Meet my crafty friend Jodi A!



This is my friend and co-worker Jodi, she is amazing, generous, gentle, strong, reliable, and super talented. We went to the same school way back when but we didn’t become close until we both started working for Rogers Communications. Her sister BJ would like me to mention that she is single, we are both unsure why!

You may be wondering why I would feature a random (no matter how awesome) person on my blog well for one it’s my blog and I will blog what I want to. But I wanted to put Jodi in the spot light because she is one of my dearest friends and her talents need to be showcased.

A little over a year ago I came across a photo album on her Facebook page that showcased the many crafts she has completed but most of all her hand embroidered pillows really caught my eye and I had asked her if she had some time if I could commission 4 of them, one for my sister Crystal, her husband John, my mom Marion, and me. Jodi being the awesome person she is said that she would love to as long as I was not in any rush as she had a few to finish before hand. We talked later on about what I had in mind and I left her to it. Almost a year to the day after I asked for them they were ready to be enjoyed. I never rushed her or felt entitled to bug her since she was doing something nice for me and I was happy to give her the space to be creative and to complete what other projects she felt. She does do this as a hobby after all so there really shouldn’t be any pressure or rush when you are doing it because you enjoy it.

What she delivered is nothing short of amazing! I absolutely LOVE the final product and it was well worth the wait. I would have waited another year for them, they are just that awesome. I decided to have an owl for mine, a dragon for Crystal, an elephant for mom, and the Horde symbol from World of Warcraft for John. Jodi says that John’s was the first one done and she even went as far as to looking up the font that Blizzard uses and replicates this for John’s name. Mom’s she decided on a circus elephant standing on a ball which is the most vibrant she could showcase. Crystal’s favourite colour is purple so with that in mind she beautifully portrayed a dragon. Crystal’s presented a frustration for Jodi as she tells me that her first attempt was more on the “cutesy” side not at all what the final product is. For mine I let her have at it I’m not picky and I just really wanted one so it could have been a dandelion and I would have been thrilled and amazed. Here is a picture of each of them.





Look at the details of all of them! Mom’s has a 3D tail effect and beading.


I asked Jodi if she would be comfortable if I interviewed her she agreed here are the questions and answers. It maybe slightly edited but not much.

Penny (P): When/Why did you start crafting?

Jodi (J): I started sewing the pillows about 10 or so years ago. Why? I suffer from anxiety and OCD…and would fidget with my hands so it was a combination of reasons. I like being creative and it gives me something to do when my stress or anxiety got bad.


This is the first pillow Jodi did as a wedding gift.

P: You mentioned your anxiety and OCD I imagine some of my readers also deal with the same sorts of things. Have you found that rafting has enriched your life and helped manage symptoms?

J: Absolutely! I find it helps me focus and turns off the “hamster” running on the wheel that is anxiety. I can get OCD with the colours and timeframes but most people like you are amazing at being patient. My older sister BJ is great with helping me choose colours.

P: What other craft projects do you like to do?

J: I love woodworking and stone inuksuk. My younger sister is a painter and a photographer, the whole family is pretty creative

IMG_3933[1] IP

A picture of her beautiful woodworking. An a surprise gift given to me from Jodi last year.

P: You are damn crafty! Is there a project that you really want to attempt but haven’t had the chance yet?

J: <Took her a bit to answer this one> I thought of one….I’ve been saving old jeans for years to make a patchwork quilt for my bed,…haven’t gotten around to it yet. My biggest project that is also my favourite by far is the throw I made for my parents.


Throw for her parents.

P: Would you ever consider doing this and opening an online store or earning extra income?

J: Everyone asks me this but the answer is no. One of the main reasons is because of the time they take, they are pretty much 100% handmade. I really only charge for the what it costs me for supplies and I don’t want the stress…LOL I do it to relax, and for the joy I can give to others when they get them.

Note: The pillows Jodi does are handmade, the only time the pillows touch a sewing machine is to sew the front to the back. The backs of the pillows (which are not pictured) are well suited to the theme and style. She made mine with fuzzy fabric which is cozy and I loves! She buys the actual pillow itself but always adds more stuffing.

P: What is your approach and method with your crafts?

J: Something unique about what I do is that I never make the same pillow twice, and I really try to match each pillow and colours to the persons’ personality,…like with my wedding pillows.

Pictures below show a project’s progress (not any of mine) used with permission from the now owner of the pillow.

IMG_3935[1] IMG_3936[1] IMG_3937[1] IMG_3938[1]

Cool eh?

P: What is the best and most frustrating thing about the crafts you do?

J: I have to be in the mood to sew. I have said no to pillows if I didn’t think the idea would work on fabric. Customization and asking a person a lot of irritating questions helps. Best thing…the final product and the persons reaction. Worst…colour selection (hence my sisters help) and the actual blood, sweat, and tears that go into every pillow (project) because I want them to be perfect (damn OCD).


Me and my family LOVE the pillows Jodi has done, she made them with love and it shows. I asked Jodi if there was something that she wanted to add or anything that I hadn’t thought of that she wanted to include but she couldn’t come up with anything. Let me add something on her behalf; Jodi uses crafting, the same way I use humour or writing she is AMAZING at what she does and the joy she brings to this world because of it cannot be replaced. Jodi is the friend you want in your corner because she will do ANYTHING she can for you, even if that means telling you off (which she hasn’t yet had to do for me!) I couldn’t imagine my work or personal life without her. I hope by reading this you have felt like you have gotten to know her. I’m sure she would love to see or know what kinds of crafts everyone out there does. Post them and I know they will make Jodi and me smile

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