Dream Home

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I purchased my first home and took possession on February 29th, 2012 it was a long and interesting road to home ownership. That story is for another entry, today’s post is all about ideas for a dream home. I’m not picky but wouldn’t might a slightly bigger home with an en-suite bathroom. The 2 pictures above are concept drawings I found I love the way both of these homes look for different reasons. The red one has that circular pillar with the windows which I imagine would make an excellent window bench or seating for a breakfast nook. The one on the right with he stone and wood has a fantastic balcony that I could see myself stretchered out on having a coffee and either reading or knitting.

I have a board on Pinterest that has a lot of pins dedicated specifically to dream home ideas here are some of the pins.


The heart of the home I would welcome any of these in to a kitchen

home 6

This is SO cool! Love this idea for onions and root veggies

home 7

Two drawer dishwashers..WHAT?

home 8home 14

Another awesome drawer idea but for plates. It’s good for me because I’m short

home 13

I’m a huge fan of farm sinks and this one made of copper would be a dream it’s so pretty!

Here are some pictures that show kitchens that I love and wouldn’t mind having!

home 11home 10home 9

The one on the far left is open to a family room, I love the dark cabinets, and the wall ovens. The middle one has a great homey feel with the lighter cabinets but white is not my friend in the kitchen but love the layout and he brightness. The one on the far right has the farm sink I love although I’m not a fan of the floors I wouldn’t say no to this kitchen. I don’t currently have a gas stove but it is something that I would love to have. The oven we have now is a glass flat top that wasn’t taken care of by the previous owner. The oven itself takes 40 minutes to heat up to any usable temperature.


I don’t have a library but I want one….

 home 18 home 19

home 15

I have a good collection of books right now and they are somewhat on a shelf however I have a lot that are in a container in my closet simply because I have no room. In my dream home having a library with floor to ceiling book cases would be awesome. Throw in some super comfortable chairs or a comfy nook and it would be my favorite place to go in my house.


Here are some ideas for living rooms or family rooms that have caught my eye.

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Here are two great ways to sit and watch a movie or a hockey game!

home 23 home 22 home 21

Love the layout of these three, they look so cozy, I could see myself with a nice blanket and a cup of coffee just relaxing.

home 27 home 26 home 25

And these are just cozy places to sit in living areas.


Our current laundry room works but due to a recent flood it’s needing a renovation that just will probably not get done but here are some examples that put my current laundry room to shame. No I will not post pics of mine!

home 28 home 31

Great layouts. I have the top load washers so the one on the left would work better.

home 32 home 30 home 29

Love the brightness of these. Since my laundry room is in the basement a nice bright colour would help.

And to finish off here are a couple more exteriors that are nice.

home 2 home 3 home 4

Since I don’t drive a one car garage would fit best as a great place to put a bike or a Vespa scooter if I ever got one.

What are some ideas for your dream home?