captain Katheryn Janeway was not one to be messed with but she was a fair captain. I did enjoy all the characters and how they evolved. I really wish that Ensign Harry Kim (Garret Wang) earned a higher commission on this 7 years but that’s really the only complaint I have. One of may favourite memories was watching the final episode at my friend Becky’s house. My mom was babysitting her sister at her house so my sister and I made everyone watch the last episode. I remember Becky making fun of it at the beginning and that we tried to explain some of the back stories but in the end she still wasn’t a fan but I think she at least liked that episode.

Top ten OA shows 14


Stargate SG-1 // 10 seasons // aired from 1997-2007

I almost didn’t put this on my list, not because it doesn’t deserve it, I still think it ended too soon but have to say 10 seasons is a damn amazing feat. This is a great show, based on the movie of the same name it elaborates further and continues to explore new worlds through the means of a device called a Stargate. Throughout the 10 year run, characters came and went but the main thread of the show continued. The show runners, and writers were not afraid to poke fun at themselves and had some memorable episodes. It was sad that during the 200th episode party they had to learn that the show was coming to an end. We were blessed with 2 movies that came out after the show finished airing to help further bring closure and explore what might have been but its no substitute for the show continuing.

Top ten OA shows 8


Firefly // 1 season // aired between 2002-2003

This is the show that really gets the trophy for being cancelled WAY way too soon. It was cancelled after one season, I hadn’t even heard of it until after it was canceled. I have since learned that FOX really mishandled this show in ever aspect and as such it never got a chance. I have since watched, and re-watched the episodes that there are and as I write this have watched and re-watched the movie that came after called Serenity. This show has nothing that I can find fault with, the characters are amazing well imagined, handled by amazing actors, great balance between humour and action…I could go on. I have also read the comics that have been written by Joss Whedon that have since been published for Dark Horse Comics. I would LOVE if this show came back to air but I know that Nathan Fillion is currently being awesome in the TV show Castle.

Top ten OA shows 15


Dead like Me // 2 seasons // aired from 2003-2004

This show was wacky, and off beat, and I loved it. They could have kept going there is was just so much to explore in regards to the character’s back stories. I have to say that I love that the dinner used in this show made an appearance on a later season of Stargate SG-1 and i geeked out a bit about that. The main character dies after a freak accident and becomes a grim reaper only they live among us, they look different but have to live just like us. It’s such a smart and funny show. Really did end before its time.

Top ten OA shows 13


Stargate Atlantis // 5 seasons // aired from 2004-2009

A spin-off of Stargate SG-1 the characters explore a galaxy very far away from Earth and in the beginning with little hope of ever seeing or talking with Earth again. Knowing that the show runners had plans to continue but were cut short is sad, also no movies when this show ended has me even more sad. What I loved about almost all the shows on this list and this one is no different was the relationship the characters develop with each other, how they grow and evolve. They are not always perfect and they make some big mistakes (like when Rodney blows up a solar system) they are portrayed not to be on some sort of virtual pedestal.

Top ten OA shows 4


Boston Legal // 5 seasons // aired from 2004-2008

“Denny Crane!” if you have watched this show just those two words should have had you laughing and remembering how William Shatner brought the character of “Denny Crane” to life with gusto. This show is a legal drama but the humour mixed in with some of the serious issues they tackle is really like nothing on TV before or since. The dynamic duo of Denny Crane and Alan Shore played by the amazing James Spader had me hooked from right from episode one. I really wish they had been able to continue but this is another show that ended really well and with no lose ends.

Top ten OA shows 10


Eureka // 5 seasons // aired from 2006-2012

I cannot think of this show and not think of the catchy theme song, humming it as we speak, if you know it hum with me! Here is another show that didn’t have to end at 5 seasons the concept is so broad that they could have just kept coming up with crazy stories to explore. Another show that was good at injecting humour while exploring the complexities of humans and how we relate to one another but not in the same way as other shows. It was fun, quirky and you were invested with what was going to happen next. I demand a movie!

