1 Year and a Fish Taco ago



One year ago this weekend my sister, her husband, and I were enjoying all things Comic Con in sunny San Diego California.  It was an amazing adventure and seeing all the posts and pictures makes me wish it could be a yearly adventure. I envy everyone who lives in the area who is able to get out and get your geek on.

I would have to say my only complaint is that there were SO many people crammed in the spaces so it made it hard to really enjoy the floor. I did however manage to complete a mission to get all pins from HALO. We had attended a panel and were given special cards to head to where Microsoft / Xbox was and given lanyards with all the information required to find the pins. So on one of our last nights I headed out on my own braved the crazy floor and snagged ALL 11 pins. It was a quest, and I was up for the challenge.

IMG_2069 IMG_2068

The other fun things about being able to go to California last year was getting to visit the Zoo and Sea World all though I wasn’t impressed by Sea World and felt bad for all the captive whales.




My other favourite part of San Diego besides the people was the FOOD, we ate at the Crab Shack and Coyote Café ( http://www.cafecoyoteoldtown.com/). OMG the fish taco still has me talking about it a year later. If I were filthy stinking rich I would fly there once a week just to eat there!

IMG_2018 IMG_2019

See, doesn’t that look good!


I asked my sister Crystal and her husband John what their favourite part of the trip was last year and they agreed that it was the touring. Being able to go to Old town, walk around where the convention centre was, all the sights you see on the bus travelling back and froth from the Con. I would have to say one of my favourite parts was starting a Hug fest at the Haven Panel. Crystal went with John to one panel and I went to the Haven panel and managed to get a front row seat and got up and asked a question. I was second in line, Eric Belfour recognized me from Twitter and realized he owed me a hug (he didn’t really owe me, but that’s ok) and he delivered. From then on in EVERYONE wanted a hug from other members of the cast. I was also able to mingle with some of the cast after the panel and it was a moment I will never forget.

I could fill a lot of blog entries with all the pictures and fun I had but they are just memories and hopefully one day I will be able to go again.




On a related note I think this August I am going to try really hard to get to Fan Expo. My sister and I went one year and we did have fun but we ended up having to stand in line for 2 hours and were SO tired when we finally got in that I don’t think I got the most out of the experience. Picked up some cool souvenirs but I’m still on the hunt to buy my first comic book. Yes, you read that right I have ZERO actual comic books in my house. I have a few digitally from Dark Horse but no physical ones and I really want to buy one.

I also want to be able to meet some of the stars like Nathan Fillion, Hulk Hogan, the cast of Bones, Patrick Stewart, William Shartner,…. well this list could go on for a while.

It may not happen and I will be very disappointed since it’s SO close.



I heard that Grumpy Cat with be at the Chapters Indigo Book store in Toronto on August 4th… also would love to check meeting Tardar off my bucket list.


So many events and things to do and so little time to go. 🙂

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