What is your sign?


Being born on September 16th, my astrological sign is Virgo. It’s the second largest constellation and the sun bases by between August 28th, and  September 22nd. A good majority of my family share this sign with me, my cousin Linda, my mom, my nephew, niece, and little cousin who was born on my birthday.

The symbol for Virgo is a maiden (or virgin) a symbol based on Astraea, who was the last immortal to flee Earth for Olympus. The study of astrology can be traced back throughout history as people looked to the sky to try to understand their place on Earth. Being able to track the Earth’s movements by watching the constellations, as well as the lunar cycles. I would imagine that in the earliest days when major events took place they were able to make sense of it by using these cycles as a way of explanation. Today people still give lots of weight to the meaning behind their sign, they take seriously the traits within and run with it.  I don’t follow astrology I haven’t done much research as there can be broad statements about any “one group” and hit the nail on the head with at least a good chunk however it’s still neat just to have fun with it, don’t take it too seriously.

Here is a great Wikki article that goes in to great details about the history of astrology: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_astrology

I do enjoy learning about how things came to be, the study of people and how they interact with each other and the world around them still fascinates me. Which is why I had wanted to become a cultural anthropologist but alas that didn’t pan out!

Some quotes about being a Virgo I have found fit me pretty well:

“Virgos have a tendency to down play pain when expressing it, so everyone thinks they’re happy and handling it well” For the most part I would say this is true. I do tend to complain when I’m in pain but sometimes when I’m in a lot of pain or I know something needs to get done, I just suck it up and deal. But again this statement is true for most people. With kids, jobs, school sometimes you don’t have the luxury of staying home and staying in bed, shit gots to get done!

“Ask a Virgo for an opinion on any matter and they will give you the most truthful answer, even it it hurts. Again I would agree with this statement but I like to think I’m more diplomatic when I provide a response. I know when I was younger I wasn’t so tactful and said somethings that my friends and I still laugh over. I have learned to have, what my sister would call a filter so now depending on the day I may not tell you what I might have told you years ago. But feel free to ask away and let me know if you want the unedited version.

“When a Virgo is mad you may not know it, but they will be condescending and quite sarcastic” I think if there was ever going to be a “Virgo” trait that I had to pick to be 100% me, this one would be it. I don’t get raging mad that often but when I do look out! For the most part if you piss me off I just let it roll but if you hear me being overly sarcastic chances are I’m probably mad about something.

Some of the traits I found that describe Virgos that don’t fit me:

“Virgo is OCD about nearly everything” although I do have OCD tendencies about a lot of things it’s not everything, I only get this way when I have done something or I have direct influence over it. I’m glad to give anyone a pass, I just let them think I’m ok with it and just breathe.

“Virgo: I over think everything” Nope at least I don’t think I do…I know I can’t make a decision to save my life. I think the only time this statement is true is when it’s work related and I may have let my team, or my boss down in someway.

“Virgos are talented in whatever they do but if they don’t love it, they won’t do it” HAHAHAHAHAHaha <cough> sorry about that this one had me really laughing! I’m very much NOT talented at whatever I do, and there are somethings that I do even if I don’t like to because that’s life!

“A Virgo will never share their complete selves with a person. Some secrets must be kept” Yeah this one isn’t me, I’m a pretty open book. Those who are closest to me know pretty much everything, I don’t think I have any deep dark secrets that need to be kept.

“Virgos notice all the shit people may not even pick up on” Nope not me again I seem to be the last person to pick up on things!

“Sometimes a Virgo has a hard time functioning when they have so much going on in their heads” Luckily not me, I have a lot of stuff always going on at any given time but it never slows me down.

A shout out to my friend Candice for giving me the idea to write about this topic! I really didn’t want to write about the 20-30 cm of snow that we all woke up to here in this area of the world! Or about the Superbowl because I didn’t watch it and I have NO clue what when on other than there was some really bad play near the end of the game followed by a brawl!

So what does your sign say about you? Do you find that you match a lot of the traits or is it something you think is total craziness.

One thought on “What is your sign?

  1. I’m a fan of the Jung, Briggs, Myers test which can be taken for free here: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes1.htm.

    This identifies you as having one of 16 possible very different personalities. Descriptions of these personality profiles can be found (among other places) here: http://keirsey.com/4temps/overview_temperaments.asp and here: http://typelogic.com

    I think it really helps to grasp what ones own strengths and weaknesses are. It helps provide a sense of identity, and it helps to grasp that different psychological profiles really are very different, and probably are innate.

    I always score ISTJ, but I prefer to think of myself as more trending towards ISFJ. I lack the rigidity that is ascribed to ISTJ’s in dealing with others. But I am harsh on myself.

    Other tests are also available at:

    Check it out..

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