As many of you know art is one of my happy places. My outlet when I have anxiety and heck when I’m bored I just do art. I don’t imagine myself as the best artist ever by any means but I enjoy it.

I do believe that art should drive conversion and be inclusive.

To that end I want to create art installations that will carter to those with little to no sight. So I am trying something different. I want to create universal constants for colours using everyday materials. I know that trying to describe colours to those who have never seen it is near impossible. So I’m ok not trying I want colour to be felt differently but the same across the board.

I will duplicate paintings I do using other materials. Each colour will have an assigned material that accurately depicts that colour. So those fully sighted will be like “yep that’s that colour” and if they are with someone who is low or no vision can “see” the same painting. They will be able to interact with the paintings. They will touch it and come to know that each colour has its own feeling. I will always use the same material to represent that colour.

If I’m ever lucky enough to have a showing I would provide a legend so that those who need it can learn the colours and go and feel the art which will be displayed with art for those who are fully sighted. Or at some point create full pieces or accessible art.

I’ve got some universal materials in mind but could use some help. It might be a bit crude and shades of colour might not be included but I’m sure my idea will evolve. Either that or fail miserably.

Here is my list thus far:

Black – Garbage bag

Silver – Aluminum Foil

White – Polly fill

Green – fake moss

Red – valour material (like that of Santa suit)

Orange – Safety Vest

Pink – faux leather

Blue – fake feathers

Yellow – fake sunflower petals

Brown – faux fur or cardboard

What are some ideas you have for colours I haven’t listed? Keeping in mind right now I’m not aiming for light shades or dark shades just want to see if this idea will fly.

Here is the first painting I’m going to try to duplicate.

The duplicate will be done shortly. Like with most ideas I think it’s a good one and looks amazing in my head but worried it won’t pan out. Thoughts?

One thought on “Art

  1. I love your artistic, creative, beautiful you!!
    I love your ideas and can’t wait to see all that you create. I may not know much about art or processes of creating it but, I do know what appeals to my eyes and you, Penny, create pieces that make my eyes and soul happy!! Keep creating!❤

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