Places I would love to travel to

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As I get ready for yet another trip to lovely Toronto it makes me think of all the places I could get to if I was going to the airport. I had thought about saving this topic for another epic top 10 list but it’s cold outside so I thought writing about all the amazing places that I would drop almost anything for to go to.

First one wouldn’t be all that warm right now but visiting the great city of New York!

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I want to spend a good few weeks at New York City to see the American Museum of Natural History, tour the Bronx, Central Park, Empire State building, Museum of Modern Art, New York Public Library, and the 9/11 Memorial. I would love to see a show on and off Broadway, to stand in times square slowly look up and around and just take it all in. I don’t want to ever be there for New Years eve, standing there for over 12 hours without going to the potty, that’s just crazy.

When my sister worked for Starwood Hotels one of the hotels we both drooled over was in Belize.

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I would love to to sit on the beach with no phone, and a pile of books and just laze away the days. I would go to the Belize zoo, the Maya ruins of Xunantunich, but seriously laying on the beach is the thing I would to in Belize.

I have learned that I wouldn’t want to drive here but I would love to stroll around and sit at an outdoor cafe. Italy!

Travel 4

Visiting the typical tourist spots would totally be on the agenda, the Colosseum, Pompeii, would float the Blue Grotto, I would need to visit Murano Island to watch the glass blowers make beautiful works of art. would visit the Leaning tower of Pisa, a wine tour of the vineyards in Italy sounds divine, although I’m not catholic I would love to the Vatican City, I would want to eat everything, everywhere!

I know a few people that have traveled to Australia, and a friend of mine has since moved and it’s so beautiful.

Travel 5

I would really love to see the wild life of Australia, visit the sanctuaries and volunteer some hours if I could, help out. Seeing a performance at the famous Opera House is on my bucket list. Another stack of books for another beach to get lost in. I would enjoy the warmth, sunshine and people.

I have read about my friend Joe’s trips to Hong Kong for years each time I drool… I really want to go.

Travel 6

This trip would be about food, I would eat at as many places as Joe and his girlfriend have eaten at. I would visit the temples outside of Hong Kong. I’m not 100% sure where else I would visit, I know there is a Disneyland there, I’m not too keen on visiting the one here in North America and I may try the one in Hong Kong, I’d fear the looks I would get in Hong Kong so might as well go all out and have a blast!

I would love to travel across the pond and visit the UK, the weather can be questionable, but I’m Canadian.

Travel 7

I’m so fascinated by Stonehenge that I would need to visit and cross it off my bucket list. Going around London, going to the art galleries, visiting Buckingham Palace, I bet there are tours that would visit the historic buildings which would be a must. I would also want to visit the country side, take a few books and just reflect on life while soaking in the greenery.

I will add to this list maybe tack on to this post or create a new one. Where are some places you want to travel?

2 thoughts on “Places I would love to travel to

  1. Once I saw the film “Lost In Translation” it planted a seed in my mind, and ever since I’ve dreamed of visiting Tokyo (maybe taking a bullet train to Kyoto to see the temples too). I would buy as many cute “kawaii” gifts and knick-knacks as I could fit into my case, get one of those fabulous night-time views of a city that seems endless from somewhere like the Skytree, have some expensive sushi once and lots of cheap noodles from the hole-in-the-wall places, rent one of those solo karaoke booths (they are really popular with Tokyoites bashful about their singing ability) and have lots of fun just getting lost and wandering round taking photos. I have a German friend visiting Japan in four weeks time and can’t wait to see her photos.

    London is a classic “great place to visit, but difficult to live in” mainly because the apartment and house prices have just gone crazy, same with rents. However as a visitor you would love the Tate Modern gallery (maybe not as good as MOMA but very inspiring), a West End show, and the view from London Eye (like a giant enclosed Ferris Wheel). The guided tour of the Aquarium was a highlight for me too last time I visited.

    New York is also wonderful not just for all the cultural offerings but the odd sensation you get from seeing all the yellow cabs and landmarks from shows like “Friends” and “Sex and The City” – you feel as though you have stumbled into a movie or TV shoot.

    Since I’m lacking the $$$ for splurging on my dream vacation at the moment I enjoy “armchair travel” – I enjoy world cinema at my local arthouse place, get Time Out Tokyo sent to me in the post, have quite a few travel books and also occasionally watch either the little Expedia YouTube videos about all different cities or treat myself to renting a documentary about Japan or somewhere else – this channel is quite good (I’m not an affiliate I promise, just a customer 🙂 )

    I hope you manage at least some of your dream destinations, don’t wait until retirement to do it!

    Greetings from Scotland


    p.s. I have recently discovered which I like even better than npr, which I listen to as well. Somehow I heard that old episode of DNTO you did and thought it was great, kudos to you for sharing your story so honestly!!

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