Happy New Year


Well 2014 is officially done, gone, finished, in the record books….Maybe I should have waited to write this when not under the influence of bubbly? NAH!

A lot of people wrote about how their 2014 was, they recapped…I’m not sure I feel the need to do this. Not a whole lot happened and I’m more excited to focus on 2015, today, the future, what is to come! Profound? I know right!

Do any of you make New year’s resolutions? I never really gave it a go, mostly because I know myself and I’m pretty lazy so anything I “resolve” to do generally wouldn’t get done.

I think for 2015 I need to make some changes in myself that will help turn that around. I do want to commit to a few things, here is my list:

1) Read more books. If you have any books that you have read recently that you LOVE let me know i will compile a list and try to read a record number of books.

2) Really REALLY try to write a blog post every day, I believe I attempted and started strong last year but fell WAY short. I might need your help as well on this. I think in my head that no one reads this or that I’m not interesting enough so please let me know what sorts of things you would love to see me wright about.

3) Really also need to write my column at least once every 30 days! Again topics welcome think next up will be a partner to the last entry and be more about home fashion.

4) I would love to start Yoga, I know with my home life it is not something that will be easily accomplished, I doubt I will be able to get out and do it but may try some videos from YouTube or get some from the Library and give it a go. I need to get more fit but I’m not trying to lose weight so a gym environment really isn’t the best fit, not my thing!

I think 4 items is not unreasonable, nor are they unreachable. I would have loved to put do more travelling but that costs money and time both of which I have very little of but if I win the lottery that item will skyrocket to #1!

For the holidays i was so glad to have 3 days off work to unwind and recharge, and I have another 3 days off for New Year’s so no excuses about getting started with #2!

I went to the dentist for the first time in years the other day and only have 4 cavities I figured 3 so 4 isn’t too bad. I also have to have one pesky tooth extracted as it seems that it just wanted to break a part for some reason so we will have to part ways. I will be glad to see it go as it’s caused me a LOT of pain! I always thought the pain was because a filling had fallen out however when I saw the x-ray it was clear that a big chunk is missing and there is just no repair for that kind of damage. I’m surprised I haven’t been in more pain, it’s a good thing I don’t eat on my left side. The cavities will be filled on Monday and the tooth extraction sometime in the near future (I hope!)

I have been making full use of my Christmas gift from my Brother-in-Law and Sister, they got me Diablo III and I love it!

The one other point to mention before I go to bed is that this year My sister and I participated in Reddit Gift Exchanges 2014, we did a card exchange and a gift exchange. I sent a card within Canada to British Columbia and a gift to Athens Greece, my sister sent a card to San Diego California and a gift to Switzerland. I got a card from someone close to me in Toronto but my gift came from Jakarta,¬†Indonesia. I was blown away by my gift it couldn’t have been a better fit, it was unique and just awesome. I got 2 bracelets, a shell ring (this rocks), 2 hand made and hand dyed make-up cases, 4 custom eye shadows, 1 bottle of nail polish, some rare tea, and spicy ginger candies. Included were also 3 pictures of where she lives and on the back she wrote about the gifts she gave me.

IMG_4969[1] IMG_4970[1]


IMG_4973[1] IMG_4972[1]


I want to take this time to thank EVERYONE who has ever read this blog and supported me through the years. From my family to yours we wish you ALL the best in 20145!

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    • Hey buddy! Haven’t heard from you in a long time! I still have them waiting to send. Please let me know your new address and will get them out in the mail tomorrow!

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