My superpower would be….. flying

super powers

One of the only dreams I had as a kid that I had multiple times was one where I could fly. I remember the dream vividly and had waking dreams of laying on my bed being able to levitate.

I remember the feeling of jumping up and being able to use my core muscles to be able to move in any direction I needed to. I can’t remember if I used my arms the way you see Superman do above my head or if I kept them at my sides…the feeling I got is so distinctive that I can close my eyes right now and and remember. It was also one of the only dreams I could choose to have as a kid, most times dreams are random but this one I could choose to have and control while I was in the dream.

If I had to choose a superpower flying would be the one I would go with. Part of it is because it would be SO freaking convenient since I cannot drive myself anywhere. Another part is the sheer thrill I would get being able to leap up in to the air and fly. I would have to get over my fear of heights but this never entered my dreams as a kid, even though in the waking world I was hugely afraid of heights.

I thought about a lot of other potential powers that one could choose from and I would have chosen immortality but I’m not sure this is an actual superpower. There is the ability to create force fields which was up for consideration but I don’t find it very practical since I’m not in any danger ever that would need this, well I do seem to have too many close calls with cars but nothing that close. I do think that reading minds would be more trouble than it’s worth, watch the show The Listener you will be on the same page. We don’t share our personal thoughts for a reason…I wouldn’t want anyone seeing inside my head. I have to say telekinesis is cool and if flying wasn’t my number one choice this would be it. I could carry heavy boxes from the store to my house without even putting up a sweat. I could grab the remote that fell on the floor without having to get up off my butt! It would be really play into my laziness.

super powers2

Having incredible intelligence to be able to solve any problem would be pretty neat as well but I think that I wouldn’t be able to relate to others as I do now, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be me. I would have to say my third choice would be the ability to speak any language, I could work as an interpreter and be able to have conversations with anyone on my travels, I could understand the people on the bus talking in a different languages.

What Superpower would you want to have, or not want to have?

One thought on “My superpower would be….. flying

  1. My superpower would be to have knowledge.

    I would like to understand the true nature of space, time, and why I find myself here at all. I’m also fascinated by quantum mechanics and would like to know what a negative probability (central to quantum theory) is. How the heck can the probability of something happening be less than 0 (which means it can’t possibly happen).

    I’d like to be a time traveller, so I could relive the best moments of my life, and correct the worst. And if time travel is not possible I’d at least like to know which world view is the closer to being correct.


    It matters enormously to me whether I (and everyone else and all that has been done) am here forever, or if life is no more than a flash in the pan.

    Flying by the way is easy. You just have to believe that you won’t hit the ground. I’ve often done this in my dreams. But I’ve never, not even in my dreams, solved the answer to life, the universe and everything. [Douglas Adams RIP].

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