As the year comes to an end and we are just officially hitting winter here in Canada and in other places around the world I always think of the seasons.




The new, the messy. Spring represents the start of everything the beginning of a cycle. Where everything is possible and we all cannot wait for the first blooms to start peeking out of the ground.

Around where I live in Ontario we mark the beginning of nice weather when we get our first sighting of a robin. I can always hear people asking or telling each other of when or where they got their first sight. We get excited if we haven’t yet seen a robin ourselves but our neighbor, friend, or family have.

For me spring is messy it’s when the snow is just starting to melt so there are big puddles and slush everywhere so walking around in rain boots is a must! I have 3 dogs at home who hate when it’s raining and spring always means rain. That old saying “April showers bring may flowers” so trying to get my dogs out in that weather is always a trial. I love seeing the first beginnings of spring the first feel of a warm breeze and the end to the colder weather. I am always cold so I am very happy to say goodbye to winter and welcome all that comes with spring.




Summer has to be my favourite season because it’s so nice and warm out! Summer has great opportunity to get out and do some BBQ try new recipes on our smoker. I love the many activities that are available including; camping, swimming, going to the beach, riding a bike anywhere, just getting out and walking without having to worry about a winter coat.  I am my own air conditioner so I can stay outside and keep cool when everyone else in my house stays indoors and relishes the A/C!

The trees and flowers are mostly in full bloom the and summer seems to be the season where you don’t feel rushed it never seems to last long enough but people are more willing to let things drift. I also enjoy all the festivals locally we have Rib fest, multi-cultural festival, blues fest, it’s always fun to get out meet new people and try all the food!

Food is one of the best parts of summer when we all gather with friends sit outside until the wee hours and really connect with each other. The sunshine is awe inspiring and beautiful.

My least favourite part of summer is the insects, I know they are a part of our eco system and that the world would end without them but if went the rest of my life without seeing another bee I would be thrilled. I don’t wish bees not to exist just that I never see them again I have such a phobia of bees its crazy! I run in the other direction and have been known to hyperventilate.




The most colourful off all the seasons for me fall is represents the beginning of the end. I love fall, I love walking and seeing all the colours that are appearing almost before my eyes. What gets me most about fall is the smell; it’s so refreshing and comforting. I enjoy being able to put on a cozy hoodie and a vest and take my dogs for a walk. I really enjoy fall food, apples are coming in to season and all the root vegetables are also up for grabs and I cannot get enough roasted carrots and vegetables.

The down fall to fall (pun intended) is that it means winter is nearing. It also means that people are heading back in doors and becoming more like hermits! Maybe that is just true of me. There are not many fall sports to partake in. Hockey starts in the fall so as a Canadian that’s always exciting a chance that the Toronto Maple Leafs have another kick at the cup.




My least favourite season, it’s downright cold! I do have to say this about winter it is pretty. When you wake up and see the snow on the trees it’s so pretty, then I look at my driveway and see how much I have to shovel and that makes me want to crawl back in to my cozy bed and hibernate like a bear!

I would also mark the holiday season as a plus for winter the feeling that you get with all the Christmas music playing all the time the heart wrenching commercials that air, and the stories of how much good people do during the holidays.

A negative for winter would be the weather.  This year winter has just started and we have already been hit in some areas with piles of snow. In my part of Ontario we were hit (literally) with piles of ice, some people have been without power for a week! I was luck our hydro lines are buried underground so we didn’t lose power. I cannot imagine what it would be like to not have power to have to find some way to stay warm and cozy not to be able to grab something out of the fridge and throw it in the oven to cook, it makes you realize how far we have come as a society.

I do enjoy winter sports, skiing, hockey, snow shoeing, skating. The list goes on. I also cannot imagine celebrating the holidays without snow even though I would love to live year round in a place that is so nice and warm all the time!


The year can go by so fast when you look back at all the season and how they just never seemed to linger long enough. The seasons are the in the background of our life and it’s always hard to remember the good about the seasons when we dwell on the events that happened. As I am in grip of the beginning of winter already I long for the summer and know that means many months from now will just fly by and I will  wonder where the heck all the time went!


What are your favourite seasons and why?