Look mom I’m on TV

Well today was an adventure.

I was at working doing “workie” things when I got an email from a co-worker in another center and she was writing to inform me that a florist had reached out to their office trying to find me. She had kindly passed on the contact info for the florist. I did call them and the lovely woman who answered the phone was quite thrilled to have found me.  We chatted a bit and asked did she want me to send them to my home address or work address. Thankfully my TM (Team Manager) had made up my mind as she was just a curious as I was to see what they were so I had them delivered to work.  I got the most beautiful long stemmed red roses! This is the first time anyone has ever purchased me flowers before and I was just so HAPPY they are SO beautiful.  I haven’t reached out yet to the individual who sent them so I don’t want to reveal who it is but I will ask their permission if it’s alright if I give him the public thanks he deserves.



They are now the center piece of my dinning room table!

On my lunch today I was sitting with a co-worker when I noticed one of my local news anchor Abigail Bimman started following me on twitter, which isn’t odd since I follow her so thought, ok. However a bout 2 minutes later I see a DM asking if I would consider an on air interview, and asked me to call the news room. My lunch was just about over at this point so I asked if I could call later, I asked what time she would be there until because I didn’t want to risk going over on my break at work. I didn’t happen to look at my phone again until my last break when there were a few DMs waiting for me from her saying if 3:30pm would work and what my address was…. I was like WHAT?? So I called the news room and spoke to Rosie Del Campo who asked if they could be at my house to shoot required footage in order to have it ready for 6pm news. I take public transportation and it’s about an hour commute (give or take) so I asked them to meet me at 4pm, and I was late! I was lucky enough to meet David Imrie and camera man Jeremy. They were both really nice and made it super easy. By the time I freshened up they had about 30 or so minutes to shoot everything and they did a great job.  My lovely sister also made it on air which she wasn’t so thrilled with. Well it aired while we were eating dinner and my sister and I both squeeled like school girls and we covered our eyes! LOL It’s a surreal experience seeing yourself on the nightly news that you watch almost every night.  They did a really great job. Here below is the link for the on air story.


Now off to bed. 

2 thoughts on “Look mom I’m on TV

  1. Hi Penny –

    You are really awesome – The other night I was thinking of sending you flowers, I really was, I did not because I was scared you would not like them……..But – You are a really cool person 😉



  2. I’m so happy for your new stardom. You send one email to CNN and look what happens. I’m sure you didn’t realize how many fans you had and please count me as one of them. Ron Taylor

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