I like good games…I cannot lie


My main toon in World Of Warcraft level 95 Paladin Atildamay

I think I can safely say that most people who know me or have read the CNN story know I like to play video games. One of my favourite games to lose myself in is World of Warcraft. I started playing when my sister Crystal and her husband John introduced me to the game. They have both been playing since vanilla (the in the know term that represents from the very first beginning) and I would watch them play with interest, so one day I just jumped on and I was hooked.

There have been times over the years where I have gone long stretches without playing but have been on playing on a regular basis for a while now. I can’t remember my first character, I thought it was a Tauren hunter but I cannot seem to find that character anymore however it may have been changed or deleted. Before Blizzard (the makers of WoW) made authenticator it was not unheard of to hear on someone getting their account hacked. This happened to me, I remember that my sister had called me to let me know, and I also at that time lost access to my first ever email account from Hotmail I dealt with he problem on and off all day with my sister’s help and eventually got my account back. It wasn’t a good day as later in the day my sister called to ask if I had ridden my bike to work that morning, when I said I hadn’t we learned that my bike had also been “hacked”

What i like most about World of Warcraft is the variety of options.There are may different types of characters to choose from. You can do pet battles, PVP (Player vs. Player battles), work towards earning achievements, these are great ways to play when you want to be a casual player (like me) however if you are a serous gamer there are raids, dungeons, arenas, and many other fun offerings.

I have been recently a very lucky lady when I got a signed collectors addition of the most recent World of Warcraft expansion called Warlords of Dreanor sent to me from my good friend Glenn. It’s the first one I own but will go nicely with the other boxed sets that my sister and Brother-in-Law have. We can’t wait to get shelves up in our basement to be able to display them all. Once I do I will include a picture in a future post.


I do play other games besides Wow, however lately they have been more PC or iPad games, I haven’t been able to sit down and really play any console games in a long time.


The other games I have devoted a lot of time to recently are also made by Blizzard, Diablo 3 which was my Christmas gift this year from my mom, sister, and Brother-in-Law and proud to say that earlier today Crystal and I beat the first part of the game and kicked Diablo to the curb, now it’s on to beat the expansion. I love Diablo for the way the game plays and for the cinematic cut scenes. Blizzard always does a traffic, and amazing job if you are not into their games I would still suggest looking up their videos on YouTube and checking them out! With Diablo I also love that you can set the degree of difficulty, When crystal and I were playing we were not paying on easy that’s for sure, when I play by myself its on the easiest setting because I tend to die a lot and this frustrates me to know end!


The next game I would like to get excited about is called HearthStone, another game from Blizzard (in case you haven’t noticed I’m a fan!) if you are at all familiar with Heroes of Might and Magic its something like that. I love that it’s available to play on my iPad or on my computer. I can play while i’m doing other things or I can devote a lot of time to play. If you have never played Heroes, or have NO idea what I’m talking about, Hearthstone can be easily understood and has great tutorials. It’s a turn based card game where the object is to take your opponent’s life from 30 down to 0, the game is played in seasons which last for 1 month. If you are able to win enough games to get to level 20 (the lower your level the better) you are rewarded with a new card back that you can change when ever you want to. It’s been my mission since this game first came out NOT to miss a card back. It’s been close a few times, on December 31st I was up past 1am trying to win one last game to make my goal, I DID IT!

card backs

These are examples of card backs (yes I have all of these)


Although I’m a huge fan of Blizzard there are other games I love just as much. One of them is called Boarderlands I don’t think I ever played the first Boarderlands, I started with Boarderlands 2 and I just downloaded Boaderlands The Pre-Sequal. These games are just fun and crazy however these games are not for kids or those who are easily offended. It’s a first person shooter (which is not normally my forte) that has you going around killing things and completing missions I can’t do it justice!

Typing of The Dead

While I am on the topic of games that are really not appropriate for kids next up is a super fun typing game called The Typing Of The Dead. This game was first introduced as an gun arcade game where you had to shoot zombies dead. It was re-released and updated for the PC and it’s now a typing game. Again I have Crystal (my sister) to thank for introducing me to this gem, she was trying to find the first ever typing game we ever played as kids in school called Lobster Sea Adventure so far we haven’t been able to find a copy online but this one is a great game as long as you are not offended or grossed out easily. The amount of F-bombs dropped in this game is the most in a game I have ever heard. Think of it as the Bad Santa of video games, yep it’s that bad, but man is it fun! If you are interested this game can be downloaded from Steam.

Besides the above I really love playing hidden object games, currently playing Criminal Case which is linked with Facebook but I also have many hidden object games from a company called Big Fish Games downloaded on my iPad at the ready if I just need to have some fun and kill some time. I enjoy a good Angry Birds game (I know, who doesn’t right?) Other than Criminal Case I tend to shy away from any game attached with Facebook and a bit proud to say I have NEVER EVER played Candy Crush!

What games are you playing right now? When do you tend to play?