Poem collection 1


Last night when I was just about asleep the following words jumped into my head. Throughout today I have written a few more poems. I would love to see your poems, please leave a poem in the comment section.


Thoughts will flow,

Winds will blow.

Dreams will burn,

Earth will turn.

Moments will stop,

Guns will pop.

Lives are lost,

How high a cost.


You walk by, you laugh, eyes downcast I pass.

I cry, I hold my head high.

You point, you stare, eyes downcast I pass.

I anger, I hold my head high.

Your lips move, mouth “ugly”, eyes downcast I pass.

I laugh, I hold my head high.


Your arms are not yet here, I’m shivering from fear.

I’m cold as stone, I await you, I hope you are near.

Music plays, placates me, we will meet one day when the coast is clear.


My sunshine, my laughter, the one who sticks her tongue out.

My protector, my light, the one who takes care of me.

My cook, my likeness, the one who helps me through.

My sister, my friend, the one who taught me love.

My Crystal, My family, the one who has never let me down.


Is there such a thing as a rabbit hole?

An abyss?

In my humble opinion I believe there is.

We create the aperture, in our minds.

We never see it coming.

We go tumbling down, into darkness.

Is there such a thing as a savior?

A God?

In my humble opinion I think not.

We create the idea, in our minds.

We think we see it coming.

We lift each other up, out of the darkness.

All poems written by Penny L. Loker February 9th, 2015. Cannot be copied or used without permission. Copyright 2015