2022 Year in Review

I’ve been quiet on here. 2022 has not been a great year in this household. I’m not confident that 2023 will be any better. I know people see the new year as a new beginning, I’m much more pragmatic, it’s going to be much the same. I can’t honestly name one fun or extinguish that happened this year. The only good thing I can say is that I’m still employed and can for the most part still pay the bills.

2022 started with a loss, my senior pup Daka passed in Jan and I haven’t recovered. He followed his son who passed in Nov 2021. In March our Ellie came down with something and we spent most of 2022 struggling to get her to eat. I’m happy to report that although still sometimes a struggle she has improved. Sure she misses Daka and Dorje, she is a very senior pup herself so we are loving on her every day.

Daka in the background Dorje in the front. Miss my babies so much

June I had an endoscopy which didn’t reveal any bombshells but it was not pleasant. July saw me having to have a few teeth taken out at the hospital, since they didn’t do the hard way right off the bat I was left to suffer with tooth pain for SIX weeks. Leaving me to have to do it again in late Aug which had me react to the meds, have an asthma attack and netted me a two night stay in hospital. At least the teeth are out.

Shortly after I got home and recovered our mom ended up in the hospital. She stayed for about a week, about a month later I was in the ER with her, which wasn’t fun, she didn’t have to stay which was good, we got ho,e pretty late. About another month or so after that she landed back in the hospital spending a few days in the ICU. Was a very scary time. She came home and so far has avoided the hospital since, we shall see how long that lasts.

Had the first in person appointment with my Neurologist as I had some issues with my hands and legs. Had normal MRI and was fine, he did a physical assessment and def came to the conclusion something isn’t right. So I won myself another MRI of my spine in Jan. Currently I often drop things, do not have the same feeling in my hands and face I used to. I have always had sensitive teeth but now I don’t feel much, have to be extra careful when eating or drinking hot things. Makes eating ice cream handy. I have issues with walking, if I got at a faster pace I have to THINK about walking my legs don’t move as they used to.

In November my Uncle died, didn’t get a chance to visit him before hand and I’m sure my cousins are cross with me because of that. I. Cross with myself. Miss him so much he was a big teddy bear and such a kind human.

To round out 2022, we all ended up sick. Sister got COVID and stayed at an provincially funded isolation centre (a hotel) where she could rest. Mom and I seemed to get the same strain of cold. So while I had my period and a cold I had to take care of mom, not get paid for 3 days and lose out on a monthly work bonus of about $650 which I could have used. The cold has also made my back issues worse, my lower back now requires multiple times, daily extra strength Advil but that only helps for short periods, really can’t wait to see the Jan MRI.

I hope your 2022 was much more positive. Happy to see 2022 go.