My Support

I am who I am in part because of what I have been though but also because of the people I do have in my life.  I can’t imagine where I would be or who I would be without my family, friends, and teachers.

My family has been with me always. They never told me I couldn’t do something. They always laugh at my jokes even if they are not funny and I do the same with them.

My family has been with me always. They never told me I couldn’t do something. They always laugh at my jokes even if they are not funny and I do the same with them.

ImageMy Mom & I

My mom is an amazing women. Like any mom she does sometimes know which button to press, or in the case of the remote which one to make the TV go haywire! Her story is one of great loss, betrayal, loneliness and love. She always talks about us kids with a sparkle in her eye an I have always looked up to her. Her strength and work ethic can not be duplicated. She is almost 70 years old (OMG I don’t want to write that number if she sees this she might hurt me) and still working full time. She doesn’t know the meaning of the words “SLOW DOWN”!. We keep telling her that it’s our turn to take care of her but she says if she retired she would be too bored. I can’t imagine (nor will I) the day I no longer have her in my life because she is my rock when all else failed she kept me here by her love alone.  Some of my favourite memories are of us alone in Toronto where we would see the sights in between doctor’s appointments or shopping at Toronto’s Eaton Center. One day I will tell her story because if you think I have been though a lot you haven’t heard anything yet!


She is my best friend always has been and always will be. I would go to the ends of the earth for her and she would do the same. She has always been my protector. When kids were mean to me she would tell them off or tell them to leave me alone. She always played with me and didn’t treat me like a little sister. But she was also fair. When I pointed out to a classmate that he was riding a pink bike and that pink bikes were for girls he came over and hit me in the back. Crystal looked at me and said I deserved it! Which was really true! When we were younger and got our first 2 wheeler bikes I remember being WAY too small for that bike but we learned real fast how to ride them. I was really REALLY small for my age (about half the size of my younger class mates) so sitting on that bike was sometimes scary. Crystal and I were riding one day when she was joking around saying that if I didn’t speed it up she would hit my back wheel. Well as my luck would have it she did! I flew over the handle bars and back in those days we didn’t wear helmets. Well Crystal was beside herself and I think she was “hurt” more then I was. She managed on her own to get me and our 2 bikes home and she cleaned me up. Besides my mom I never felt so safe with someone even if it was her fault. I still have scares on my right knuckles and using them to joke with her now.

ImageLaura, me, Linda, Suzanne, and Becky “The Rocks”

You have probably seen this picture before now let me introduce you.

Laura I met though Becky we started hanging out and we have become close. Laura is a bright and cheery person who is struggling with endometriosis and lives in pain for most of the time however you wouldn’t know it by looking at her. We get together when we can to knit and I can always count on her to make me laugh and to listen. She also gives excellent advice!

Linda, I have known since high school but it wasn’t until after high school that we really got to know each other. Linda has 2 great kids and is a single mom. Linda is so giving she has an Independent soul but is truly one of the most generous people I know. One of my favourite memories is one time we were both a bit tipsy (her more so then I) and I was trying to help her out of the door but I couldn’t support her full weight and we both fell down laughing so hard. We also tried giving her a sobriety test by asking her to say the alphabet she didn’t make it past “G” which she kept repeating!

Suzanne is Linda’s younger sister whom we used to torment when we would hang out at their house. Suzanne is so strong and a great mother to her 2 kids. I always know I can count on Suzanne to lend me a hand and to listen. When she is not studying she is such a light to hang out with!

Becky, I have known her the longest and met her though Crystal. Becky once described me as the “annoying little sister” but it didn’t take her long to think differently. I knew my persistence paid off!! As we all got older and she spent more time with Crystal we also became closer. Becky has an awesome sense of humor but also a willingness to listen. When Becky laughs she sometimes can’t stop. Case in point one day her, my mom and I went to a local craft store, it was winter and we were waiting for the bus. I was so cold and I was thrilled to see the bus that I didn’t think about what I did next. While standing atop a snow pile I leaped onto the bus. Didn’t think that it would be slippery oh but it was. I fell backwards with one leg pinned underneath me and there was Becky and my mom laughing their collective butts off. The bus driver continued to stare forward and was pretending this whole thing wasn’t happening. The only assistance Becky provided me was to pick up my hood. She was laughing so hard I had to laugh to. I know this story might sound mean but I’m writing these words with a smile on my face imaging Becky laughing because her laughter can light up a room!!

I don’t have a picture right now of my other good friend Kim but will see how I can change that. I met Kim in high school when her, Crystal and I all took musical keyboarding we all had a blast but the teacher had to separate us because we talked too much. Kim also knew Becky and we all started to get together. We have shared many drunk fun nights together one of which involved waking me up at 3am to give me pizza. When I asked if it had olives on it (since I HATE olives) they said no… Now I will admit I kind of knew that their drunk butts were lying but took a bite anyways 🙂

ImageDaka & Ellie


Our dogs… our very crazy dogs. We were lucky enough to be able to adopt Daka and Dorje from our good friend Shannon they are father and son. Daka is afraid of thunder and fireworks. He can give you a high-five and speak with a howl on command (after he has worked up to it). Dorje is a big oaf he is only afraid of the fridge and will endure anything without complaint. He is one of the vets favourite dogs because he will just sit their and as long as he is being touched or talked to he doesn’t care what is going on around him. Ellie was adopted about 2 years ago and is not the same dog that was brought home. She is now a lovable crazy girl who has boundless energy, and great intellect  I have managed to teach her to fetch and play ball and also to speak. When I’m having “one of those” days and need some time to myself and if I’m crying they will come down and cuddle with me. Any dog owner will say this about their dogs. Animals in general are so sensitive to our needs and their selfless love is empowering and can not be replaced.

We all have our supports, we all have that someone. What we sometimes forget is that not everyone does. When you see someone crying, someone in need try to be THAT person because it could make all the difference in the world.








3 thoughts on “My Support

  1. Great post – Its true, not everyone has someone, Its great that you have lots of family to support you.

    Dogs are way better then cats, Although CatDog The cartoon was kinda awesome.

    My mom and dad got divorced when I was young and they used my brother and I as pawns in the break=up resulting in a lost relationship with our parents.

    So yeah, I kinda wish my mom and dad supported me.. But hey, I have learned that its not me and it’s them, they have issues.

    Once again, Thanks for sharing

  2. Hey there, I just came across your blog randomly from twitter. I don’t usually comment on some blogs I find, but just had to here. I’ve sat here for the last 30 mins and read through some of your posts, and you are so intelligent. Love your posts, and love the sense of pride you have in your family, as well as your own story. Thanks for sharing!

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