Your comments answered

Hi everyone 🙂

No blog entry last night but I did update the “about” section, didn’t realize I had left it blank so took some time to add my contact info so if you want to drop me a line, or send me anything (but I will stress this again YOU DO NOT HAVE TO!!).

So I thought today would answer most of the questions and comments received so far. Here ya go:

Shawn:  Thanks for the kind words about my writing style. I haven’t considered living in the US I love that I’m Canadian, I love the health care system, I like that people don’t walk around with a gun strapped to their waist. I know that this isn’t true for most of the states but I’m not all that comfy with the thought of living there. Love to visit and plan to hopefully lots of visits!!  I haven’t yet been to Comic-con or Blizzcon yet but it’s on my bucket list! I very much in joy watching almost any Sci-Fi. I also haven’t lost many of my baby teeth and also would think it weird if I lost them now.

Paper Bugs: You’re poem brought tears to my eyes thanks SO much.

Robert Kerrigan: Too sweet! Thanks!

Joey Cameron: I plead the 5th…. Can I do that even if

Chris Lanigan: I have been to Ohio and one of my fav authors is from/lives. It is a beautiful place.

Bill: at this point I have some money saved but not a lot. I may have already had some plane tickets donated. 3 out of 4 but I’m good all I need is you support.

Everyone’s kindness and positive comments are AWESOME

Tommorow night I will be on CNN’s Facebook page at 8PM!! SO excited.

Will also try uploading some photo’s for tomorrow’s entry!