A Column. REALLY?

I drew a blank yesterday hence no blog post. I petitioned for ideas and got bacon and coffee which I probably could have worked with maybe even posted some fabulous recipes about the 2 possibly together. Alas that didn’t materialize.

I was thinking about changing the theme (meaning the background) of this blog but didn’t see anything free that stood out. Also if anyone knows anything about WordPress would love to figure out how to show “about” separate from actual posts if that’s even possible.

In the early morning hour this morning I was working my way though various messages and found one from the web development guru at a web magazine called Positive-Magazine http://www.positive-magazine.com/ with the most beautiful story of his friend that he had lost years ago because of a medical condition. The way he spoke about his friend was so heartfelt that I was happy with just reading that. I was good to thank him and keep on trucking (as they say) however there was more to his message. What he offered me was truly a remarkable gift that if you had told me last week that it was going to happen I would have been laughing so hard I’d have tears in my eyes. But today all I have is awe and amazement at this wonderful gift. If you follow me (friend me) on Facebook (and if you’re waiting for a response I sorry) then you will already know this news.  I’m not one to sit on good news for long so it was only about a half a day later I posted it after receiving a confirmation email back. What I have been offered is my own column within their magazine. THAT IS CRAZY!! I will be provided my own edit line and will have freedom to write about my experiences and whatever else suits my fancy. This is a volunteer position and I gladly accepted. When and how everything will come together is still up in the air as I still have to communicate with him. I still have to come up with a name for my column since you all helped me get here I figured I’m open to suggestions.  Feel free to leave a comment or email me directly.  I will be writing mostly about things that have happened to me things that are great learning experiences for not just me but everyone. It would almost be an extension of the original CNN article.

On a unrelated random musing how many of you have never tried Lemon meringue pie? So far in a short period of time 2 people have told me they have NEVER tried this, my favourite pie of all time!

I have also had the pleasure because of all this to reconnect with people from my past some of whom I went to school with. They have been really positive experiences where my former classmates have apologized for their actions and mean spirited behaviour. I wasn’t seeking apologies or explanations but it was nice all the same to hear. I look at it as if they helped shape the person I am for better or worse those are my collective experiences and I can’t change them. I can’t send a message back to my younger self and not sure if I would if I could.

Tomorrow I will be heading to KW Record’s office to pick up tickets that I won for the Grand River Food & Drink Show for which my sister and I are THRILLED!! Also the paper is also doing a story on me and again I will post link as they do have a website as well as print papers.

I’m also open to questions so feel free to post them and I will have at it tomorrow. Feel free also to ask my sister anything and I will convey her responses.

And finally I was speaking with my friend Monica with FaceTime when her son walked by and gave her a piece of paper. He didn’t want to interrupt our conversation and wrote this note to me. I promised Logan I would share it on my blog! He is a cute kid!


3 thoughts on “A Column. REALLY?

  1. I have a question and I hope I’m not asking something you have already answered somewhere and I missed it. Our son hasn’t started school yet (only 2) so life is pretty good as far as only love and really no understanding of his differences. But we worry about school and how to deal with his hurt feelings. Is there anything your mom or other adults in your life did or said in an attempt to comfort or guide you that you wish they hadn’t, or something you wish they had? I know that’s kind of a big question and maybe too personal, so I understand if you don’t want to answer it.

  2. Howdy !

    Good post, I myself have never had Lemon meringue, I will try some and let you know,

    Congrats on your new column, You are going to be awesome, Make sure to let us know when you publish your first post.

    Good luck with your newspaper interview tomorrow !

    – Joseph

    PS That note / image above is funny and made me laugh !

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