The power of a hashtag

Today there was a hashtag on Twitter that got my attention, it was was #FreshFaceFriday.

The “fresh face Friday” hashtag was started by TLC (The Learning Channel) and fashion expert Stacy London to repress a new episode of Stacy’s show called Love, Lust, or Run which airs Friday nights. The show aims to help women shed their “disastrous” “over the top” looks and replace them with a style that better suits their lifestyles or where they want to go in life.

I LOVE what Stacy does and I can’t argue with the results, the women she chooses are amazing and all so deserving! I hope to see a guy on there one day!

Earlier today I posted a selfie using the hashtag #FreshFaceFriday and I mentioned that putting my picture out there can be scary. The amazing Stacy London responded with kind words and I started getting a lot of kind words! It got me thinking I’ve been very lucky when it comes to Social Media not once have I posted a picture that as gone in the wrong direction, I have never been told that I’m ugly, or laughed at, nor have I found any pictures manipulated in to a hurtful meme. I’m forever thankful for that and it reinforces my will to continue to advocate for those living with a visible difference.

One of the statement’s I’ve heard Stacy say on the show was that someone will judge you by your appearance within the first 3 seconds. I know that she was speaking specifically to the type of outfit one wears, and the image that the outfit projects, however I can’t help but internalize that. Knowing that for some no matter how well dressed I am I will be judged in 3 seconds and that may not go my way, I may not get the chance to make a second impression.

I have found this to be true in job interviews and have known I wouldn’t get the job only because of the way I looked, because I have a facial difference.

I dress defensively but in the opposite way that is featured in Love, Lust, or Run. When I’m having a low day I dress up, either wearing a suit, or just simply a blazer and nice jewellery because I know I will get compliments that I look nice. I NEED those someways because it’s the only thing that gets me through the day. When I have to go out in public alone sometimes I will wear my headphones and blast my music to distract myself from seeing people in hopes they don’t see me.

I live in a world where looks matter (I’ve said this before) I know this, I don’t always accept it but I know that it’s a reality. All I can do is project hope that as a society we will continue to evolve and continue to redefine what is acceptable behaviour because we are ALL different, we ALL matter!