It just got crazy up in here!

First off I want to say THANK you and welcome. I hope that this blog is deserving of your view and I hope I keep everyone engaged.

Secondly I am SO new to this so please forgive me if it takes a bit to either approve comments or respond to them. I think the way I will structure this blog is that one day a week and respond to all comments posted since last comment updates. I’m needing to pick a day soon because WOW are people so nice and being responsive. I will Just send a quick note here to Bill and Kevin that I removed your email addy from the actual comment (I have kept it safe don’t worry) but didn’t want you both to get unwanted emails although anyone here wouldn’t probably be bad.

Thirdly but also about comments if you posted a comment and you don’t see it again I’m new and WordPress seems to “filter” for me and some may get labeled as spam and trying to find out where I can see those so that I can save any that went to the great beyond in error.

I wanted to also mention that we all have by now heard about the horrible attack that happened at the Boston Marathon please send positive thoughts their way. I’m always amazed at the level of both horror and kindness that both intertwine themselves with these events. To think that some crazy person packed ball barrings in to bombs with the intention of hurting people is really mind blowing. It’s really hard to wrap one’s head around it!! I was so glad to hear that the red cross said they didn’t need any more blood donations!! If only that happened more often.

Because of today’s horrific events my scheduled Facebook discussion was postponed and I’m 100% ok with that!! For those interested it should be happening either Tuesday night or Wednesday night.

The other crazy thing today is that CTV National news team was in my house!! I had tweeted the CNN article link to head news anchor Lisa LaFlamme just in the hopes she would read it. Only because for a long while she was in my hometown doing my local news and thought she would think it was cool. Well no sooner did I send the link did I get a tweet back asking if I would consider an on air interview. I didn’t say yes right away……who would?? It’s just crazy!! But after talking it over with family and friends decided to say yes thinking that it wouldn’t be for a few days well again imagine my surprise when the producer asked if Monday worked for me. I was nervous but said sure why the heck not I already committed might as well get it over with!! So John Vennavally-Rao and his camera man who’s name at this time escapes me, which is so bad to say, came!! They were both SUPER nice you could tell the story was rushed but they didn’t make ME feel that way. They spent over 3 hours with me and I can tell you filming for a news program is hard work (on their part not mine) lots of takes doing the exact same thing so that they can get different shots to make the editors happy. They filmed me walking 2 out of our 3 dogs, filmed me playing World of Warcraft and other various activities. I have no idea what the finished story will look like but I trust them to do good with it. Plus John knows to expect a “nice” email from me if he pronounces my last name wrong. The story was set to air tonight but because of the bombings a lot of their stories to bumped and mine was one of them. Again i’m 100% fine since I know that when it comes to news anything can happen. I really thought that having a camera in my face would make me nervous that I would sound like a fool but it was really easy.

On an unrelated note I again want to say thanks for all the people who have taken the time to write to me, to post on my facebook page, to tweet me… It’s all been overwhelming but in a good way. I know that i’m loved from my close friends, and my family but to have all of YOU, strangers just open up and tell me your stories to let me know that I have had such an impact has left tears in my eyes. Tomorrow I will go back to work and it will be with a new perspective I deal with a lot of angry and sometimes down right rude/mean people but I think I might treat them differently too. All of the comments where people say I’m a hero or their hero, that i’m an inspiration is so amazing and please forgive me when I say SO un-necessary as I am just a person who like everyone has a story to tell. I am still processing everything and will probably take a while to get used to people seeing me differently then I see myself.

On that note it’s quite late and I really need to stop (I could keep going, and going……) as I do have to get up at what I call the crack of stupid in order to make it to work on time.

Have great day tomorrow everyone!

6 thoughts on “It just got crazy up in here!

  1. I just wanted to let you know that your CNN story was very inspiring, so I just had to know more about you. Then I find out it all started when you were sticking up for some kids you didn’t even know. Your courage to stand up for those kids is what this world needs more of. Keep doing what you do and keep smiling, it makes the world a better place…you make this world a better place.

  2. Hey Penny,

    Great blog…you are a wonderful writer. I’m hoping that the surge in support and awareness that has occurred can begin to forever eliminate the fallacy that “Different is bad.” Different is just different and the uniqueness each of us carries should celebrate the diversity that distinguishes us – yet NEVER supersede the sameness that connects us – that sameness being that we are human. Our humanity should ALWAYS be our least common denominator!

    • I agree w/Seth–you have a natural voice, and certainly stories to tell. If you want to chat about writing & publishing some essays (or a book?) feel free to send me a note. I have a little experience in that regard–though I imagine with all of the support you’re getting, you’re pretty well connected these days! 🙂

  3. Penny you are a treasure that deserves love. Thank you for never giving up on your journey and for sharing your experiences with us. You clearly have a very big heart and I will be sending you good thoughts. You might be amazed at how your illness may bring you great strength to help change lives. I applaud you.

  4. Penny,
    I do remember the article that had the graphic warning concerning the images. It seems like a few months back, right? I typically think twice about clicking on certain news stories because clicking tends to be a “vote” for that sort of thing. Sometimes I think our clicking just gets blood on our hands – we only give a voice to someone who should be ignored.

    Perhaps I clicked because I work in medical research and thought I had a license to peek, but I remember feeling irritated by the warning. I’m glad you spoke up.

    I hope you decide to continue with the blog. This really worked out nice if you wanted to be a writer. You certainly are already talented enough, and you would only get better.

    As your new fan, I wonder how you would proceed. You mentioned you liked other blogs, so I you know what works. You have good judgement, obviously. All you need is time, right?

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