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Eat Local 1

I never describe my self as a foodie, mostly because the way my jaw is sometimes it’s hard for me to eat much of anything however in recent years I have found my attitude towards food and eating to be changing. I would attribute that to the growing local food scene. I would imagine that this is true of most places, with the popularity of food trucks, The Food Network, and the push to eat locally I find that my own eagerness to support my local farmers, bakers, cooks, and retailers is always growing.

Today’s entry is dedicated to all those in the KW (Kitchener-Waterloo) area who are serving up amazing local eats! If I haven’t yet visited you can expect me soon, I hunger for what you are offering!

Eat Local 8

First up I want to tell you about a little cafe near where I work called The Scone Ladies. As I write this i’m trying to remember exactly where I first heard about them, I believe something online caught my attention and since it was so close to work I popped in not too long after they opened their doors. Located at 15 Scott Street in Downtown Kitchener, Libby, Bekah, and Laura opened a quaint, amazing place to get some great food. I remember that before my first visit I was trying to be kind to my bank account and trying to cut down on my daily trips to Starbucks on my way in to work and I think I might have been on week 2 and doing very well, and very proud of myself that I was making coffee at home and drinking it on my commute in to work on public transit. Yeah…well WAS doing good is the key word here because the moment I stepped in to The Scone Ladies all respect for my wallet went out the window. I have been a regular almost every day since I first stepped foot in the door. I have told all my co-workers, friends and family that they should go. If you are reading this and you live in KW and you haven’t yet been, you are crazy and need to go. Libby and Laura are the bakers and the the 2 most often minding the Cafe, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Bekah yet but hope one day to change that and give her a hug! They sell scones, cookies, cakes, dessert bars, sandwiches, home made (from scratch) soups, well check out their website to see all the goodies.

Eat Local 7

The Scone Ladies: Bekah, Libby, & Laura

Here are their links:

Twitter: @TheSconeLadies



Eat Local 6

Another local bakery I heard about through twitter. I saw a tweet from a local shop saying that Debrodnik’s Donuts would be doing a pop up. I’m a sucker for from scratch made donuts so i decided to head down to get some. I clearly couldn’t read and realized after I already got there that I was a day late…so what’s a girl to do but come back the next day! I ended up getting to the pop-up sale a bit late and was only able to get 2 donuts which I only got a small sample as i gave them to my sister and brother-in-law, they were a hit! Seeing my enthusiasm Deborodnik’s hooked me up with a few dozen donuts for my co-workers and I was able to finally down one…all I can say is they are heaven on a plate, or bowl, or napkin, heck they don’t need to go on anything just eat them, quickly! SO so good, they make loads of yummy flavours. They currently don’t have a retail outlet (yet!) so they do many pop-up sales. Again if you live in KW you really do need to visit them at their next pop-up and grab more than one to try! Get me some too!

They don’t have a website but you can follow them on twitter: @debrodniksdonut

Eat Local 2

Another local favourite of mine that I don’t get to as often as I wish is The Symposium Cafe. They have some really great food, great service and really REALLY great desserts. They take you on a tour of their available desserts, seriously they talk very excitedly about all the options available and it’s very hard for this girl to pick just one. It’s a great place to take a date as the menu has so many options and they always have a special going on. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the owners but I know they are doing great and they are expanding to more cities across Ontario. If you live in the area or plan on visiting our region this one is a must. I don’t have a favorite dish as I haven’t been enough times to sample everything but their fish & chips are fantastic and I would have them again for sure. Although I would be just as happy to sit in their comfy lounge for a coffee and some cake…or pie…or tart……

Eat Local 3

Picture of their Waterloo location lounge

You can view their menu on their website:


Twitter: @CafeSymposium

Eat Local 10

I have only eaten at BreadBaron Sandwiches only once but they get a mention here because 1) they are local and close to my work, and 2) the sandwiches are freaking good. They are located on the upper level of the Kitchener Market located downtown Kitchener and I plan to visit again real soon!

Check out their menu and read more about them on their website:

Twitter: @bre4dbaron


Eat Local 11

I’m a regular at their downtown Kitchener location because they have super fast service and super great food. I enjoy the tacos and burritos the most. They have many locations throughout Kitchener-Waterloo and if you have a craving for some Mexican flavour this should be your destination. If you are vegetarian they have great options to satisfy all! They make homemade tortilla chips and fresh salsa that you really can’t go wrong with. I dare you NOT to like this place.


Twitter: @HolyGuac


Eat Local 5

I’m sad to report that although i’m writing about Taco Farm I have yet to actually set foot there which I hope to rectify soon. I have followed them on twitter for some time and I can honestly say their tweets have made me hungry and have had my mouth watering. They sell taco kits that let you have their experience at home which I bet is worth it!

If you have had the pleasure of eating here please place your review in the comments!


Twitter: @TacoFarmCo