If I won the lottery

 lotoloto 3

The estimated winnings for Ontario Lotto 649 is $10 million dollars and the estimated winnings for Lotto Max is $50 million dollars….that’s a lot of dough!

I think it’s safe to day that most people have thought about what they would do if they won this kind of cash. And I bet most of us have seen that show on TLC (The Learning Channel) called “Lottery Changed My Life”. It’s human nature to day dream, and imagine, this is what we do as adults what we did as kids, only the stakes are higher.

I don’t play often, and I’m not in the office pool but that doesn’t stop me from wondering if I found out tomorrow that I had won the lottery what I would do.

First, I would have a coffee same as I always do, then I would proceed to freak out and dance around the house to the point my dogs would be scared of me. After that I would contact the OLG office and figure out the next steps. Then since I still work and the money doesn’t instantly go in to my bank account, I would head to work as normal but I wouldn’t say anything.

In Canada whenever we win any kind of lottery game we do not have to pay taxes on it like in the US, so if I won $10 million dollars I would get $10 million dollars, and that would be a nice chunk of change. I would pay off my house, pay off my other debt, and I would relax. I hate the saying “money doesn’t by happiness” my response to that is your doing it wrong…I would be VERY happy because the stress that surrounds my life which are directly related to money issues would be gone!

I would invest so that I would have a steady income that would allow me to eventually quit work, I wouldn’t up and quick work right away, the reason is because I like my job, I like my co-workers and I would have a hard time giving that up. I would look for a slightly bigger house that would have an easier entrance for my mom or build a home that would have a master suite just for me. I would be able to afford a private nurse, or personal PSW for my mom to allow my sister and I time to be able to go out and do things together. In that house I would have a custom couch built for my mom so that she is as comfortable as she can be throughout the day, I would have a nice garden in the back that she could go sit out in the summer and the house would be located near a Tim Horton’s so I could take mom whenever she or I wanted to go. It would also have a library in it

I would take a really nice vacation with my family back to California to spend time on the beach and visit with friends, I would take my close friends that have always been my rock to a nice warm place for a week where we would party! I would eventually travel to meet all of you. If I did quit work, I would do a lot of volunteer work and try to continue to make this world a better place. I would continue to advocate for kids/adults with facial differences and work with industries to ensure that those with visible differences are chosen for roles in television, movies, and print.

loto 2

I still can’t drive so I wouldn’t have to worry about buying a new car but I would see about getting a Vespa, for my sister and I as we have always wanted one. I would buy a new iPhone without having to get my telecommunications provider to provide a subsidy, I would buy one of the new iPads because they are lighter. I would get another tattoo, because I was going to anyways!

What I wouldn’t do, just give money away to people, that goes for anyone I currently know or anyone that somehow managed to find my address and write me to ask for money. I don’t say this to be mean, but I can’t be everyone’s personal bank, I can’t “loan” money out or act as a backer for anyone’s awesome next venture. I would want my life to be as it is now with the same people in it as is now just a little less stressful, and more free. Not that I will be winning the lottery anytime soon, but it is nice to dream, isn’t it! What would be the first 5 things YOU would do if you won the lottery?