When it’s this cold, think, spring!


When it’s as cold outside as it has been this week it’s hard NOT to think about warmer weather, spring seems so far away today.

Friday when I woke up it was -28…brrrr…..it did eventually warm up to -18, which was nice but that’s still extremely cold. I try very hard to just put my head down, dress for the weather and not to complain. I live in Canada surviving a cold winter is expected, it’s almost a sport! Hover this week has done everything it can to test my resolve NOT to complain.

For me when Tim Horton’s rolls out their Roll Up the Rim To Win contest it serves to mark the upcoming end of winter and the much nicer up coming spring. This year it hasn’t put me in that mood, we keep getting snow and it seems to be getting colder, not warmer.

I love when winter is ending and I look for the first robin when I’m out because I know once I see that first beautiful Robin land and search for it’s meal spring really has settled and winter is truly on it’s way out.

Spring brings with it the promise of renewal, where we start making plans for the summer, when are people going to take those trips, how soon those upcoming weddings are. We await the blossoms of flowers with such great anticipation but also we await the time when we can get out and tend to our gardens to plan even more flowers. I haven’t had the chance to really plant flowers these last few springs and I doubt this year will be any different but I can’t wait until I can wear a dress without having to worry about freezing my legs off, or protecting them with snow pants.

What is your favorite season? Big thanks to Diane for providing this awesome topic! Have a topic that you think I would be interested in, just let me know in the comment section.

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