Must have…products

In an effort to share with you, so that you can get to know me better I thought today I would go over my “must have products” I don’t have many but here are a few things I would be saddened if I had to do without.

I will mention before this gets going that I know how lucky I am to live where I do, that I have a job, a house and a family. This list isn’t of things I can’t live without because at the end of the day I could, these are just things and in no way replace what is truly important to me.

First up from the awesome store that is Bath & Body Works ( their line of deep cleaning soaps are the best I have ever used. When I wash my hands I need them to feel super clean which is why I love to use soaps with micro beads that help really get in there and get the dirt (or whatever) off my hands. Also it has to smell so nice, but I’m not a fan of the fruit scents nor vanilla.


As with my hand soap I need to use a body scrub in the shower instead of simply a shower gel, or bar of soap. It really does need to feel that I have taken a layer of skin off my body when I get out of the shower. Right now I’m using one from Bath & Body Works that they don’t carry anymore which saddens me as now I need to find a new favourite.

While on the concept of personal hygiene and shower my shower puff scrub thing has to come from The Body Shop ({AdID}&Matchtype=e%22). So they call them bath lilies…I find the texture of these puffs to be far better than with that of other ones I’ve seen from other companies.

must have 1

Also from The Body Shop I love using their hemp mitt as an exfoliate in the shower, mostly for my feet but usually give everything a once over. I don’t have one currently but it’s on my list of things to get.

must have 2

I’m not big on beauty products and I only apply moisturizer after a shower so as to not put too much product on my face. I generally look for a more natural option and I’m currently using Nivea brand that I do like but it’s almost done so I think I may try another brand so if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comment section.

must have 3

For moisturizer on the go I have found that Lush’s ( message bars are great. They have no bottles so they are super great for the environment and you only take from the bar what you need. I currently have 2 and I love them both.

must have 4 must have 5

When looking at their website tonight I found that they how have shampoo bars, I’m SUPER excited to get one and try it out but it won’t be until August unless I treat myself and shop online…we shall see.

Now these message bars are great for on the go but when I’m at home I usually use The Body Shop’s vitamin E body lotion. I find when I have dry itchy winter skin it helps calm and sooth my skin.

must have 6

Beyond my must haves for personal care I have a few items I use on a frequent basis that I really enjoy using. The first is my favourite pen to write with. They don’t seem to make them this way anymore which doesn’t surprise me because it always seems to happen that I find the one brand or type of an object and after I have been used to it and really love it they either discontinue it or change it somehow which leads me to disappointment, frustration, and having to find another version or a different thing all together.

must have 7

They don’t make them with the lids anymore…I have a few but once they are gone I’m all out!

When it comes to cleaning around the home I love things that make my life quick, and easy so I tend to buy the laundry pods such as the Tide, or Gain, I’m not too picky on brand as long as they smell good and they are on sale. Same goes for the dishwasher we use the compact pod things with a simple rinse agent and it works great. I always try to look for ones that are good on the environment and since they have little packaging or packaging I can recycle, it’s a win-win!

We just discovered and now love the steam mop I picked up off The Shopping Channel ( it helps keeps the floors nice and clean and actually you can use it on all types of flooring including carpet, ours comes with a neat attachment that can be used to steam clothing.

must have 8,N:128384,E:11773066

My friends Monica H and Susan S (they don’t know each other as far as I’m aware) both sell Epicure and I tried these sponges called “epicure’s Scrubby” and they are AMAZING, they don’t get yucky like traditional sponges and the best part is you can throw them in the dishwasher to sanitize them. You get lots of use out of them and we generally don’t throw one out until they are falling apart. You won’t find them anymore as Epicure stopped selling them, when I heard this I went a little nuts and my friend Monica H who was going to an Epicure conference put out the word and managed to get me pretty much the rest of the scrubby’s in Canada! I have NO idea what my sister and I will do when we are down to the last one, so if anyone knows of a secret stash either in Canada or in another country please let me know!


I’ve shared mind…time for you to share yours! 🙂

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