Being Grateful

Another day….

This morning I went to the KW Record and picked up my tickets to the Grand River Food & Drink show for which again I’m SUPER excited for! I get to enjoy good food and good wine. I get pretty tipsy from a few glasses of wine so need to remember to bring a bottle of water. Don’t want to be “one of those”!!

I also got to meet with a wonderful up and coming reporter for KW Record who contacted me to do an interview. It went well and I like the different take she took and asking more about the local angle. I’m excited to see how it goes. I also met with their photographer and had a whole lot of pics taken. It was super sunny out and I squinted a lot but I’m sure she got amazing pictures. They do have a website and will publish link to article when I know it’s up.

While I was out I decided to pop into work since I was given the heads up by someone that I should expect flowers. Well there they were all nice and pretty. Got them home and was super excited to unwrap them. Thanks Ryan M. (you know who you are!)


Mondays I also get to do my weekly knit night with a group of cool people. It’s been about 2 weeks since one of the group members had surgery. The group is made up of Shannon Wilde (Pic and story to follow), Monica H, Ingrid F, Mary H, Donna B, Candice L, and new addition is Christie M. I didn’t actually do any knitting tonight neither did Shannon but good time had by all every week. I went the first time because of Shannon she said that she met with these group of ladies and they knitted or did other crafty things and suggested that I come along, so I did. It has been an amazing time.

Shannon and I hung out a bit before knit night and we were in Bed Bath, and Beyond and she found this really funny shower cap it was all shiny and glittery. Here she is modeling it!!




Today marked another first for me. Today while I was a work an older gentleman spotted me and said “I saw you on the news. Was that you?” I confirmed indeed it was. He gave me a hug and said thank you! I was SO touched and gave him a huge smile. A little while later while I was at the entrance of the building he was passing me with his wife and again pointed out to her that they had seen me on the news. He came over and asked my name when I told it to him he responded “I will never forget it!”. I was SO touched he was so cute and makes me long for my grandparents again.

Well that’s all I have time for time to go squeal like a little girl as I see myself again on TV!! YIKES!!.

I’m sorry I didn’t answer the questions but will get to those tomorrow!.