Coffee & Cats

I asked on Twitter what I should write about. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted a blog and I wasn’t sure what best to write about. I tend to write when the mod strikes me, when I have an idea or a rant. But I DO feel like writing, just a little light on what to write about. The only response was from someone who suggested “Coffee and Cats”. So here we are; a random blog about coffee and cats.

I DO really love coffee; I was introduced to tea first; at an early age. I was probably 9 or 10; I remember we were at my aunts house and she offered to make my sister and I a cup. With milk and sugar; being young I liked it on the sweeter side but still loved the taste of tea. I remember my mom protesting to my aunt; but my aunt had this way of shutting my mom down and my aunt got her way. From then on we drank tea at her place. I’m sure we started drinking it at home not long after. Unlike tea I’m don’t remember my first cup of coffee; I just remember somehow just drinking at some point. Pretty sure like my tea I drank it on the sweeter side; double double. For all you non-Canadian readers this means 2 cream and 2 sugar. As I got older I realized I wasn’t in to cream, it was kind of gross to me so I switched to milk. I went to 2 milk, 1 sugar. This is pretty much still my standard coffee order when I’m out for a normal coffee. When I’m at home and I make a normal cup of Joe I actually don’t put sugar in. I drink it with just some milk (lactose free milk). As I mentioned I DO love coffee so I do enjoy the fancy stuffs. The lates, cappuccinos, Americano, all that jazz. If I can get it with lactose free milk all the better; otherwise regular milk will do. I’m not a fan of any nut milks so I tend to suffer for what I love. We have here at home a few different coffee machines; (ok we have 3…geez don’t judge me). So we can enjoy a normal coffee or go all out and be fancy AF (which we do love to do). What I don’t love about coffee…glad you asked, I really dislike flavoured coffees or artificial, chemically tasting flavour liquids. I also will and can drink it black but find that really makes my GERD harder to deal with so a tad of milk is <chef’s kiss>. That’s pretty much my view of coffee. I love getting coffee as a gift or gift cards for places like Starbucks or Tim Horton’s. What is your fav coffee place and or how do you like your coffee?

Now on to cats (this is prob going to be a short blog). I LOVE CATS! OMG they are such crazy little beings. I love rescue kitties the best but if I could have a specific breed I’d really love to adopt a rug hugger of a Munchkin; have you seen one? They are so stinking cute. I’m not sure I told the story of my cat I had when I was a kid. I’m not sure we really asked for one, lord knows my mom wouldn’t have let us. What happened was we went do a pet store, no clue why; someone that was involved with our family for a while took us. We went and there were two kittens in a open roof cage thing and next thing we knew we were taking both of them because we couldn’t leave just one. Plus there were two of us (my sister and I); so we each took one. We were told they were sister and brother. Crystal took the girl and I took the boy; they were tiny little things with no tails. Both were black and white; and in the car on the way home we tried to think of names. Since they were girl/boy we settled on Pebbles & BamBam; we though we were being cute; but we clearly not that inventive. We were young! I don’t remember my mom’s reaction but I’m pretty sure she was pissed, she was not told about them and here they were in her house. The first night was something with these kittens, we ended up having to sleep with the light on as every time we moved the kittens would ponce and attack us. It was never that bad again but MAN that first night was filled with laughter, yelps of pain and cute kitten cuddles.

After a small amount of time we took them to a vet for a check-up, since they were purchased at a sketchy pet store we were not confident they were in the best of health. Pebbles got a clean bill of health; when it came to BamBam the vet informed us that he was in fact NOT a he, but a she. So for some reason I felt I needed to change the kittens name but wanted to stay with a name that started with a “B” so BamBam became Bubbles. I don’t have easy access to pictures of them because we had them way long ago before cell phones were a thing. The breed we found out were Manx and wow could they jump. Bubbles used to jump from the floor to the top of the fridge with easy even as a kitten. Sadly they have both long since passed but we were lucky to have them for roughly 22 and 25 years respectively; with Pebbles passing first and Bubbles following. Both passing in their sleep of old age. I miss having a cat but I don’t miss the litter box! I’d have all the animals if I could. What was/is your cat’s name?

Well that’s it; a nice short blog. Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Coffee & Cats

  1. I first had tea too, was with my grandparents, being english they were fanatics for it, and I don’t remember when I first got drinking coffee either. always love a Al Pacino cappucino two tea spoons of raw sugar just feels best haha, with a pear, honey walnut muffin. I always usually use the french press its just too easy and quicker, I have an espresso stove top but it takes like a good 15minutes for it to work. I think oat milk is my favourite of the milk-free variety, coconuts pretty nice actually epic with mash potatoes on a different subject. My girl had a wild surgery but is still with me, The 2 of them are brother and sister names Satan & Stella, My girl friend doesn’t like that name though hilariously and has renamed him Miltrus. Have had them for 14 years and have to hug them for a good 5 hours a day, I always have nightmares about losing them infact. my mother always had this phobia of animals, even just some tiny bird she would scream this horrific scream everytime so we were never allowed any pets, as soon as I got my own place I was so happy the day I got my cats. Just wanted to say Loved the Blog, especially tellings us how canadians say “double – double” and you also said “and all that Jazz” jazz is great and I just also love the word myself and all that jazz. I think Bubbles is a great name for a Cat especially the fact of how much I love the canadian TV series Trailer Park Boys. Such a great read and a Wonderful surprise thank you very much you are awesome.

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