Random writings inspired by “642 Things To Write About” part 4


Wow it’s been 20 days since I last wrote a post inspired by this awesome book. Tonight I’m doing it because I just recently got back from my friend Crystal’s house and it I was being truthful, a wee bit drunk. Had 4 drinks, 2 rye & coke and 2 sparkling wine & orange juice, both drinks were really good and all 4 went down smoothly. What I’m trying to say is in an effort NOT to break the record I have going and to ensure a post is written every day wanted something that might be a tad easier to write about.

For today’s entry I started at the back of the book and flipped through a few pages to find something that would be interesting and not require too much brain power. Here goes…..

The page is sectioned off in to 4 boxes with an expectation to write about each topic in each box.

First Box: Who wrote the book of Love? Why, and what’s in it?

This question is very appropriate considering what day it is tomorrow! I believe the book of love was written by a woman, it would have been written in a time when woman were not allowed to hold down gainful employment (such as a writer) and if a magazine was to publish their works their were expected to change their name to sound more masculine. I picture her as a very strong, independent woman who likes to travel, I imagine she keeps a diary while out to jot down any thing she sees that could be later turned in to a book. Well that’s what I would do anyways. Inside the book of love are blank pages…she expects people to fill in their own story, to share the story that they have worked all their lives to create.

Second Box: Write ten sayings for fortune cookies.

1) Your bath has not yet started, remember it may not be clearly marked.

2) Give your attitude an adjustments, because life is too short.

3) One foot in front of the other is sometimes all you are able to accomplish.

4) The message written here should not be read aloud.

5) Opportunities do  come by everyday so always be on the look out.

6) Your future self sent this message….

7) Enjoy the small silences and worry about the big ones.

8) If you are not who you thought you would be, that is ok!

9) Get a pet, or get another one. All animals deserve our love

10) Sometimes its ok to give up.

Third box: Your day, hour by hour

Here would my day yesterday

12am-1am: sleeping

1am-2am: sleeping

2am-3am: sleeping

3am-4am: sleeping

4am-5am: sleeping

5am-6am: Got up and dressed. Brushed hair, brushed teeth. Let dogs out. Got mom up to the bathroom and settled on the couch. Played Criminal case on my iPad.

6am-7am: Left for work taking public transit, transferred to another bus with a small layover.

7am-8am: Got off final bus and walked to Tim Horton’s grabbed a coffee, bagel, and cherry cheese danish. Walked a short distance to the office. Got computer on, checked emails, checked work assignments, checked how much pending work I had.

8am-9am: Logged in to virtual phone system, started with pending work, helped co-worker on same project with some questions she had.

9am-10am: Worked new cases at work, continued to answer questions for co-worker, had first break a total of 15 minutes, played on iPad and phone during break.

10am-11am: made a few morning callbacks to customers, didn’t reach anyone, continued to work on new. Covered co-worker on same project so she could go on break.

11am-12am: continued to make outbound calls at customer requests, continued on working through new cases.

12am-1pm: Went on lunch which had me grabbing a few different things for a few different people but still made it back to work in the 30 minutes provided, continued to work on cases.

1pm-2pm: Had a team meeting (or huddle as we call them) with some of my team, continued my work on cases.

2pm-3pm: went on last 15 minute break and continued to work on new cases.

3pm-4pm: worked through last few cases and wound down for the day, made sure any work needed done is signed to co-workers.

4pm-5pm: signed out of virtual phone, got my jacket on and personal things gathered up. Waled to bus stop about 2 blocks away, got bus heading to Conestoga mall.

5pm-6pm: look for new case for phone at mall, go to grocery store to grab a few items to make dinner.

6pm-7pm: help prepare dinner, try to call Mobility Plus to schedule a ride to and from her day program next Wednesday but after holding for over 20 minutes I had to go. Let dogs out.

7pm-8pm: talk with entrepreneur Carolyn about getting started as public speaker.

8pm-9pm: have dinner and clean up.

9pm-10pm: start writing blog only to be detracted by what every my sister and brother-in-law are watching on TV, play with dogs.

10pm-11pm finish and post blog entry, play with iPad, get PJs on, brush teeth, give mom evening pills. Head to bed.

11pm-12am: sleeping

Fourth box: A famous, unsolved crime


When a show aired a few years ago called “The Black Donnelly’s” I was intrigued. I had known that the show was based on a Canadian “crime” family who came to southern Ontario from Ireland back in the late 1800’s but I hadn’t really known much more. I found it interesting to learn about the shear number of death’s this family endured. It seemed that the city they decided to settle in were none to happy with the way they lived their lives and didn’t make an effort to hide it.

The mystery comes from who burned their homestead down and pretty much wiping this family out.



Sadly the show didn’t last and was cancelled I think before the first season even finished airing which is a shame because all of the actors involved are really amazing and most have gone on to do other great work.