Social Art, yep again! And in other news…..


It’s a bit of a mixed bag tonight but I hope an enjoyable post! Tonight was another night of painting fun with my friend Marnie and few other great folks that work in different departments within my office. I always seem to have a great time and I think each time I go I get better, guess that’s true with anything, practice makes perfect!

Marnie is trying to plan a private event for sometime in April so I doubt I will be doing any more before than. I now have 4 paintings with only one hung up but tonight’s is so far my favourite! It was so fun and even after I made a few mistakes I was able to correct them with just a little help from Rachael!


Ah naked canvas the “before” shot


In progress it’s a bit rough but gets better

IMG_5162[1] IMG_5163[1]

The left is still a bit rough. The right i didn’t like the the yellow that one spot where the canvas had the paint come up.


The finished product!! I still think the yellow could have been a bit more blended but I still love it!


It’s been another few days where I have been left scratching my head at various news articles popping up in my various news feeds, wither on Twitter or on Facebook.

The first one is out of Detroit Michiagan and starts a stranded trucker who decided to try and invent a new way to hitch hike? He decided to strip down naked (all but for a cowboy hat) and walk up a highway in light traffic. What his goal was, no one will know! Read it for yourself!–clothes–walks-up-highway-wearing-only-a-cowboy-hat-182444028.html

Well this one shouldn’t surprise me, if anyone follows any crazy news that comes from south of the Border most of it comes from the sunny state of FLORIDA! This story is no exception, not sure what is in the ground, or water, or air but heck Florida make sure it stays there.

World’s Worst Uncle Decides To Perform Kitchen Knife Circumcision On 1-Year-Old Nephew While Parents Are Out

When i saw this pop up in my news feed, I had to literally scratch my head. I even read the article a few times to make sure I read the contents correctly, that I understood what the author was trying to convey. What I got from the story was that the school system in this area of Texas is against kids with imagination….ugh!

Let’s end tonight’s post on a high note, shall we! This one should warm your hearts and I always love a good story where people are helping one another. This one also from Detroit and tells the story of a man who has been talking on average 34 kilometers per day to and from work when his car busted 10 years ago and he couldn’t afford a new one. People have now raised a lot of money to help him buy a new car and help with his insurance!

If you see a story you think deserves attention or that I should read please tag me on it either on Twitter (@PLoker) or Facebook!

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