Hi, my name is Penny. I will be your wedding planner!

wedding 1

When my friend and co-worker Crystal told me she was getting married (HI NORMAN) I was so excited for her. Then she told me I was planning it… I laughed, until i realized she was serious…me…uh…OK…

I have never planned or helped plan anything of this scale, I’m a little worried that my habit of procrastination will hinder my ability to help her plan this awesome day. I’m happy to take any advice anyone can provide so comment like crazy!

The things we have figured out so far, I’m afraid I’m not sure what I don’t know and may miss something.

~ The date > July 4th, 2015

~ Where the ceremony will take place > possibly my backyard or at the justice of the peace

~ Where reception will be > My backyard

~ Photographer > our friend and co-worker Vanessa

~ Flowers > My friend Jen B

~ Food > Crystal’s brother

~ Colours > Red & White

What I know we need to do:

~ Get a dress > we went she tried some on found one online she loves and we are waiting for it to come in so she can try it

~ Draft the invitations > When should these be sent?  Anyone know how to create a page where people can RSVP it will be a small group mostly her family so doesn’t need to be a fancy website

~ Order cake > When does this need to be done by?

~ Contact party store that can do an outdoor setup for tables.

~ Pick out wedding bands

I can’t wait for things to start coming together, I can’t wait until she gets to try on the dress she ordered and I hope it’s everything she wants it to be. i asked her if she had a back up plan..guess we will just try on every dress in our city to find THE one.


When we went dress hunting the first time I was looking at some of the gowns and I just wanted to throw one on just to see what I would look like, there were SO pretty but DANG some of them were stupid expensive. I have watched “Say Yes To The Dress” so I’m not surprised at the prices, I’m just glad that there are amazing dresses that are not thousands of dollars.



Crystal and I are very different when it comes to taste, I for one like bling, Crystal not so much but we are good friends because we know how to communicate. I also know that this isn’t my wedding so I will guide her and help her but not make it about me. I want this day between her and Norman (HI NORMAN) about their love and how they are starting their lives together.

I will try to write posts as it progresses as hopefully it will keep me on track, I did write a list today, she gave me the guest list, and we did hammer out the above about what we have and what we need. Now I just have to sit down and figure out what goes next.

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