Random writings inspired by “642 Things To Write About” part 3


So for today I asked my brother-in-law John to open’er up and pick a page. He picked a very interesting page with 3 questions on it.

1) You are a brand-new suicide-hotline counselor. Describe how you feel during the course of your first call

I have read this questions a few times and the first thought that comes to mind is panic. To be entrusted to talk to a person going though that amount of pain, but to have the strength to call for help would be huge responsibility. I’m not sure I can really answer this, I know that these programs provide extensive training and I think I would rely on that. I’m a naturally good listener and good at making people laugh, I would hope to be able to connect on a human level. To be able to be the sounding board that person needed at that exact time. I know that I would not make them feel small or stupid, I would try to help them see what is good about them, try to find the one tiny thing that went right on that day, even if it was calling for help. My win would be if I got them to crack a smile or even a laugh, my fear of failure would prevent me from ever being in this position. Again amazing volunteers who man those lines deserve some highest honours anyone can get.

If YOU reading this ever need to reach out please don’t be afraid to message me, I’m not a stranger and I’m here to help. there are other great organizations as well. On Wednesday I will be talking more about this as I will be promoting Bell Let’s Talk Day.

2) Do you have a superstition? What is it, why do you have it, and how do you follow it?

This is the specific question john focused on after flipping through the pages for a bit. Not sure why because I really don’t have any superstitions. I do have a few quirks that my close friends know about but not superstitions. So guess I will reveal my quirks, no judging ok? First is that I hate to take a shower right after someone, anyone. If I know my sister is going for a shower I need to get in before her, or John. The way the bathroom gets all steamy and inside the shower is all wet really just makes me feel weird. I know that they are my family and I love them, I do (LOVE YOU CRYSTAL) it’s just something inside me that just doesn’t like it. My other quirk is socks….I will not wear another pair of socks someone else owns. I also know my own socks just by putting them on and how they feel. If I’m at a friends house and my feet get cold and they don’t have a blanket or slippers I will just stay with my feet cold. I will wear my sister Crystal’s sock in a pinch but i would prefer not to. Again I know it’s weird, I know they are clean…just weird.. And my last quirk is with lettuce, if I think about it or handle it my jaw automatically clenches. No idea why, I have no aversion to lettuce just have this automatic reaction. Do you have any quirks or superstitions?

3) Explain to your boss why you spent $5000 during one business meeting and why he should reimburse you.

I had to go out and impress these new clients, they were offering us a huge contract and I couldn’t seem desperate to them, that we REALLY needed their contract to keep us afloat. I wined, and dined them and rented a helicopter for an hour to take a tour of the area. They have never been to this part of the world so I thought what better way to get them relaxed before our dinner then to share a potentially life threatening excursion. We laughed, we bonded, and we ended with a great dinner with some really great food and wine, oh and they really appreciated that 16 year old single malt we gifted to them! They are totally on board with what we can offer, and as we sit here debating my methods I believe you should have the papers coming through now!