I’m tired so here are some pictures of our dogs


Ellie after I dumped all the toys on the floor. She was one happy puppy.


See, lots of toys!


Ellie is too cool for my hat!


If you put a blanket down on the floor they will come!


Extreme close up of Daka.


Ellie being way too cute.


They are always willing to help me finish my food!


Cuddle time with Dorje.


Can you guess what they are waiting for?


Anywhere I am these two are pretty much always with me. Well within the house.

LOVE our doggies! Feel free to post pictures of your beloved animals.

The most amazing animals, and their humans

Good Pets 6 Good pets 7

One of the things I have grown to love about the internet is how we can connect to causes, people, and places like never before. I know this isn’t new information as I have said it before but today I want to highlight something that really is amazing that couldn’t have happened 10-15 years ago. Animal celebrity! I want to focus today’s blog post not on famous animals who are only famous because they live with famous families and are treated better than our homeless population, no, I want to focus on animals who are doing good and have amazing families that help them.


Good Pets



Look at him…so cute! Lentil (or Bean as he is also called) was born to in a litter of 4 puppies all of whom were born with facial differences but sadly only Lentil survived. Lentil is a french bulldog who is looked after and loved dearly by Lindsay Condefer who was born with a cleft lip and plate. When he was born he needed to be tube fed every 2 hours 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 3 months, I couldn’t imagine getting no sleep for a for that length of time but but Lentil is special. Lentil had surgery to correct the defects to his palate, so that he would be able to eat and drink without assistance which also means a better quality of life.

Good Pets 2 Good Pets 3

Pictures of Lentil Bean as a puppy.

All grown up Lentil has now become an “ambassodog” for children with facial differences. When I first saw a puppy picture of Lentil I squealed, how could you not! His mom Lindsay has done a super fantastic job seeing an opportunity when it jumped up, and has done a lot of really great work to help bring awareness about facial differences.

Last year Lindsay started the “Chews Kind” tour after exceeded her Kickstarter goal she has been able to make a few trips (with more planned) to visit with kids with facial differences. She has also worked with CCAKids “Children’s Craniofacial Association” (http://www.ccakids.org/). I hope one day to meet Lindsay and Bean. I love what she is doing, I love that Lentil is here and that kids with facial differences and look to him and realize that they are not alone.

Meet MONTY The Cat

Good Pets 4


I was introduced “virtually” of course to Monty from both my sister and a friend who wanted to share that there was another animal ambassador for differences. Monty was adopted from a shelter in Denmark, where I can imagine people just passed by him because he looks different. Monty was born with a chromosomal abnormality which left him without a nasal bone or bridge. Monty’s human’s are spreading the message that appearances don’t matter. I couldn’t agree with them more!


Good pets 8




Marnie the dog is an ambassador for the adoption of senior pets. After being found at the age of 10 on the streets of Connecticut, she was brought her to the shelter they named her Stinky because of her foul odour. Marnie’s head tilt is noted to be caused likely by Vestibular Syndrome and her tongue sticks out simply because it’s really long. Having followed Marnie’s various social media sites I can tell you she hangs out with some pretty cool people. Marnie is one of a kind. Marnie is so lovable and makes me smile when I’m having a bad day. Thanks Marnie!!


Good pets 10




Lil’Bub was rescued from a barn and is believed to be the runt of the litter. Bub has a sweet personality and is quite famous, she has written her own book, has her own TV show, and amazing people have got tattoos in honour of her. She has over come many obstacles in her life and she is cute as a button who is always raising money for animal shelters.and to help other special needs pets.

Good pets 9

Baby Bub

I will do another post in the future featuring more amazing animals on the internet. Some more famous than others.