Top ten OA shows 2


Chuck // 5 seasons // aired from 2007-2012

Will they?…, won’t they?….will they? Maybe? For the first few seasons you really were rooting for Chuck and his handler Sarah to hook up and when they do its AWESOME. I’m a huge fan of Adam Baldwin’s so when I saw that he would star in this show I was already willing to give it a shot. This show is so funny, has great stories to share and impossible odds that they have to overcome, the show had to share some of those same obstacles and it was the fans that were able to save it from being cancelled a few times. I love their partnership with Subway and love how they were able to get the chacaters in and out of some pretty crazy situations. I also wouldn’t mind a movie….

Top ten OA shows 7


The Listener // 5 seasons // aired from 2009-2014

The cancellation of this show is still a fresh wound for me. Another great Canadian contribution to the airwaves I think it should have been given a few more seasons. The show follows Toby Logan a paramedic who has a very unique ability. I won’t spoil it for anyone and I highly suggest you watch every episode. This was one of the first shows that I really utilized social media to be able to connect with other fans of the show and thankfully the actors as well. I have been lucky enough to have a few twitter conversations with the actors and got some awesome swag! I can’t say I’m surprised at the caliber of writing and acting coming from Canada and this show is one of the best show cases for that. With a great ability to play off of they are able to explore what it means to really connect to another human being. I felt myself being sucked in every week and wondering where the hour went when an episode ended. It’s just some really great television!

Top ten OA shows 6


Republic of Doyle // 6 seasons // aired from 2010-2014

Another one that ended too soon and just finished airing not that long ago. The show follows Jake Doyle a private investigator along with his father and family. Trouble finds him where ever he goes but he always does right. Set in NFLD (Newfoundland) you get to see some really amazing scenery and try to learn newfie! Like all of the shows on this list it has great writing, amazing acting and really good stories to tell. I felt that the end was rushed a bit but I know that series creator and star Allan Hawkco was behind all of that, it wasn’t cancelled because of ratings or anything of the sort, it came to its natural conclusion by the creator himself, hard to fault him for that I’m just selfish and wanted it to keep going, and going, and going……

Well that’s my top 10…uh…13? list of shows that I loved that are no longer making new episodes. What would be on your list?

Random pics from my phone

I’m tired….I have to say I love my current 7-3 shift but I’m not a great at going to bed early so I suffer from getting up at the crack of stupid!

So today I figured it might be a stretch but today’s post is going to be me closing my eyes and randomly select some pictures from my phone and give you the background story. Sorry if it’s not exciting, I do have a list of other blog post topics so no


Ah our trip to San Diego this picture is of a vulture if I remember correctly. This was taken on one of their bus tours we were sitting on the very top and I was able to get some really great pictures when we went to the zoo. It was colder than I was expecting in California but wouldn’t stop me from visiting again.


This one was taken at Sea World on the same trip. I preferred the zoo, Sea World didn’t have that many attractions and the layout wasn’t that great. Then there is the animal rights issue…yeah…can’t ignore that.


OMG Ellie and Crystal my 2 favourite gals. Look Ellie sticking out that cute tongue. She was in between grooming so she was a little shaggy. When we first got Ellie home she didn’t like to be held, wouldn’t curl up beside you or sit with you it took a long time for her to sit with someone. I was lucky to be the first I remember she sat on my lap and I think that is when she felt at home.


On my other Facebook page I post inspirational pictures such as this one. I keep them on my phone sometimes so when I’m scrolling through pictures and see it it can help me through a bad day.


I was in Toronto a few months ago and went in to RW & Co ( and found this awesome blazer. It fit so NICE but I ended up leaving it behind. I’m glad I did I was eventually able to pick it up when they had a really great sale just recently. I haven’t had the chance to wear it yet.


LOVE this picture of my co-workers. From left: my previous manager Lisa (LOVE her she is such an amazing boss and an even better person), “Auntie Crystal Beautiful” Crystal she a really great friend and the person who’s wedding I’m planning (HI NORMAN), Paulina who’s shindig this was as she was leaving our team for a different position in another center, Me wow I really am short, and another great friend Ashley who I was lucky to know before she started working at Rogers. Now we are on the same team again and it’s awesome! This was a fun night, after we had dinner, Paulina, Ashley, and I went to a club and got seriously drunk. I was on vacation that week so I did not suffer having to go to work the next day!


