Me, Twitter, and TV

This post be the start of many that explore the role of Social media, this one in how it has changed how I view content. I’m sure there have been studies done on how Social Media is changing how we view content and what influence it has over the general public. Not seeing those studies I will be speaking from personal experience.


When I joined Twitter in May 2007 it wasn’t the beast that it is today, I had no followers for a number of years so when I tweeted things out I didn’t realize that no one could see it. Once it became apparent I was only talking to myself I stepped away from it. I figured I could talk to myself in real life no need to show people how crazy I truly am!

Fast forward to a few years ago and now it’s pretty popular and just about everyone is using Social media in some way. For me I think it’s been a great resource and tool that allows me to be able to communicate with people I normally would never have had the chance to talk to. With 140 characters I have talked with William Shatner, Montel Williams, Jann Arden, and have been super lucky to have long conversations with Lennox Lewis.

One of the best things that twitter has helped me do is talk to others’ about television shows that we connect with. Live tweeting during an episode of your favorite show adds a whole new dimension, to be able to instantly connect with others to share the shock, awe, excitement, and in some cases sadness creates friendships and connections that you otherwise miss out on. If you watch a show and have found that your close family and friends are not into that one show and you are just itching to talk about it with someone Twitter will fill that void. It’s changing those conversations we have always had with family and co-workers about “OMG what just happened” we can throw ideas back and forth through social media and become more connected.

For me the first show that I really connected with in live tweeting is The Listener (, I would sit down once a week and “twatch”, (ok I know that word looks bad and sounds bad but get your mind out of the gutter this word is TWEET + WATCH aka twatch) with not only other fans of the show but with the stars as well. The stars like Ennis Esmer, Rainbow Sun Franks, Lauren Lee Smith, and later when he joined the cast Anthony Lemke would interact with the fans of the show and allowed us to ask questions, and have fun. They gave us behind the scenes information and shared tears and laughter. The group was pretty close and at the very sad end of an amazing run they had a viewing party at Rainbow’s bar in Toronto. I was so sad I couldn’t be there but to see how much they connected with the fans through Twitter to throw that kind of party is truly amazing.


I have been able to have the same experience watching current shows such as Murdoch Mysteries, Saving Hope, Haven, and one of my favorite shows Chopped Canada. A special shout out and HI to the Chopped Canada Twitter group and whom ever is responsible for live tweeting with us!

I would have to say that the people I have been able to chat with while watching mutual shows have become my friends and some, I have become friends on Facebook with and have been able to connect outside of the shows we watch to become true friends even if we have never met.

Growing up we watched TV without barriers, not having any friends I was able to come home to my safe haven and watch TV and play outside with my sister. Today I’m lucky that I can call on friends both here where I live but now on various social media platforms, I’m very lucky that so far I haven’t had very many negative experiences with Social media and I as I continue to explore how it can become a great tool not only for me to connect with all of you but for all of you to connect with other like minded people in the areas that you enjoy. Whether that be TV or a hobby such as knitting, painting or even reading there.

Have you ever sat down with your phone or tablet and live tweeted with your favourite show? Would you be open to trying it if you never have? If your on Twitter feel free to give me a follow @PLoker.