When I was little I used to collect rocks, my family would help me and always brought me cool and interesting rocks. It got pretty crazy for a while and I had managed to collect a LOAD of them, I think my mom got a bit annoyed but always helped me find new ones, and my older sisters always stuck up for me. That ended one night when I had went to bed before everyone and my oldest sister had noticed a trail of blood. I remember this night vividly for some reason, I remember hearing my sister Pam ask our sister Crystal if she was bleeding upon hearing no and checking her over to be sure the next thing I new Pam was flying up the stairs, the door flung open and the light was turned on. Pam was in a panic as she threw the bed covers and tried to find the blood, I don’t remember cutting myself I had no pain but sure enough there was blood in the bed with me. Turns out I had cut my toe on one of my rocks and the next day the rocks were gone. I never questioned it (at least I don’t remember questioning it) I just remember having a lot of rocks then having nothing.

I also collected Lego and crayons and those to, are now gone. I loved the smell of crayons in the big round old tin we kept them in.

Today my collections are just as important to me as my rocks were, I tried to collect something that is pretty, that had many variations. My collections today included vases, tea cups, and inukshuks. If you count shoes, purses, and books..well then I have a few collections going!

Although I currently own only 2 my tea cup collection is my favourite. One I purchased at a Goodwill when I was with my friend Becky, since it was my first and because I was with my friend it’s very special to me. The second one was added more recently and was given to me as a gift from my friend Nikki, it’s unique and so cool, I love it. I’m always looking on Pinterest and EBay for unique potential adds however I have yet to make a purchase. I’m afraid to order something that fragile and special online. One of these days I will hit up some more second hand stores and antique dealers to see if I can add to my collection.



I have been collecting vases much longer and as a result I have much bigger collection, currently they share my desk with me as I have yet to add shelves to my bedroom to display them. I don’t think any of them are valuable however that is not why I collect them, I like them.



These two are my favourite out of my current collection.

Inukshuks are special to me, when I first learned what they meant as a kid and when I first saw them in pictures it resonated with me for some reason. My first inukshuk was given to me as a gift from my mom and it also sits on my desk where I can gaze upon it. The only other one I have I wrote about in a previous entry, it was made by my dear friend Jodi as a Birthday gift and still holds as one of the best gifts ever given to me.


My book collection continues to grow, so anyone local want to borrow a book just hit me up! I love shoes, and purses and also continue to grow those collections. I was told by my family that the shoe collection might be getting out of hand, I donated or threw out 10 pairs not that long ago and only have added 2 so it’s a work in progress.


I want to hear about your collections. What do you collect? Why? What was the first one and the story behind it?

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