Well if there was any doubt that I actually was just randomly picking pictures this should clear that right up! This is when I was out at the mall doing a bit of shopping and found these amazing boots for my sister Crystal. Instead of just texting her to say the boots were $84.99 I decided I just had to send a picture of the price tag. They were on sale for $19.99 plus I had another 20% off coupon for being a member. They are some sweet boots, sadly they didn’t have any in my size.


Another inspirational quote picture from my other Facebook page ( I do like this one!


This picture was taken while at Target, I had to show my sister that there were some pretty awesome pants available. Thought she would just have to have them…LOL..OMG no, I’m not a fan of them and neither was she. Goes really great with that awesome sweater beside no? Ok I actually might wear those pants but not with the elastic on the bottom of the legs.


And to finish off this one is a funny! It does fit me sometimes I can be a bit OCD so I had to laugh when I saw it. If you like this the comic strip website can be found here:

Well that concludes a peak into some of the pictures on my phone. Might do this again it was kind of fun. I would love to see a random picture from your phone…FYI rated PG! 🙂

Music makes me happy

Whenever I’m travelling for long distances, going to and from work, doing chores music is my companion. I have a wide range in taste and I thought I would share what is currently on my playlist. Right now it’s at 39 songs.

Here are some songs from some lesser known artist:

Music 1

AZURE RAY: On and On Again

I’m trying to remember when I first heard this song, I’m pretty sure it was during an episode of television. Either way this is such a mellow and great song.

Music 2

DALA: Good as Gold

Again pretty sure I found this song again on a TV show and loved it so I got it. Love the lyrics.

Music 3

LILY KERSHAW: Ashes Like Snow

I do remember hearing this on an episode of Saving Hope. It was different from anything I had heard before and I got the song.

Music 4

PEIRSON ROSS: All the Things You Need

Here is another song that I have had on my playlist for years. I got this single from Starbucks, and have loved it since!

Music 5


Great song that sometimes has me listening to it more than once. So good!

Music 6


This song is my current anthem, I would sing it loud and proud any day of the week. When I’m having a bad day it helps me through the rough patches!

And here are the pics of the other album covers on my play list and a list of songs below:

Music 7 Music 8 Music 9 Music 10 Music 11 Music 12 Music 13 Music 14 Music 15 Music 16 Music 17 Music 18 Music 19 Music 20 Music 21 Music 22 Music 23 Music 24 Music 25 Music 26 Music 27 Music 28 Music 29 Music 30 Music 31 Music 32 Music 33 Music 34

Guardian by Alanis Morissette // Forever by Chris Brown // The Death of Me by City and Colour // Invincible by Hedley

Lighters by Bad Meets Evil // Kiss you Inside Out by Hedley // Thinking of You by Katy Perry // Teenage Dream by Katy Perry // Firework by Katy Perry // E.T. by Katy Perry // Fireflies by Owl City // F**kin’ Perfect by Pink // Broken by Lifehouse

Grenade by Bruno Mars // All for Love by Serena Ryder // Almost Said It by Carly Rae Jepsen // Ho Hey by The Lumineers

Clarity (feat. Foxes) by Zedd // Follow You Down (feat. Bright Lights) // We Own It by 2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa // Call Your Name by Daughtry // I See The Light by Mandy Moor & Zachary Levi // All I have to Give by Backstreet Boys // That’s the Way I Like It by Backstreet Boys // If I Don’t Have you by Backstreet Boys // Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

Merry You by Bruno Mars // No Air by Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown // Terrified by Katharine McPhee & Zachary Levi // Party Rock Anthem (feat. Lauren Bennett) by LMFAO // Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO // Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis // Apologize by OneRepublic

I have a lot more music and there are albums by my favourite artist that I haven’t had the chance to get yet but one of these days I will. When do you listen to music? Who is on your playlist right now? Leave comments below!