Random pics from my phone

I’m tired….I have to say I love my current 7-3 shift but I’m not a great at going to bed early so I suffer from getting up at the crack of stupid!

So today I figured it might be a stretch but today’s post is going to be me closing my eyes and randomly select some pictures from my phone and give you the background story. Sorry if it’s not exciting, I do have a list of other blog post topics so no


Ah our trip to San Diego this picture is of a vulture if I remember correctly. This was taken on one of their bus tours we were sitting on the very top and I was able to get some really great pictures when we went to the zoo. It was colder than I was expecting in California but wouldn’t stop me from visiting again.


This one was taken at Sea World on the same trip. I preferred the zoo, Sea World didn’t have that many attractions and the layout wasn’t that great. Then there is the animal rights issue…yeah…can’t ignore that.


OMG Ellie and Crystal my 2 favourite gals. Look Ellie sticking out that cute tongue. She was in between grooming so she was a little shaggy. When we first got Ellie home she didn’t like to be held, wouldn’t curl up beside you or sit with you it took a long time for her to sit with someone. I was lucky to be the first I remember she sat on my lap and I think that is when she felt at home.


On my other Facebook page I post inspirational pictures such as this one. I keep them on my phone sometimes so when I’m scrolling through pictures and see it it can help me through a bad day.


I was in Toronto a few months ago and went in to RW & Co (http://www.rw-co.com/) and found this awesome blazer. It fit so NICE but I ended up leaving it behind. I’m glad I did I was eventually able to pick it up when they had a really great sale just recently. I haven’t had the chance to wear it yet.


LOVE this picture of my co-workers. From left: my previous manager Lisa (LOVE her she is such an amazing boss and an even better person), “Auntie Crystal Beautiful” Crystal she a really great friend and the person who’s wedding I’m planning (HI NORMAN), Paulina who’s shindig this was as she was leaving our team for a different position in another center, Me wow I really am short, and another great friend Ashley who I was lucky to know before she started working at Rogers. Now we are on the same team again and it’s awesome! This was a fun night, after we had dinner, Paulina, Ashley, and I went to a club and got seriously drunk. I was on vacation that week so I did not suffer having to go to work the next day!


Well if there was any doubt that I actually was just randomly picking pictures this should clear that right up! This is when I was out at the mall doing a bit of shopping and found these amazing boots for my sister Crystal. Instead of just texting her to say the boots were $84.99 I decided I just had to send a picture of the price tag. They were on sale for $19.99 plus I had another 20% off coupon for being a member. They are some sweet boots, sadly they didn’t have any in my size.


Another inspirational quote picture from my other Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/penlokerr?ref=bookmarks). I do like this one!


This picture was taken while at Target, I had to show my sister that there were some pretty awesome pants available. Thought she would just have to have them…LOL..OMG no, I’m not a fan of them and neither was she. Goes really great with that awesome sweater beside no? Ok I actually might wear those pants but not with the elastic on the bottom of the legs.


And to finish off this one is a funny! It does fit me sometimes I can be a bit OCD so I had to laugh when I saw it. If you like this the comic strip website can be found here: http://explosm.net/.

Well that concludes a peak into some of the pictures on my phone. Might do this again it was kind of fun. I would love to see a random picture from your phone…FYI rated PG! 🙂

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