Golden Globes


The Golden Globes is airing tonight so tomorrow I will write about the role of Social Media and television but for today going to be a light post as I’m in quite a bit of pain and sat here starting to write a few things and just can’t muster up anything that sounds good so found some pictures of the awards tonight that caught my eye.

One of my dreams (I’m sure everyone has had it) is to get dressed up and be able to attend one of these events. I’m not a huge fan of the awards shows but I do love to see all the fashions. I would love to attend an after party that’s for sure! What would you say in your speech if you won a cool award?

The pictures below were taken from either Entertainment Tonight’s ( or from Google ( i have NO idea who the designers are these are just pictures I found that again caught my eye.

GG3 Anna Kendrick

Going to start of nice and easy, Anna Kendrick LOVE this dress, I would like to see the same dress with green as the main colour with lighter green accents. I love Anna Kendrick having just recently seen Pitch Perfect and of course I’ve seen Twilight I’m a fan of anything Anna does. When I look at her expression I imagine standing there while thousands take your photograph can be daunting and I would say she is thinking of something funny!

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Here is the lovely Emma Stone in something that is rarely seen on the red carpet on women and more power to her she is wearing PANTS! I have NO idea why someone decided to put some bow/belt on the side but I do like it. She is super pretty.


Now we get to the fun pictures! This is Diane Kruger, love her dress but note her facial expression, I would guess that she is thinking of how many different ways she could break all the cameras pointed at her at that very moment. But the real reason this photo is up here right now is the dude in the back. Every time I have ever looked at these types of pictures I always check out the background more than the person whom the intended subject is. The guy in the back is clearly diverting attention elsewhere, would love to know what, and that hand coming in from the right trying to grab his attention however if the hand is not careful may grab something else…

GG4 Sienna Miller

This picture is of the pretty Sienna Miller in an amazing dress, I could NEVER pull it off but she looks dang good it in. Again my interest lies in the background. The 2 dudes on the right look to be having a slightly heated discussion, maybe about who needs to move first, or who is going to the after party? They guy on the right possibly over hearing is just glad he is to the right. Last comment on this picture is devoted to figuring out what the heck is hanging off the one guys hip on the right! Any guesses?

GG6 Edie Falco

I have to say Edie Falco always looks sharp at these events and tonight’s is NO different. That black dress is super nice and looks amazing. I would love to have seen a nice necklace but she’s pretty and can do without. The background in this picture is awesome, can we take guesses as to what the lady behind Edie Falco is pointing at? Maybe something that has fallen to the ground (or someone, do we know if someone fell?) and the one half of the other lady in a not so flattering dress with not the best shoes I’ve seen.

GG5 Susan and Robert Downey Jr

The only couple picture I have included, Susan & Robert Downey Jr. looking both very sharp. I love her dress but wish it wasn’t black or if it had to be black some contracting colour or bling would have helped. Again the background gets my attention, wonder if the dude is checking out Susan’s butt. No guessing from the direction he is looking at it’s off camera to the right and his expression is priceless! I want everyone’s best guess or story as to what and why he is looking like that…GO!

GG7 Giuliana Rancic

Our last photo of the evening goes to my point of how crazy these award shows are. We have 4 possibly 5 working to place Giuliana Rancic’s dress just so! It’s a very pretty dress don’t get me wrong, I’d love to try it on but it’s a mermaid style it will naturally fall where it should. Look at the people in the back ground the one lady in the over sized tan coat looking distracted by what they are doing. and all the other’s just going bout their business.

Post them if you have them, if you find funny pictures of award shows (past or present) with awesome background happenings I want to see them!

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