On May 10th I spent a good portion of my day at the mall, I wasn’t shopping (ok well I did but that’s a part of the story read on my friend) I was lending my voice to an organization that is near and dear to my heart, KidsAbility.  Every year they hold a radioathon to help raise money to continue doing their amazing work.  KidsAbility gives kids with disabilities a start at becoming as independent as possible though programs that start when the child is quite young. They work with the parents and other health care professionals and develop a plan that works to help the child better live / overcome their disability. They work on a verity of fronts to achieve their goals.

When I was a child and I was a part of their program they went by a different name and they were located in a much smaller facility.  I had to work on gross and fine motor skills as well as speech, the teachers and therapists who work there were and still do are amazing.

Places like KidsAbility are hugely important in our communities without them a lot of these kids wouldn’t thrive wouldn’t know the thrill of being independent. Some kids go there for little things and when they over come those obstacles.

In the end we raised over $280,000 which is just amazing and I’m proud to say that I was there and helped. If you want to see their work or donate please visit their website at

Today marked the first time that I published a column. I started with an intro article just talking about me, about my life and what I hope to accomplish in this amazing opportunity. So far just with that one post the response has been more then I could hope for! Getting plenty of positive feedback and a really needed reminder to proof read or have someone else actually proof read as there was an annoying spelling error that could have been avoided. Hope not to make that mistake again.

If you are interested in seeing it or catching other posts I plan on doing a column once a month unless something comes up that I want to talk about. The magazine is called Positive Magazine they’re a lot of amazing posts from people all over the world about all matters of subjects. Please don’t stop at just my column look around, comment, view the writers who have been working so hard on this project for a long time. It’s a labour of love and I can’t believe that I get to be a part of it. Their website is:

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