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I’ve been excited to do this weeks blog because I love trying new and amazing things from all over the world. Today I’m trying items from the Tokyo Treat box. It’s filled with things I’ve never before seen. Here in Waterloo we have access to some great Asian supermarkets but even there I haven’t seen these items.

The box is a vibrant orange with cute little drawings and writing. Typically with these types of subscriptions a little booklet is included which tells you exactly what you are eating; this one not so much. Had to visit their website to get all the details since I know ZERO Japanese. In no particular order here are the items.

This one was a bit odd. I was expecting a chewy texture and for a flavourful sour candy. Sadly this one was underwhelming. The texture was okay but I’d be ok never having this again. The packaging was the highlight of this one.

The packaging really ropes you in. It’s cute and I noticed that it’s from Ban Dai which here in Canada they are known for toys NOT candy. This one is grape flavour and as soon as you open it you smell the fake grape scent. I’m not a fan of grape flavoured things so I wasn’t expecting to like it. To my surprise I didn’t hate it. I didn’t love it but if someone handed me some in the future I’d eat it.

These came in individual bags of what I thought were going to be cookies but turned out to be another item made out of rice. The flavouring was all on the one side so as soon as you put it in your mouth it was WHOOP there I am! It had a mild yet kinda of salty tinge to it. Not bad but not that great either.

Yep…potato chips. Will say the chips here in Canada are better. These were pretty bland with an odd after taste that I couldn’t place. But I will probably finish the bag off because they were horrible and I hate to see an okay chip go to waste.

Things seem to be made out of corn or rice. This hollow tube snack packed all the flavour on the outside. The texture is odd as they seem to puff the corn leaving the majority of this snack without much going for it. This was the first time I tried and I didn’t hate it but I’d be okay never having this again.

These were one of my favourite items from this box. Good crunch and packed with tons of smoky BBQ flavour. They are shaped like Cheetos and are similar to the crunchy Cheetos. Although a while after filming the Vlog I’m still burning the flavour of these …. so there’s that.

These were the dark horse for me. I’m not a fan of kimchi but these were surprisingly really good. They have this cute tiny shape which means I can pop them in to my mouth without any issues. They didn’t remind me of kimchi which is most likely the reason why I liked them.

I was expecting to like these since strawberries are my top of the list fruits. Sadly these were a giant let down for me. They got this odd wet texture to them which is hard to describe I het the act of chewing will make anything wet but this was beyond that. It had a horrible fake strawberry toasted that really didn’t help their cause. I will say this they smelled okay.

After having all of these unique treats ending with a gum was a good idea. If it was any other gum that would have worked. It started out ok. The mint was a different mint than what I’m used to but I wasn’t mad at that, it quickly turned to be mad at me with this nasty flavour that just punched me and made me actually spit it out. I’m trying to figure out how it enhances memory.

I didn’t try these as they are big and would be hard to talk while eating. But pretty sure they will be good.

I love the DIY candy kits. This one remains undone but maybe I will post a video of me doing some various DIY candies in the future.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to head over to my YouTube channel (Taste test) to watch my gut reactions as I ate these.

If you’d like more info on Tokyo Treats check them out on their site:

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