What “going viral” looks like

I thought I would actually try to insert some photos for the first time.  Today I had the pleasure of being a guest at our local CBC radio station 89.1FM. Here is their website http://www.cbc.ca/kitchener-waterloo/. I got to meet 3 very awesome people today. Andrea Bellemare, Jacky Sharkey, and of course Craig Norris. They made me feel really welcome and made my first on-air radio experience a blast! They said that my story went viral!  I can see why they choose to do this every day! Andrea reached out to me via Twitter and asked me to join them in studio to share my story. I was slightly nervous at first and I have to apologize to Craig because at the start I was looking down more then I was looking at him. You wear earphones and can hear each other so I think my brain forgot that I was still having a conversation with a real live human sitting right across from me. The interview wasn’t long but it was fun! You can listen to the interview by going to that website. If anyone has issues let me know via email and I will send link that way.  I got some awesome swag which included a hockey puck which my mom thought was pretty cool!!

Here are some pics from my time at the station




Me sitting pretty in the booth getting ready.



Chatting away with Craig.



All done! Whew made it.


Me and the lovely Andrea!

A great time had by all 🙂


I also did a Facebook discussion which didn’t start out so well. After an initial hiccup it got somewhat going. I answered some really great questions some were left there from hours ago but a few people dropped by to say hey! It was a great experience where I also got to know a very lovely lady by the name of London who helped me stay on track and made sure I didn’t forget anyone’s question.


I also want to share that I broke down today at work and bawled my eyes out. My manager came over to see if I was alright and told her they were happy tears. I have been so overwhelmed with the out pouring of love, admiration, and well wishes. It’s a lot to handle in a short time. A week ago I had taken the day off work because of an expected ice storm and stayed home Friday because it hit and EVERYTHING was covered in ice. Want to see?



My point is a week ago I had NO clue what I was getting myself into. It’s been a crazy ride a fun one but man….I’m still shocked. Maybe my “breakdown” was a sign that maybe it’s starting to sink in??  Thanks again to all of YOU…. you know I’m going to keep saying that right!! Right??

Tomorrow is a new day and another new adventure!

8 thoughts on “What “going viral” looks like

  1. Amazing 🙂 i love that somebody has finally said something and that people have listened… i have a 6 month old son, and i want him to be able to see the world in a more realistic way, i dont want to keep him sheltered, i want him to see everything the world has to offer. people shouldnt have to hide or have warnings about them not looking like the ideal physical beauties that is plastered all over. Why cant parents just take a second and teach their children that sometimes disfigurements happen, and how some of them could have happened, and teach them to love and respect people for who they really are. Good job, very admirable 🙂

  2. We are fighting the same fight. There seems to be a great deal of attention focused on people with physical differences, which is ultimately a good thing. Let’s break down that societal stigma together! You can read about me at my web site http://www.facinguptoit.com. I’d like to hear more of your story.

  3. Hi Penny!

    I too saw your story on CNN and was truly touched. One thing the really resonated with me was your desire to have a family and be a mother. I think that is one of the most noble callings and desires that a person can have, and I greatly admire you for it.

    I also felt like I wanted to share a bit of what I believe on that subject with you. I believe in eternal families, where relationships with our loved ones do not end when we die, but go on forever. I also believe that there will be opportunities in the next life to have children and raise families. This is made possible through the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Because Christ overcame death, every single person on earth will be resurrected with a perfect, whole body after we die. In the next life we will not just sit around with our new, perfect bodies- we will have the opportunity to have families, whether or not we were able to do so in this life on earth. I know that this is true, and it’s what life and true happiness and joy is all about! Even if you live with the sorrow of not having a family in this life, I know you will have the opportunity to be a mother in the next life.

    I just wanted to share that with you, in hopes that it can maybe bring you some peace and hope. If you have any questions about what I believe, please don’t hesitate to email me. I would be honored to hear from you!

    Love, Kaiti

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