Random writings inspired by “642 Things To Write About” part 1



For today’s entry I thought I’d grab my cool and trusty book called “642 Things To Write About” by The San Francisco Writters’ Grotto that was given to me as a gift from a friend.

I picked the book up opened it to a random page and here is what we got to work with. It’s a page with 3 things to write about

1) Five things you see out the nearest window

2) Describe your favourite athlete

3) Why do you like those shoes?

I thought about trying my luck again but where would the fun in that be so here goes!! Feel free to also write along with me and post yours in the comment section.

1) Five things you see out the nearest window.


Well this is a bit hard since my desk that I write at is located in the basement and the nearest window is a tad far from me and a bit high up that I can’t really see anything. It’s also dark out so all I can see is…well…nothing. When it’s daylight I know I can see the fence that separates my property from my neighbours. The fence needs replacing so when I do see it it reminds me I have to get it fixed or replaced. I can also see some twigs and such as we gathered them up into a pile by the side of the house and haven’t had a chance to put them in to a yard waste bag. I love when it’s clear out and not too sunny so that I can see the beautiful sky during the day or at night sometimes when the moon is full you can really see it from this window. That’s four..I’m cheating here since again it’s a basement window..good luck seeing much.

2) Describe your favourite athlete


My favourite athlete is a well known Canadian multiple Olympic medal winning woman. She is the only athlete ever to win multiple medals in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, she competes in cycling and speed skating. She is also known for coming public with her struggle depression and mental illness. If you haven’t been able to figure it out yet, it’s Clara Hughes she is from Winnipeg Manitoba. Clara is a great role model for what it means to help others and still be true to yourself. She has helped a number of charities including Right To Play, and Bell’s “Let’s Talk” campaign.

Right To Play is an athlete-driven international humanitarian organization that uses sports to encourage the development of youth in disadvantaged areas. You can read more or get involved here is there website link “http://www.righttoplay.com/Pages/default.aspx”

Bell “Let’s Talk” is a multi-year charitable program dedicated to mental health please read more or help out by visiting their website “http://letstalk.bell.ca/en/”

I have not had the pleasure of meeting her but I can tell you that it would be an honour to sit down and chat with her about our mutual struggles and successes. I have always been excited to watch her compete, but as much as I love her athletisism I love her as a genuine human who knows that we are all in this world together and we need to help each other. I really do hope to be able to meet her one day. I have added a meeting with her to my bucket list!

3) Why do you like those shoes?


Well why wouldn’t I like those shoes…what shoes should I even talk about? Well I guess I will talk about the shoes I wore today. I didn’t wear shoes I wore big heavy chunky boots because it’s freaking winter out and it’s cold as all heck. When I got to work I took my boots off in place of some nice comfy slippers. My boots are white and they are some years old, the next time I get a pair of boots like that I want black because these white ones are getting a bit dirty. They are very practical and keep my feet dry, and toasty!

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