Random writings inspired by “642 Things To Write About” part 2


So I asked my sister Crystal to go a head and pick today’s entry, here goes. It’s another 3 question page. I’m always interested in how you would answer!

1) You walk into your bedroom and discover someone going through your drawers.

I’m going to break this in to 2 answers the first if it was a stranger, the next as if I knew the person.

If it was a stranger I would panic, than get angry. I’d be yelling at the person and possibly finding something to hit them with. I would like to think that. Seriously what would they be in my drawers for? there is nothing of value in them, socks, t-shirts, and jeans.

If it was someone I knew, only one question would be asked: “find what you are looking for?”

2) You know the person with whom you’re talking is lying. Do you confront him or let him continue.

I don’t see the need to engage the person in their lie. It’s enough that I know they are lying to me. I would walk away and probably never see that person again depending on the lie. If they told me that I looked good in a specific outfit and I know it’s really bad, they get a pass because I know that they are just being nice. However if they flat out tell me that they didn’t take something that belonged to me, maybe that one thing I am hiding in my drawer I would just shake my head and walk away and that would be that.

3) There are two kinds of people: drunks and survivors of drunks. Which are you?

Who hasn’t on occasion been both? No? Just me? Ok, then… well I have been both. When I was younger my friends and I would get together and they would get so drunk, we would go out to Sammy’s Garage and I would fill them in on what happened when they woke up the next morning. They would mostly remember but there would be some gaps or a correction in the order of events. As I got older I became the drunk, not crazy drunk I always remember what happens. I have never gotten out of hand.